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Chapter 1065 Mistakes!

This department was the most inconspicuous department in the 23rd division. Besides the people who had some relationship with them, no one would come here to recruit people.

The reason was simple. Most of the soldiers here could be split into three types.

The first type, which made up for more than half of the soldiers in the unused prep department, were experienced veteran soldiers who had partic.i.p.ated in many battles. Unfortunately, they were either crippled or heavily injured when they lost their last battle.

After they recovered, there were many implications in their physical health. Some people’s hand speed dropped while other’s health decreased. They were no longer able to handle long hours of high-intensity workout or battles. Because of various reasons, they couldn’t return to their peak.

Some of these people didn’t want to implicate their comrades while others decided to give up on themselves. Hence, they all chose to come to the unused prep department and wait for people to come and choose them. If not, they would leave the military after their terms ended.

They weren’t like mecha operators in 250 Ace Mecha Clan. Those mecha operators in 250 Ace Mecha Clan had many merits so the military couldn’t abandon them. As for those people in the unused prep department, they were all normal mecha operators. They weren’t famous but they protected their base and selflessly worked for the Federation.

They were pitiful. Soldiers like these normally stayed at the unused prep department until it was time for them to leave the military. Unless a new mecha clan was formed and they needed experienced veteran soldiers as instructors, they wouldn’t be called out. Even if they really got sent to a mecha clan, they would only end up being third-grade logisticians. They would receive the lowest amount of funds and just silently work for the military until they retired.

The second type of people were those unwelcomed soldiers in mecha clans. These people were powerful but they were unruly, arrogant and just wouldn’t listen to their superiors. When their regiment commander couldn’t bear with them anymore, they would throw them into the unused prep department and let them fend for themselves there.

Without extreme luck, they would have to spend the rest of their lives in the unused prep department. If they were lucky and got the chance to go to another mecha clan, they could only become normal mecha operators. This was because anyone that got kicked to the unused prep department would be on the blacklist. No one would want a person like this in their mecha clan.

Of course, not everyone in the unused prep department was a problematic soldier. Sometimes, there were powerful people too. They either came to the unused prep department voluntarily to have a new start or they were forced there by their enemies.

For instance, these people.

“d.a.m.n it, I’ve been here for almost five months. I’m starting to get moldy.” A muscular, tall, and fierce-looking soldier was sitting in the cafeteria eating his food. He took two mouthfuls of his food and recalled the frustrating times he spent here. He knocked his chopsticks on his bowl to vent his anger.

“Everyone says that General Ling Xiao is fair and just. I think it’s all a lie.” A muscular man at another table spat and complained when he heard what his comrade said.

“Yuan Ming!” Two tables away, a stern-looking middle-aged man shouted.

“Leader, did I say something wrong?” The muscular man called Yuan Ming stood up angrily when he heard his leader questioning him. “Although we didn’t follow them all the way, we helped Regiment Commander Ling to guard Base 013 during the war on Planet Haijiao too. Why did they throw us to this d.a.m.n place for five months? Why?!”

These people were from the Evil Wind Mecha Team on Planet Haijiao. They gained many merits through the war on Planet Haijiao so most of them rose one rank higher. Yan Three even jumped two ranks and became a colonel. This was something he never imagined in the past. Yet, now, he got it so easily.

Their rank increased so their treatment and rewards increased too. But, they weren’t happy. They were forsaken. They were sent to the unused prep department by an order. As time went by, the happiness from their rise in rank turned into despair. They couldn’t see their future anymore.

“There’s no why,” Yan Three replied calmly. Compared to his frustrated team members, Yan Three was very calm. The longer the time pa.s.sed, the calmer he became. He had even guessed why they were sent here in the first place.

“Leader, I can’t bear with this any longer.” Yuan Ming finally exploded in anger when he saw his leader showing no signs of action.

“Even if you can’t bear with it, you must.” Yan Three looked up suddenly and looked at Yuan Ming with contempt. After following Regiment Commander Ling for a few months, Yan Three’s aura turned cold and domineering too. His force of presence allowed Yuan Ming to calm down.

