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Read Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 672

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Chapter 672: New Mindset!

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Qi Long, Zhao Jun, Li Lanfeng, and Li Yingjie were shocked when they heard what Ling Lan said.

Qi Long picked out his ears with his pinky. He whispered to Lin Zhong-qing, “Why does the boss sound like Li Yingjie now?” Although their boss was dominant, he rarely used words to express himself. Hence, Qi Long was not used to the sudden change in style.

Li Yingjie heard what he said and glared at him. What does he mean by sound like Li Yingjie? That is called the aura. As expected of a powerful but stupid person. He doesn’t understand the real meaning of life…

Li Yingjie looked at Ling Lan with admiration. They were both arrogant but he couldn’t appear as powerful and overbearing as Ling Lan. How did he manage to suppress the crowd with just his aura? Was it because he was powerful? Li Yingjie suddenly had enlightenment.

Lin Zhong-qing replied Qi Long calmly, “Our boss handles different situations differently.” If you think that our boss only has one side to him, you are an idiot.

Qi Long remembered how harmless looking their boss was during the mission. Seems like this poker face boss had many different sides to him. Qi Long felt pressured. As the right-hand man of his boss (he didn’t know the presence of Little Four), should he change his style according to his boss?

Not only was Qi Long surprised, but Li Lanfeng was also touched by what Ling Lan said. The image of an arrogant and direct Ling Lan etched into his mind. If he was as powerful as Ling Lan, wouldn’t the Phoenix Thrall Fate be a joke to him?

He was restrained by his own abilities. He was not strong enough.

Winner takes all!

If he was able to stand at the peak of the world, who could ask him to lower his head?

Today, Li Lanfeng finally understood that his weakness was not his strength, it was his mentality.

He looked down at his slender and pretty fingers. No one would believe that these fingers belonged to a man. That was why he didn’t like his fingers. He would get reminded of the Phoenix Thrall Fate every time he looked at them. Thus, he never let anyone see his hands or his face. He hated his face too…

However, Li Lanfeng noticed that Ling Lan’s hands were as pretty as his too. Yet, Ling Lan never felt that there was anything wrong with them. His fist made everyone forget that he had a pair of pretty hands. Other people only knew how powerful his fists were.

Li Lanfeng looked at Ling Lan’s eyes. They were cold and confident. Nothing was impossible in his eyes. This was the truth. From the first time he met Ling Lan, he never saw him failing at anything.

Even now, when he thought that it would take years to change 250 Mecha clan, Ling Lan showed him another possibility.

Ling Lan gave these mecha operators who lost their confidence a new way of looking at things.

Winner takes all! Survival of the fittest!

From today onwards, these mecha operators would not have the time to think about anything else. They would be struggling and fighting to be the last survivor.

It had to be said that Li Lanfeng was the person who understood Ling Lan the most. While the others were still puzzled over her sudden change, he already knew why she did this. Whether his guess was right or wrong… he didn’t know.

Ling Lan’s arrogance successfully brewed some resentment in Liu Furong and Yang Mingzhi’s hearts. They exchanged glances with one another. Yang Mingzhi smiled coldly. “Since you mentioned it, we will accept your challenge.”

The three of them stood at three different corners of the training ground. The fight would be starting soon.

The mecha operators knew that this battle between the three of them would be huge so they retreated back and created s.p.a.ce for them.

Lin Zhong-qing suddenly asked, “Do you think that boss will use his domain realm power?” Anyone at Qi-Jin realm would not be able to handle a domain realm power attack.

No one replied. To ensure her success, Ling Lan should use her domain realm power.

Li Lanfeng smiled and muttered, “No! He will just use Qi-Jin power to defeat them.”

Li Yingjie expressed his suspicion. “Is that possible? Those two people are in the Qi-Jin realm too. He might not be able to defeat them with a single blow if he used the same force.”

Li Lanfeng glanced at Li Yingjie with contempt. Li Yingjie was furious. For some reason, he disliked Li Lanfeng very much. Every time he talked to him, he would feel irritated.

However, Li Lanfeng continued speaking. “Do you think that the Qi-Jin power displayed by a domain realm master is the same as the Qi-Jin power displayed by a Qi-Jin master? Even though boss is just using his Qi-Jin power, it is not the same strength as what you think.” Li Yingjie was dumbfounded.

As he pondered over Li Lanfeng’s words, Qi Long nodded. “Yes. Even if boss suppresses his realm and used Qi-Jin strength, we cannot handle it.”

Li Yingjie understood what they meant. Although Ling Lan used her Qi-Jin strength, the quality and force of her strength were much stronger than normal Qi-Jin masters. This was not something a Qi-Jin master could handle. When battling two opponents who were at Qi-Jin realm, Ling Lan was able to restrain their power using her force of presence. They would be unable to release all their energy. With these two components working hand in hand, Ling Lan would be able to defeat her opponents in one blow.

Everyone’s attention was focused on them. Yang Mingzhi and Liu Furong didn’t move. They had more people on their side so their opponent should attack first. This was their principle.

Ling Lan knew what they were thinking. She smiled secretly. Just like what Li Shiyu said, these two people didn’t have any illnesses at all. Seems like there still were hidden tigers in 250 Mecha clan.

Ling Lan was elated. However, she knew that would not be easy to have them listen to her willingly. She needed to win them over.

From the start, Ling Lan’s motive was to bait these two people out. They didn’t disappoint her.


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