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Read Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 281

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The hover car stopped not too far from the combat hall, and Ling Lan carried Luo Lang stealthily out of the car. Due to Little Four’s intervention, this hover car had registered as an empty car on the academy mainframe all this while, going around the campus on its designated route. Just like that, Ling Lan snuck Luo Lang into the combat hall without anyone the wiser.

Little Four had long found an empty private combat room, so Ling Lan dashed straight into the room with Luo Lang over her shoulder and Little Four instantly sealed the doors shut behind them.

Of course, on the records of the optical supercomputer of the combat hall, the private room they were in was still listed as unoccupied. However, Little Four used some concealment methods to hide the room from being displayed among the other empty rooms. In other words, regardless of which list one looked in — occupied or unoccupied rooms — they would be unable to find this private room Ling Lan and Luo Lang were in. Similarly, no one would notice one missing room among all the other hundred or so rooms, so this eliminated any chance of Ling Lan and Luo Lang being discovered.

Knowing that Little Four had handled all the precautionary measures, Ling Lan set Luo Lang on the ground and reached out a hand to pat Luo Lang awake.

“Boss, I feel terrible!” The moment Luo Lang woke up, he could feel his body burning up. He panted torturously, forcefully suppressing the need surging from deep within his body.

Yes, he needed comfort and relief, he wanted to take the person before him into his arms … but this person was his most beloved and revered Boss Lan! Even if Luo Lang’s whole being was screaming at him with want, he held himself back from pouncing at Boss Lan.

Having impure thoughts about Boss Lan was an insult to his boss, Luo Lang felt. Of course, another reason was that Luo Lang believed pouncing forwards would be useless anyway — Boss Lan would surely smack him dead with one slap …

Seeing that Luo Lang could still maintain some rationality even now, Ling Lan’s heart eased. She had been most afraid that Luo Lang would have lost his mind completely to the drug at this point, and so be unable to activate his innate talent.

Ling Lan did not dare to delay; she quickly told the plan to Luo Lang. Luo Lang’s gaze brightened at her words — if he could solve his lack of control over his innate talent from this incident, his suffering would not have been in vain. So he said, “Do it. Boss, if I really lose my mind, hit me till I wake up …”

A trace of ruthlessness appeared in Luo Lang’s eyes — he had always been willing to be harsh on himself. Even if his entire body became littered with wounds, he still wanted to complete this mission. How could he, Luo Lang, lose to such a trifle as this aphrodisiac?

“Okay!” Ling Lan nodded solemnly in response. This moment did not permit her to be soft-hearted.

Luo Lang pushed aside Ling Lan’s hand which had reached out to help him up, climbing to his feet on his own waveringly. In order to hold back the roaring carnal urges within his body, his glossy red lips had been bitten through in several spots. Blood welled up from the wounds to flow downwards, falling onto smooth ivory skin to pool at the hollow of his neck, strangely beautiful in its own right. However, all of Ling Lan’s and Luo Lang’s attention was currently focused on receiving Luo Lang’s personalities. Neither noticed the odd beauty of the scene.

“Innate talent, activate!” Luo Lang used the remnants of his rational mind to activate his innate talent.

Ling Lan saw the shaking figure of Luo Lang go still all of a sudden, and then a wild presence poured out from Luo Lang’s body. This aura made Ling Lan frown slightly, a trace of disappointment in her eyes, because this was not the personality Ling Lan and Luo Lang were hoping for. However, Ling Lan’s disappointment came and went in a flash. Luo Lang’s innate talent was unstable — activating it for a specific personality was like drawing the lottery. If they had gotten it right in one go, now that would truly be miraculous.

Luo Lang slowly raised his head. His initially clear eyes were now bloodshot — there was no longer any trace of Luo Lang’s primary ident.i.ty, only endless savagery and blatant b.e.s.t.i.a.l desire remained in his gaze. He slowly opened his mouth wide, slipping out his tongue to lick at his b.l.o.o.d.y lips. This appearance clearly smacked of greed, but paired with Luo Lang’s exquisitely beautiful face, the action actually gave Ling Lan a sense of flirtatious seduction.

Ling Lan could not help but curse internally. Who the heck was the real woman here?! The truly male Luo Lang doing such an erotic act — not only did it not cause revulsion in others, it even came off as extraordinarily mesmerising. At this moment, Ling Lan was. .h.i.t hard by jealousy …

“Ah …” Though Luo Lang’s small face was currently as red as a plum, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with seductive allure, the sound coming from his throat was the cry of a wild beast. That’s right. This time, Luo Lang had awakened a b.e.s.t.i.a.l personality. It had no so-called rationality to speak of, only retaining the most basic b.e.s.t.i.a.l instincts.

