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Chapter 512

“You and I both know that, from this situation, even if Ling Lan is able to successfully eliminate the Second Men’s Military Academy, in the end, these allied forces of the Second Men’s Military Academy will still be able to break through the First Men’s Military Academy’s headquarters and eliminate them . ” Ling Xiao softly spoke out the reality . This was also the reason he was worried .

He Xuyang was silent . Ling Xiao’s speculation was the same as his own . He looked at the scene of Lin Xiao battling in Area G17 and softly said, “The only hope now is that the allied forces of Young Master Lan can pick up some slack . ”

“Allies? I don’t think they can be trusted . Who knows when they may stab you in the back?” Ling Xiao said with a sigh .

He Xuyang expression changed slightly . “You think the First Co-ed Military Academy will turn around and betray them?”

Ling Xiao shook his head and said, “That’s not what I meant . I just meant that if you lean on a mountain, the mountain topples . If you lean on water, the water flows away . If you lean on someone, that person may run away . It is better to trust yourself . It is safer and more reliable!”

He Xuyang nodded . Ling Xiao’s words were logical . Only, was it possible to resolve the crisis only by relying on the people from the First Men’s Military Academy?

Area Q .

At this moment, Ling Lan was silently leading her five team members in the direction of the Second Men’s Military Academy .

Li Lanfeng’s injuries were too severe, and they also needed someone to defend the mecha, so Ling Lan had left him behind . This result made Li Lanfeng feel sad . The feeling of being abandoned made him thirst for power even more .

The six of their group, including Ling Lan, silently sneaked into the Second Men’s Military Academy’s headquarters . The Second Men’s Military Academy’s headquarters was located around a hilly forest area that blocked off any wind from getting in . From a bird’s-eye view, there was nothing around aside from the forest . However, when looking up from below, people would be able to clearly see the sky and know what was happening . This was also why Area Q was easier to defend and harder to invade . It was pretty much impossible for anyone to plan a sneak attack . It could only be taken down by attacking it upfront and bit by bit until reaching the center .

However, this environment wasn’t advantageous for mechas . However, it was different for Ling Lan and the others who had come after leaving their mecha behind . These bushes and vines under in this lush forest were the best places to hide in plain sight .

Ling Lan’s area of effect powers had already begun . A draft of cold air silently covered up their presence within the forest and bushes . Even if enemy mecha had heat detectors, they wouldn’t be able to detect them . Only by coming to this location and feeling it for themselves would they then perhaps be able to feel that something was off . However, this wasn’t possible . No one would not use mecha and investigate outside the headquarters physically .

After going past a patrolling mecha team that was pa.s.sing by, Ling Lan calculated that the opposition had already flown out of the one-kilometer range of the heat detectors . Then she led her team members out of the bushes and tree and continued to sneak in .

Just like that, Ling Lan hid here and there . Although she wasted a lot of time, after 3 hours, they finally got close to the center location of the Second Men’s Military Academy .

Ling Lan waved her hand, and her other team members tacitly found their own hiding spots . Like a clever cat, Ling Lan reached the final circle of trees in the very heart of the headquarters .

Ling Lan didn’t stick her head out, but instead began to use her spiritual power . She turned her spiritual power into a few thin lines, which were then made to silently move towards the center area .

The center of the enemy headquarters was a large flat field, which was exactly as Ling Lan had guessed . The only thing that Ling Lan regretted was that this field was way too flat; it actually didn’t have any sort of forest or bush . There was pretty much no hope in sneaking in successfully with the mecha that were on patrol watching them . There might be some opportunities to be found if they waited for night to fall; however, morning had just come a few moments ago . They would have to wait for another 6 to 7 hours for night to fall again .

Unfortunately, Ling Lan didn’t have that much time . Little Four had already given her a live broadcast of the serious situation in Area G17 . If she wanted to get out of this situation, she had to take down the Second Men’s Military Academy’s headquarters as soon as possible . Once the opposition was eliminated, the pressure in Area G17 would decrease .

“Area G2… I still made a mistake . ” Ling Lan silently sighed . The lesser opponents that she had ignored at the beginning had now become the most important piece in turning around the entire battle . As expected, she shouldn’t underestimate any opponent that could bring about problems for her .

Ling Lan put her frustration into the back of her head . This was a lesson for her, a lesson that might even make Ling Lan pay a hefty price . However, because of the mistake that she made today, Ling Lan would no longer underestimate any weak and unrelated individuals and pa.s.sersby in the future .

After understanding the whole geography of the headquarters, Ling Lan quickly backed up to where her team members were .

“There isn’t any place to hide, and there are still six mecha patrolling the center area . We can’t get close to the tent on the inside . ” Ling Lan used hand signals to tell her team members the current situation .

“What do we do now? Wait for night?” Zhao Jun asked using hand signals . They didn’t have a cheating machine like Little Four, so they naturally didn’t know about the danger their own headquarters in Area G17 was .

“We can’t wait . I’ve received information that Jiang Shaoyu has led the Second Men’s Military Academy to attack Area G17 . ” Ling Lan told this information to her team members, whose expressions changed instantly . They didn’t think that something big had actually happened without them knowing .