Yuan Ming took a few deep breaths. He didn’t dare to disobey his leader so he finally sat down again.

“Haha, what a bunch of cowards.” On the other side, there were six people sitting around a dining table. They were all around 30 years old. This sentence was said by one of these people.

His comrades laughed together with him.

“What did you say?” The people from Evil Wind stood up furiously when they heard this.

Yan Three frowned. He had spent five months here so he knew who these people were. They were the six most powerful mecha operators in the unused prep department. It was said that they were all an elite stage ace mecha master. Their physical skills were at the optimal peak of Qi-Jin too. They were just half a step away from entering domain realm.

However, their personalities were terrible. They were unruly and disobedient. Some even hit their superiors when they didn’t agree with what their superiors said. Thus, they were thrown to the unused prep department so that they could be transferred to another place. They had been waiting for more than a year now, but no one wanted them.

This long period of waiting hurt them. They were frustrated and furious. Hence, they would find ways to provoke people to fight them. They were confined and demoted many times but nothing could stop them. For some reason, these people were never sent out of the military. They continued staying in the unused prep department.

When Evil Wind first came, they wanted to bully them too. But, Evil Wind had more than 150 team members. The six people didn’t dare to offend them rashly. They remained at peace for five months, so why did they provoke them now?

“I said that all 150 of you are a bunch of cowards!” Even though there were more than a hundred people glaring at him, the person still wore a sneer on his face as he repeated his words calmly.

“Go to h.e.l.l!” The soldier closest to the person charged over, He wanted to hit the face that had the irritating smile on it with his raised fist.

Boom! Instead, the soldier got hit by the person’s fist and was knocked back. Before he slammed onto the table, his comrades caught him together.

“The optimal peak of Qi-Jin. No, I detect a faint strength that didn’t belong to Qi-Jin. It’s very faint so people might miss it but I felt it. It’s very dangerous.” Yan Three’s gaze turned cold. In the next second, he appeared in front of the six people and blocked the people that wanted to attack them.

“Leader!” Everyone from Evil Wind shouted in anger and frustration. Ever since their leader came to this unused prep department in the 23rd division, he seemed to have changed into a different person. He was no longer their arrogant and fearless leader in Base 013.

“Captain Qiu, I’m afraid that you’ve reached the highest level of the optimal peak of Qi-Jin.” Yan Three disregarded the shouts from his team members. He looked at Captain Qiu and said indifferently, “You should be half step into the domain stage.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect someone who came from a small place to know about half step into the domain stage. That’s not easy.” Captain Qiu sneered arrogantly. However, he admitted that what Yan Three said was true.

“Captain Qiu, we never provoke you. Why are you targeting my Evil Wind team members today?” Yan Three stared intently at Captain Qiu. He wanted to know the truth.

“Because I find you irritating today so I want to teach you a lesson!” Captain Qiu shouted loudly. Suddenly, he raised his fist and aimed it at Yan Three.

“Despicable!” The people from Evil Wind noticed this and screamed angrily. This was a sneak attack. It was obvious that Captain Qiu wanted to sneak an attack onto Yan Three.

Boom! A loud explosion was heard. Yan Three raised his arms and formed a cross in front of his chest. He took the entire force of the blow. He slid back for one meter but he wasn’t injured.

The extremely confident Captain Qiu turned serious when he saw this. “You’re not bad.”

Yan Three put down his arms and said calmly, “I ask my team members to remain obedient during these five months not because I’m afraid of you. I just don’t want to create any trouble before I go onto that person’s mecha clan as there might be implications.”

Yan Three’s team members were all stunned by what Yan Three said. Go to that person’s mecha clan? Did their leader know where they were going? Why didn’t he tell them anything for the past five months? And, if everything was already decided, why did they have to stay in this h.e.l.l hole for five months? No one even came to look for them during the past five months. Was this fake or real?

“F**k you! You are already in the unused prep department. Where do you want to go? Stop daydreaming.” Yan Three’s words irritated Captain Qiu. He got so furious that he started cursing.