Luo Lang in this ident.i.ty did not recognise any Boss Lan; he only wanted to eliminate this prey before him that made him feel threatened. Thus, he lunged forwards without hesitation, both hands reaching out savagely at what he felt were the fatal points of the other.

Just as Ling Lan was about to activate her Domain and control Luo Lang, Ling Lan recalled Instructor Number One’s reminder. She needed to beat back these uncontrollable personalities of Luo Lang’s. Erm … beat back? Alright, she would just do it with her fists then.

Ling Lan resolutely raised her fists and punched out fiercely, striking Luo Lang’s thin and lanky body full on.

Luo Lang was sent reeling back with a ‘bam’, his entire body crashing heavily to the ground.

“The activation of the b.e.s.t.i.a.l personality has greatly increased the strength of Luo Lang’s body. It’s at least three times tougher than before. In the past, this level of power would have sent Luo Lang flying, but now, it is only enough to strike him down …”
Ling Lan looked at Luo Lang struggling up from the ground, and mentally began cataloguing the benefits this activated personality brought to Luo Lang. 
“Also, the endurance of his body has also increased by quite a bit. This punch of mine did not injure him.”

Luo Lang had already climbed up by this time, his lips curled in a growl in response to the pain of that last hit, and then he leapt forwards once more. His speed and strength clearly showed that he was not at all affected by that first attack. It could even be said that the minor pain had made this personality of Luo Lang’s even fiercer now.

“Then, let’s add on three times the strength. I don’t believe I can’t bring you down!” Ling Lan instantly increased the power behind her fists, once again sending a fist at Luo Lang and sending him flying. Yes, the horrific strength behind her fists this time had sent Luo Lang flying the moment the hit landed. Luo Lang was seen to crash into a wall and then slide down it to slam into the ground.

“Howl!” Pained cries spilled from Luo Lang’s throat. This force had made him feel intense pain. Struggling, he tried to climb to his feet once more, his crimson eyes glaring at Ling Lan before him, filled with brute ferocity and killing intent. The intense pain had caused Luo Lang’s b.e.s.t.i.a.l instinct to become utterly berserk.

“Still not submitting?
Then I’ll hit you till you submit
.” Ling Lan sniffed coldly and charged forwards with a clenched fist. Before Luo Lang could get up, she pressed Luo Lang into the ground and began pummelling him.

Seeing this scene, Little Four’s pair of little legs could not help but tremble violently … Boo hoo hoo, Boss is really too savage!
He is so scary

This unending set of combination punches made the savage light in Luo Lang’s eyes fade, his crimson eyes actually revealing a trace of meekness, as if begging for mercy. Ling Lan paused with her fists held high, harrumphed coldly, and said, “Do you submit?”

“Awoo!” A vaguely stubborn cry escaped Luo Lang’s mouth. Ling Lan’s eyebrow quirked, and she punched down once more, forcefully.

“Hooowl!” Luo Lang’s b.e.s.t.i.a.l personality finally gave up and begged for mercy. This cry was unlike the one before — it carried an undertone of fawning.

An idea sparked in Ling Lan’s mind. She stopped her punches and ordered, “Let the primary ident.i.ty out to talk to me. And don’t you dare slip away. Otherwise, every single time you come out, I’ll beat you!”

Ling Lan’s warning snuffed out all thoughts the b.e.s.t.i.a.l personality had of running away. He howled several more times pleading for mercy, and very soon one of Luo Lang’s eyes changed noticeably. The originally wild red of that eye gradually cleared up.

“Ugh, it hurts … Boss, I’m back?” Sure enough, Luo Lang’s primary ident.i.ty had returned.

Seeing this, Ling Lan sighed in relief, then said, “Your other b.e.s.t.i.a.l personality should still be here. Try and control him a bit.”

That clear eye of Luo Lang’s revealed pleasant surprise, while the other crimson eye narrowed, as if planning to resist. Ling Lan raised her fist without hesitation and punched right at that crimson eye.

“Ouch!” Luo Lang sucked in a cold breath. Ling Lan had not held back for this punch — the intense pain of it made both of Luo Lang’s personalities moan in pain.


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