“We must attack as soon as possible . We need to take down the Second Men’s Military Academy’s headquarters before they take ours . ” Qi Long forcefully used hand signals to express that they had to attack .

The other five also made the same signals . They were all recommending that they attack right away .

Ling Lan went silent . If they were in mecha, she wouldn’t care about attacking up front since they would have the mecha to protect them; even if they were hit, they wouldn’t be in any danger . Right now, however, they had only come physically . If they were discovered, ended up facing mecha and were attacked, they might pay the price with their lives . This wasn’t something Ling Lan wanted to see .

Ling Lan fell into deep thought for a few minutes . She thought of a few ideas but shot them down one by one . She was very frustrated that there wasn’t actually any way to make sure it was perfectly safe .

She looked towards Li Shiyu and used hand signals to ask, “Do you have any strong medicines that can break through a mecha c.o.c.kpit’s protection and knock out the mecha operator inside?”

Li Shiyu rolled his eyes and stared at her . He used his hands to say, “If there was a medicinal agent like that, then who would need mecha operators . I could just toss in a knock-out missile and control the entire situation of a battle . ”

It seemed that she was being whimsical! Ling Lan remembered that some talents could bring about this kind of result, such as hypnosis or the like . She looked around and discovered that the talents of her members were not of this kind . Her gaze ended up landing on Zhao Jun . This guy had joined the team later than everyone else, and she actually didn’t know what talent he had awakened . Thus, without being hopeful, she asked, “Zhao Jun, what talent did you awaken?” If someone could become a special-cla.s.s operator, then they would have awakened a talent .

Zhao Jun’s face froze . He went silent for a few seconds before he then dispiritedly used his hands to say, “Decadent Voice” .

Everyone held their hands to their mouth to quickly m.u.f.fle the laugh that was about to come out . They didn’t expect that a big, strong man like Zhao Jun had actually awakened such a soft and beautiful talent . It was hilarious .

Zhao Jun stared angrily at them . He had known that these people would make fun of him if they found out about his innate talent; thus, when he joined the battle team, he didn’t really bring this up to anyone’s attention .

“Decadent Voice!” Ling Lan’s eyes lit up . This talent was made for this predicament . Was she really the female lead that G.o.d was looking over? She had just asked indifferently and actually got an answer to solve the problem .

Ling Lan immediately used her spiritual power and told Zhao Jun her thoughts about how to use Decadent Voice .

By using spiritual power to communicate, even if someone was close by, they wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of them communicating . As long as there wasn’t anyone whose spiritual power was above Ling Lan’s in the surrounding area, no one would be able to discover the waves of spiritual power . This type of communication was most definitely the safest at this time and place .

Zhao Jun wore a bitter expression, nodding as he listened . In the end, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes and activated his innate talent .

After doing so, he felt an energy force that attempted to enter the depths of his minds.p.a.ce . Zhao Jun didn’t panic; he knew that this was Boss Lan’s spiritual power . He broke through all the protection in his mind in order to aid Ling Lan’s spiritual power in getting into his minds.p.a.ce .

“Zhao Jun, what ability does your Decadent Voice lean towards?” Ling Lan’s voice rang in Zhao Jun’s mind .

Zhao Jun replied using his consciousness, “It’s different from Li Yinfei’s charming ability . My voice will make people feel sluggish and slow . ”

“That is a good ability . ”

“How is that a good ability? I can’t use it when I operate a mecha and it can’t be improved in any way,” Zhao Jun said with regret . When he had awakened his innate talent, he was really hoping it was something that would go well with mechas . He didn’t expect that he would get this ability, which made him very disappointed . In the end, he ended up never mentioning what his innate talent was to others . Even Li Lanfeng didn’t know this information . If Boss Lan didn’t ask, he would have brought this information with him to the grave . In reality, Zhao Jun admired Qi Long’s innate talent, Animal Instincts, the most . That talent was almost made for mecha operators .

Ling Lan humphed coldy, which made Zhao Jun’s heart instantly tighten up, and the embarra.s.sment he originally felt regarding his talent instantly disappeared . Now that Ling Lan’s spiritual power was inside Zhao Jun’s minds.p.a.ce, he could clearly feel Ling Lan’s discontent .

“No talent is useless . It’s the same even with Decadent Voice that people think is of the entertainment category . ” Ling Lan’s cold voice rang in Zhao Jun’s minds.p.a.ce .

“What do you mean you can’t use it for operating mechas? I have actually never understood why the Federation categorized talents . Entertainment, logistics and support, intelligence, beast-like physical skills… In my eyes, any talent can be used on mecha operating,” Ling Lan said without hesitation .

This theory wasn’t only in her thoughts because it was at the same time one of the learning s.p.a.ce’s laws . In the learning s.p.a.ce, the only difference between talents laid in the degree of power, and not whether they were useless or not .

Ling Lan words made Zhao Jun’s eyes light up . He asked excitedly, “Boss Lan, you mean that my Decadent Voice can be used in operating mecha?”

“Why not?” Ling Lan retorted .

“How do I use it? Boss Lan, tell me quickly,” Zhao Jun said hurriedly .

“When operating your mecha, you can activate your talent and let your voice affect the opponent, causing them to feel tired . You didn’t think of this possibility?” Ling Lan responded with another question .


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