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Read Crossing to the Future, it’s Not Easy to Be a Man Chapter 999 – Hide!

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Chapter 999 Hide!

“Stop looking. Those two b.a.s.t.a.r.ds won’t be able to defeat Hades and Ninja. Plus, with Frost Monarch making a move, there will be no chance for them to come and save you. Anyone that dares to come and mess around in our territory will be killed, no exceptions,” a man in black smiled arrogantly as he said.

“Give up. No one can save you.” The other domain realm masters rubbed their hands in excitement and antic.i.p.ation. They loved the feeling of tearing flesh apart with their bare hands.

Ye Shao, Dibi Luya, and Qiao Xing gave looks of despair, only Liu Aihua appeared puzzled as she looked at a certain direction.

“Uncle Liu, Liu Aihua’s innate talent is pretty powerful. She even managed to notice us.” A lazy voice sounded from the side.

Everyone looked towards the direction of the sound in surprise. Six people had appeared without their realization.

They all wore black windbreakers with metal masks covering their faces. Some were sitting while others were standing or squatting as they looked at them in a relaxed manner.

“Little Four Mercenary Team!” Ye Shao exclaimed in surprise. They didn’t expect the members of the Little Four Mercenary Team to be here too. However, their opponents were domain realm masters. Weren’t these people afraid of death? They were only at refinement or Qi-Jin stage.

No, wait. Ye Shao and Dibi Luya remembered Jiang Hui’s display of his strength back in the auction hall. Then, they looked at how calm the members of the Little Four Mercenary Team were, and they seemed to have understood something.

These people who just showed up were the members of the Little Four Mercenary Team who had just completed their mission. But, where is the pet? Well, the pet had to protect the old and weak so it stayed behind at the main base.

Well, the truth was, Little White was hungry so it went back to the base to eat.

Liu Furong cupped his hands and bowed towards Ye Shao after he recognized them. “Thank you for saving my daughter.”

Ling Lan wasn’t here so everyone recognized Liu Furong as the leader of this rescue mission. His daughter got implicated in this matter so he became their spokesman.

This was when Ye Shao knew that the little girl he was carrying was the daughter of this middle-aged man.

He waved his hands hurriedly. “It is our honour. Please there’s no need to thank me.” If it wasn’t for their leader, he wouldn’t be able to escape from the auction hall too.

“My little girl is too naughty. It’s my fault. I didn’t teach her properly.” Liu Furong turned and glared at Liu Aihua. “Little Aihua, do you know your mistake?”

Liu Aihua looked at her father. She was finally able to relax now. The tears that she had been withholding fell down and she finally cried loudly. “Sob… I know my mistake, daddy.”

If she didn’t leave the big brothers’ protection, she wouldn’t have been abducted. Liu Aihua endured much suffering this time so she finally understood that if she didn’t have the power to protect herself, she couldn’t do whatever she wanted.

Hence, the thought of becoming stronger was deeply imprinted in her heart. From this moment, Little Aihua had stepped on the path of becoming a powerful warrior.

Xie Yi, who was sitting on a crate, consoled Liu Aihua when he saw how sad she was. “It’s fine. Everything is fine now.” He turned to look at Liu Furong and spoke up for Liu Aihua. “You can’t blame her too much. If those people didn’t have evil intentions, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”

“That’s not true…” Liu Furong shook his head. “The Chaotic Lands is a place full of crimes and havoc. How can we let down out guards here? A mistake is a mistake. There’s no excuse for it.” Just like how they let down their guards when they came here. They made a mistake too. They couldn’t push the blame.

Everyone understood what Liu Furong’s words meant so they turned quiet.

“Who are you?” The leader of the group of domain realm masters was furious when he saw the members from the Little Four Mercenary Team talking among themselves as though they were non-existent.

“Us?” Qi Long looked up and said seriously, “We are here to kill you.” Since they knew that these were the people who abducted Little Aihua, they must follow Boss’s order and kill all of them.

“Hahaha…” The leader of the group of domain realm masters was so angry that he started laughing. “Insolent bunch of youngsters.” His face turned cold. “In that case, die.”

The instant he finished speaking, all the domain realm masters released their domain energy and rushed towards Qi Long and others. Qi Long’s words had provoked them. Because of this, they ignored their target, Ye Shao and Dibi Luya.

Ye Shao and Dibi Luya quickly threw Liu Aihua and Qiao Xing towards Liu Furong before they rushed forward and attacked the two domain realm masters who were charging at Liu Furong.

No matter what, they came here to help them. In such moments of danger, they couldn’t leave them alone and run away. Plus, they didn’t really trust the abilities of the members from the Little Four Mercenary Team. Even if they had a high chance of dying, they would rather fight with their enemies themselves than to let the Little Four Mercenary die while trying to save them.

They only hoped that the oldest person in the team, who was the father of the little girl, would grab the opportunity they created and leave with the little girl and their young master.

As long as their young master was able to escape, they were willing to die here. Ye Shao and Dibi Luya were prepared to die with their pursuers.

Liu Furong saw Ye Shao and Dibi Luya throwing the children at him so he quickly waved his hands in the air and multiple green vines shot out, forming two huge nets in the air. The two children landed in the nets safely. After that, plants spurted up from the ground and pushed the nets behind Liu Furong, away from the center of the fight.

Liu Furong wasn’t the only one who activated his domain. The other five members activated their domains too. The eight domain realm masters who rushed towards them were shocked. But, they immediately calmed down afterwards.

Ye Shao and Dibi Luya were stunned too. They thought that they had hidden their true powers well but they didn’t expect the people from Little Four Mercenary Team to be even better at them in terms of disguise. There were six domain realm masters in their teams. Even an S grade Mercenary Team wouldn’t have such a powerful team.

They couldn’t help but suspect that the Little Four Mercenary Team was an SSS grade team in disguise. However, they remembered the information they got from President Tu and knew that the Little Four Mercenary Team was really a newly formed mercenary team.

Ye Shao and Dibi Luya felt dizzy. If they weren’t fighting, they would have grabbed a member and questioned him about their real ident.i.ty.

All in all, the presence of the Little Four Mercenary Team didn’t make sense at all.


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