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Read Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 690

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Some of the men fell into the pits against cavalry, but the others just ignored them. They just kept rushing into the center of the camps!

It felt like… they were… trying to run through the million troops?

[What a sweet dream!]

[Idiot’s daydream!]

[Summer insects speak of ice!]

Wenren Jianyin and a few generals besides him were all sneering.

[We are a million men army. If ten thousand of you can easily break through us… why don’t we just buy some pieces of tofu and smack them on our heads. That may get us killed!]

They were experienced in the battlefield. They didn’t need to see the people. They knew the number by looking at the dust and hearing the sound of it.

They always guessed it right.

That was why they knew roughly how many people were riding over to them at the moment.

“Surprise attack. That is good. He did well on the surprising part. However, what a pity, they have much less than they need here.” Wenren Jianyin watched the battle and blandly spoke, “That is never going to threaten us. It will actually set themselves up in troubles.”

“That’s right.” A general with a rough face stepped forward. “Commander, please let me go meet them. I will wipe them up with my lord sword!”

As he stepped out for the mission, the others all followed.

“No rush! At least not now!” Wenren Jianyin looked at the fire and dust and blandly said, “General w.a.n.g should still be able to handle it well… That is a group of capable men they sent… However, they are still not strong enough. Look at them. They should be more disciplined! That is never going to turn big! Did I overestimate Ye Xiao earlier?”

While he was talking, a white figure flashed. Wenren Chuchu showed up in front of Wenren Jianyin. She looked alerted.

“Why are you here, Chuchu?” Wenren Jianyin looked at her surprisedly. “It is just a small fight. Why are you so nervous? Do you feel better now?”

Wenren Chuchu tried to smile, but she didn’t respond.

She couldn’t tell the truth yet.

She knew that if they were truly fighting against the man she had been thinking of, it wouldn’t be any small fight!

Anything that was connected to him would turn out to be big and fatal!

She had experienced quite a lot!

While they were talking, someone among the invaders shouted, “Lan-Feng has been prepared! A long fight is not what we want! Retreat!”

And then they turned over and rushed away on the horses.

That was out of expectation.

n.o.body ever thought that they would just retreat like that, leaving hundreds of dead bodies. They had come so vigorously and fiercely after all.

[What is wrong with them?]

Wenren Jianyin’s men were all surprised. Because Wenren Jianyin had given the order to keep all gates open and let those men in, n.o.body crowded over to stop the invaders. They easily rushed to the gate.

At the moment, a splendid swaying light of sword shined up in the dark night like a long lightning. Hundreds of Kingdom of Lan-Feng soldiers who were trying to stop the cavalry exclaimed and fell down in blood. A broad way out showed up in front all of a sudden.

About eight thousand men on the horses rushed out the camps with dust in the air.

Somebody among them laughed. “Wenren Jianyin, we came and we left as we wished. I dare you come and chase us!”

The sound of their running horses were like thunders striking further and further away!

The camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng was left in a mess. Their wounded soldiers moaned because of pain.

That was out of everybody’s expectation.

They rushed in like they would die fighting, but then they just left.

What was it?

They didn’t even cause any serious damage. Did they just want to make some useless noise by sacrificing a few of their men?

“Check the damage!” Wenren Jianyin was solemn. He couldn’t think though it. He was lost in thoughts. He knew it must be a scheme.

But what was it?

That was weird. Even Wenren Jianyin couldn’t see through it; he only scratched his head with annoyance.

Deep in his heart, he knew that was not a normal fight.

If Lord Ye truly just started a fight so casually, how could the Kingdom of Chen send him to fight Wenren Jianyin!

It was an unexpected fight, but it came and left both in surprise. A bunch of men came on the horses and left so quickly. That was like a street fight between two gangs. The invaders were like a bunch of gangsters. They came and started to make troubles, and then quickly left when they realized they couldn’t get anything good. They didn’t just leave. They even shouted to tease the opponents. What Lord Xiao had done was exactly a gangster style!

Soldiers checked the damage of men in the army all the time. They were experienced, so they got it done quickly.

Some of them started to sweep the camps and sort everything out.

“Report! Commander, four thousand three hundred and sixteen good men died. Seven hundred and thirty-two injured.” A soldier reported to their commander, “Enemy left two thousand nine hundred and ninety-five behind. None survived. All dead.”

Wenren Jianyin’s face turned rough.

Those men rushed into his camp. That was an invasion indeed. The enemy struck in surprise, but he was holding a firm land with numerous traps they set up earlier. He had prepared for the attack for a long time, however, he had actually lost so many men!

He had lost nearly twice of Lord Xiao’s!

A general beside him tried to comfort him, “Those men they sent, they are all elites. It is not easy to knock them down with normal soldiers. We lost more men in this, but it is reasonable. Strictly speaking, it could be considered a victory of ours…”

He was trying to make an explanation about why they lost more people in the fight, so as to ease the gloomy atmosphere.

In fact, he wasn’t wrong at all. The Kingdom of Lan-Feng lost more people, but almost all of them were ordinary soldiers. Lord Xiao’s men were all elites. That was a huge difference. Besides, the Kingdom of Lan-Feng had times of soldiers than the Kingdom of Chen on this battle. They could handle the loss better than Lord Xiao!

The generals who could stay beside the commander were all experienced men of war. They could surely understood it, so when that general finished talking, the others all nodded!

Wenren Jianyin was the only one who disagreed. He shouted with anger, “Nonsense! Their men are elites, so mine men are all useless gluttons?”


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