“We’ll see if this is a daydream. Just wait and see.” Yan Three sneered. He didn’t say that he didn’t want to fight with the other party because he felt that it wasn’t interesting. So what if he was talented and exceptional? He didn’t have a goal and was just waiting to die. He was just a useless person. Honestly, he looked down on the six people who were said to be the strongest among all the soldiers in the unused prep department.

“However, our regiment commander once said that we should act when we should and there are no weaklings in Evil Wind!” Yan Three suddenly shouted, “Attack them!”

“Ahh!” The people from Evil Wind liked to fight. However, under the suppression of their leader, Yan Three, they had no choice but to remain obedient for five months. They were all very pent up with frustrated. Thus, when their leader asked them to attack, they howled and charged towards the other party.

Did someone want to stop them? Fine, they would hit this person too! Someone blocked their path! Fine, hit them as well! Someone else partic.i.p.ated in this fight? Hit them! Ah, they hit the wrong person? Hit them too!

Soon, the entire cafeteria turned into a battleground for a gang fight. The guards of the unused prep department got alerted and rushed over to stop them.

“Hey, stop it!” The leader of the guards saw the messy cafeteria and got indignant. Unfortunately, the people were immersed in fighting so they didn’t want to listen to him. They continued fighting happily.

“d.a.m.n it. Hit them with the club until they stop.” The leader of the guards was furious. He raised his club and hit the two soldiers who were fighting closest to him.

“Ouch, who hit me?” The two soldiers shouted in unison. They turned their heads and saw the leader of the guards.

“F**k. Did you hit me? Are you looking for death?” The two people were full of fighting spirit so they didn’t realize who this person in front of them was. They just charged at him. The two people who were enemies a moment ago had now formed a team. They attacked the leader of the guards simultaneously.

“Impudent! Ahh!” The leader of the guards started screaming in agony.

The guards behind him hurried over and helped their leader.

The moment they moved, the friends of those two people disregarded their opponent and rushed over furiously.

The guards team, who came to maintain order, got pulled into the fight, but they still had a hard time protecting themselves.

“d.a.m.n it, you’re using weapons. You force me to do this!” The people just used their fist at the start but after they got hit by the clubs, they went to look for broken table legs and then entered the battlefield again.

At that moment, the chief of the unused prep department was leading Ling Lan to the cafeteria with a smile.

“Regiment Commander Ling, there are 2754 soldiers in our camp currently. There are 1683 mecha operators and the rest are other soldiers. You can look at the doc.u.ments I send you for their details.” The chief of the unused prep department excitedly told Ling Lan the data of his department.

It was reasonable that he would be excited. He never thought that one day, someone from a mecha clan would come to such an unwelcome place to recruit for people.

As the chief of the unused prep department, he was concerned about all the soldiers here. He just hoped that he could do something for them. At least, he hoped that they were able to go to where they should be and not stay here, wasting the rest of their lives. Some of them had ambitions but they had no avenue to fulfill them. Unfortunately, as someone who got kicked to take care of this inconspicuous department, he had no background too. He was unable to help these soldiers.

Thus, when Ling Lan suddenly came, the chief of the unused prep department was elated. It was as though a piece of gold fell down from the sky.

What was the 250 Ace Mecha Clan? It was the mecha clan of the heir of the 23rd division. It was the most famous mecha clan in the 23rd division, or maybe even the entire Federation. Even if Ling Lan didn’t recruit anyone here, he would be able to use his name to attract more people. He just needed to release the news that 250 Ace Mecha Clan came to his department to look for people.

As long as people from mecha clans came, he believed that he would be able to persuade them to take some people with them. The chief was fully prepared to recommend his soldiers to all the mecha clans.

“The people here are a little problematic but they are all law-abiding soldiers, Regiment Commander Lin, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you bring them back, they won’t give you any trouble…” Just as the chief was complimenting his soldiers, he heard noises coming from the cafeteria as well as shouts.

His expression froze. Please don’t make any blunders now!


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