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Read Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 1184

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Chapter 1184 Reminder!

Ling Lan was Ling Yi’s belief system. She was why Ling Yi existed. Hence, Ling Yi would never allow anyone to harm her. This time, someone he trusted betrayed him and harmed the most important person in his heart. Ling Yi broke down.

Yi Tiange and the other four people frowned. Only now did they understand how important Ling Lan was to Ling Yi. He was willing to give up anything for Ling Lan.

Li Lanfeng frowned too. He looked at Ling Yi coldly. He walked slowly towards him and leaned forward until his face was an inch away from Ling Yi’s face. His voice was cold. “Stupid people have no right to follow our regiment commander. Ling Yi, you’re one of them.”

Ling Yi’s pupils dilated as he glared at Li Lanfeng. He gritted his teeth in anger. “One day, I’ll reveal your true face to Young Master Lan!”

“That’s why I say you’re stupid. You’re a suspect. You need to know when you should lower your head.” Li Lanfeng raised his right hand and pressed Ling Yi’s head down.

Boom! Ling Yi slammed into the ground. He couldn’t move.

“Li Lanfeng! Do you think I’ll beg for mercy? In your dreams!” Blood flowed down Ling Yi’s mouth but he remained stubborn.

“Cough, Big Leader Li, before we ascertain that Ling Yi is guilty, we shouldn’t be too harsh on him,” Yang Mingzhi said helplessly. The calm and logical Li Lanfeng always lost control of his emotions when dealing with matters that concerned Ling Lan. ‘Regiment commander, do you know how many people you’ve harmed through Li Lanfeng?’

Li Lanfeng straightened his back. He took out a white handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his right hand slowly. After he felt that his hand was clean, he threw the handkerchief into the dustbin.

“Alright, let’s go back to the main topic.” Li Lanfeng returned to his seat.

“You should know Ling Yi’s att.i.tude now. As long as you can’t prove your innocence, he will be suspicious of you.” Li Lanfeng’s tone returned to being gentle, but the scene just now left a deep impression in everyone. When Yi Tiange and the other four people heard the gentle tone, a chill ran down their spines.

Was Big Leader Li as gentle and mild-mannered as everyone said?

“How about this? Let me remind you, the video that Ling Yi took is very large in size so it’s hard to download the video within a few seconds. If someone wants to get the video, there are two ways. One is to get a copy from the mecha and the other is to get it from the person who took the video.” Li Lanfeng smiled brightly. “Hence, Ling Yi might be the one who reported our regiment commander. Everything he said before this is just to clear his suspicion.”

Ling Yi was struggling to get up when he heard this. He vomited a mouth of blood in anger and his face turned hideous. “You… you’re framing me.”

Li Lanfeng cupped his chin and smiled like a fox. “From the very beginning, you are the most suspicious with Tao Xiaotao.” He pointed to the virtual screen. “You were the one who recorded this, and no one forced you to do that. Just this video is enough to prove that you wanted to harm our regiment commander.”

“You knew the reason why I took the video.” Ling Yi was furious.

“No, I don’t. I just know that this video was sent by the person who framed our regiment commander.” Li Lanfeng gave a weird smile. If he wanted to take down someone, he wouldn’t have any chance of escaping.

“What do you think?” Li Lanfeng ignored Ling Yi who was red with anger. He directed his question at Yi Tiange and the four people.

The five of them looked at each other. Li Lanfeng’s intention was obvious. But, could they really suspect Ling Yi?

Yi Tiange shook his head. “It might be possible if this was any other person. However, it’s our regiment commander. Ling Yi wouldn’t harm him.”

Yan Wuyou and Rong Ziruo hesitated but they nodded in the end. They supported what Yi Tiange said.

“What about you, Tao Xiaotao?” Li Lanfeng asked the quiet Tao Xiaotao.

Tao Xiaotao shook his head in a flurry. He stammered, “I don’t know…”

“Oh? You suspect Ling Yi?” Li Lanfeng was interested.

“I don’t know. Brother Yi always wanted to follow the regiment commander ever since he was in the military academy. He always emphasised that to us. In the past, I believed him totally. But now, I don’t know what to believe.” Tao Xiaotao seemed to be in a dilemma. He struggled for a moment before continuing, “However, I still believe in Brother Yi. He has been working hard to achieve his goal for so many years. He doesn’t seem to be lying.”

Ling Yi calmed down because of his friends’ trust. He showed his distrust for them but they didn’t forsake him. Even if Tao Xiaotao wasn’t as certain as the other people, he still chose to believe him in the end. He was grateful to them.

“Have you finally calmed down?” Li Lanfeng smiled and turned to look at Ling Yi when he realised his condition. He was like a cat playing with a mouse. He enjoyed seeing how the mouse would escape from his claws.

Ling Yi looked at Li Lanfeng with a dumbfounded look. Just now, he was framing him, so why was he helping him now?

“That’s why I said that you’re stupid. I’ve already reminded you but you still don’t know what the main point is.” Li Lanfeng shook his head in exasperation. The contempt in his eyes was obvious. Ling Yi’s anger exploded.

‘I can’t lose my control because of him.’ Ling Yi finally calmed down after Li Lanfeng provoked him so many times.

‘What did Li Lanfeng say just now? Besides personally sending the video, the only other way of getting the video is to go to my mecha and copy it.’ Ling Yi finally found the main point.

“Who entered my mecha?” Ling Yi looked up and asked.

Li Lanfeng smiled but didn’t reply to him.

“Don’t tell me there’s no surveillance in the mecha hold. You must have evidence.” Ling Yi said with certainty.

The other five young men looked at Li Lanfeng too. They hoped that Li Lanfeng could clear their names of suspicion.

“You want to take a look? Sure.” Li Lanfeng didn’t reject them. He played the video from the surveillance camera.

But, the situation wasn’t like what they think. Yi Tiange and the other four people did visit the mecha hold during that time but no one went to Ling Yi’s mecha. There was not enough evidence to prove that one of them had copied the video.

The five people heaved a sigh of relief. They were afraid that they went close to Ling Yi’s mecha unknowingly and got suspected because of that.

However, before they could relax, Li Lanfeng smiled. “Oh, there’s more to the video.”


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