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Read Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 766 – Throw Them Out!

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Chapter 766: Throw Them Out!

Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

“Who are you?” Elder Hong frowned. He could feel continuous wafts of cold air coming from this person. Additionally, his gaze was icy that even he didn’t dare to look straight at it rashly.

The powerful force of presence couldn’t conceal the strong vitality exuding out of the person in front of him. It was obvious that this domain realm master was at his prime age. He might be around 40 years old or maybe even younger. Around 30 years old?

Elder Hong didn’t even have the thought that this person could be even younger. There was a doc.u.ment in the Federation stating that someone from the Federation managed to achieve the domain stage at 25 years old, but the power the person showed just now proved that he was not someone who had just achieved the domain stage.

Such a powerful and destructive technique could only be used by someone who had a full grasp of the domain stage. Furthermore, this person must have many years of experience on the battlefield to have created such a technique. He must at the tip of the pyramid of domain realm masters, a t.i.tled domain realm formidable warrior.

Becoming a t.i.tled domain realm formidable warrior was the goal of every domain realm master. To achieve this goal, a domain realm master must create his or her own powerful technique. The strength of each t.i.tled domain realm formidable warrior was different but that was just within realm of t.i.tled domain realm formidable warriors. No matter how weak a t.i.tled domain realm formidable warrior was, he could easily defeat an average domain realm master. The difference in power was not something that could be covered with innate talent.

Elder Hong asked this question because he couldn’t think of anyone that fit the description of the physical characteristics of the person in front of him. He recalled all the ice element domain realm masters but all their ages were different than the age he had concluded the person in front of him was.

Did a t.i.tled domain realm formidable warrior pa.s.s by and coincidentally felt his domain energy? Did he come because he wanted to have a fight with him? If that was the case, Elder Hong wanted to vomit blood.

The person didn’t reply to Elder Hong. He just looked at Elder Hong directly and said two words coldly, “Move aside!”

Elder Hong didn’t expect the other party to reject him directly. His face turned red in anger. His white hair stood up as he shouted, “How dare you!”

As he shouted, the branches that were frozen broke free from the ice and attacked the person. He wanted to pierce multiple holes in this person to vent his anger.

The sound of branches striking something could be heard. Ice crumbs flew everywhere, blocking Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran’s vision. They didn’t know what was happening, but they were afraid at the fact that their savior could be injured by the old man.

Finally, the attack stopped. The ice crumbs dispersed. The entire ground was filled with thick branches stabbed into it. Actually, the ground couldn’t even be seen anymore. The man in a black windbreaker stood elegantly on a tree branch. His windbreaker swayed slowly. He was looking calmly at Elder Hong.

Elder Hong felt the gaze of the two young men. He turned suddenly and waved his hand. Numerous branches flew towards them viciously. Even if someone stepped in, he didn’t plan to let the two young men off.

The man in a black windbreaker noticed this. He lifted his right hand immediately and an ice wall was erected in front of Mu Chaoran and Tang Ningyu, blocking Elder Hong’s attack successfully.

However, an ice wall was not as st.u.r.dy as an ice mountain. After receiving the attack, it shattered into ice cubes and was scattered all over the forest.

Elder Hong saw this person constantly interfering with him and finally lost his patience. He gave up the thought of persuading the person to leave. He placed his hands together. The branches around Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran moved towards them. If this person wanted to stop him, let him do it. Let’s see who uses up their energy first.

Elder Hong was confident that he would be the last man standing as the environment was really favorable for him. There were ample wood elements in the forest, so he didn’t need to use too much of his domain energy. Compared to him, his opponent had already used up all the water elements around them. If he continued fighting, the ice element domain energy he needed to churn out was definitely much more than him.

The attacks from all four corners couldn’t be stopped by one or two ice walls. Ling Lan narrowed her eyes. She placed her hands together, and four walls were formed around Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran. At the same time, four snowflakes appeared in mid-air. Each of them landed on top of the four walls, it then started to emanate a chilling breeze, freezing together everything part of the walls forming a huge ice cube. Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran were also encased in the giant ice cube, protecting them from harm.

“Little White, throw them out.” The ‘man’ in a black windbreaker was Ling Lan. She was also irritated by Elder Hong’s continuous attacks. She knew what his intention was. He wanted to expend her energy. She wasn’t afraid of this but being on the pa.s.sive end made her feel frustrated. Hence, Ling Lan used her spiritual power to ask Little White, who was doing something somewhere in the forest, to throw Tang Ningyu and Mu Chaoran out as these two being here were just a burden to her.

When Little White heard it’s master’s order, it quickly rushed over while having no time to get rid of the blade of gra.s.s that was stuck in between his teeth.

It didn’t want to be hit by its master just because it was late!

Its body started expanding. Soon, it became the size of a small mountain. All the trees around it cracked when it ran pa.s.sed them. The tentacles on its body flailed wildly in the air. It looked as though a UFO was attacking Planet Azure.

Little White used its ten thickest tentacles to attack the branches that were pounding the giant ice cube.

Tang Ningyu, who had been watching Ling Lan and Elder Hong’s battle, felt his heart pounding furiously. A strong sense of danger was felt and the source of that danger was behind him. He turned around, and a frightening ma.s.sive creature with tentacles appeared in front of his eyes. In the next second, he could feel his eyeb.a.l.l.s rolling back.

Tang Ningyu’s fear affected Mu Chaoran too. He turned around in a flabbergasted manner when he saw ten tentacles coming down on them. It made him so scared that he felt he would be smashed into a pile of meat by the tentacles.

“Bang, bang, bang…” The tentacles slammed the branches into dust. These branches were created by Elder Hong using the wood element from the thick trees of the forest, but it was not as hard as Little White’s tentacles.


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