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Read Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1519 – After the fall of the Holy City… the All-Destroying Giant

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Chapter 1519 – After the fall of the Holy City… the All-Destroying Giant

He literally leaped out of the composition.

Brave and unrestrained!

With the golden armored warrior here, do you think I’ll still consider you my daddy?


After sensing that guy jumping out, Song Shuhang was stunned.

He had just thought about it randomly, yet that guy had really jumped out of the Golden Core Composition.

Heavens, what do I do now?

After thinking it over and over again… I can only look up at the sky!

At the same time, Song Shuhang felt as if the time around him had frozen.

The calamity that unceasingly descended from the sky, the flames that were burning fiercely all around him, and the lightning that bounced about had all seemingly come to a halt as if a temporal freezing spell had been cast on them all.

However, Song Shuhang sensed that it wasn’t that time had stopped; instead, it was that his own thinking speed had accelerated to the limit, causing this illusion.

It was he himself that had gotten faster; it wasn’t the outer world that had changed.

In the next moment, the ground under his feet became transparent, just as if it had turned into a sea.

The man in golden armor that jumped out of the Golden Core Composition appeared beneath the sea like a reflection of himself.

As Song Shuhang stood upright, the golden man stood upside down.

“Gruaahh!!!” The golden armored man let out a crazed roar.

He hugged his head in pain, fell to his knees, and struck the “sea” with his head, seemingly having gone mad.

Since the man in golden armor had appeared below the sea surface like a reflection, Song Shuhang could see his pained expression clearly.

Song Shuhang had created the Forever Impregnable Holy City using himself as the base. As such, the appearance of this golden armored man was almost the same as his.

The pain, madness, despair, and unwillingness…

Was this all because of the collapse of the Holy City?

The golden armored man and Song Shuhang’s body resonated.

In an instant, Song Shuhang seemed to empathize with the pain and despair the man was feeling.

Following the man’s fall into madness, the pieces of the Combined Magical Treasure reappeared behind him. The components began to merge and rea.s.semble themselves.

With this, the resonance between Song Shuhang and this man became increasingly stronger.

From the man’s body, the components that made up the Holy City also emerged, and began to a.s.semble themselves in a new arrangement.

Is the third form of the Combined Magical Treasure finally going to appear?

In addition to the Impregnable Holy City, Song Shuhang’s life-bound magical treasure also had a second form, the Unquenchable Raging Setting Sun, which had been unlocked because of Senior White. However, when it came to this second form, Song Shuhang had yet to fully grasp it. He had some clues regarding how to achieve it in his mind, but after doing some calculations, he came up with a conservative estimation that he should wait to first ascend to the Sixth Stage if he wanted to use the Unquenchable Raging Setting Sun.

But now, the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure seemed to be changing its form again. Would the ongoing situation lead to a third form?

Click, click, click…

The Ferocious Camel’s Rock, the Holy Commander Elephant’s Pillar, and the Immortal Fairy Monster Cat’s Divine Gate; these three life-bound magical treasures combined to form a collapsed Holy City. As for the rest of the magical treasures, they all appeared beside the golden armored warrior in a state wherein they appeared to be ready to combine with one another at any moment.

The Combined Magical Treasure behind Song Shuhang and the magical treasures of the golden armored warrior experienced changes simultaneously.

After observing the a.s.sembly, the golden armored warrior stood up, and then bellowed towards the skies once more.

Along with this, his figure began to swiftly swell up.

He initially was of normal height, similar to that of Song Shuhang, but he was now quickly increasing in size.

After a few breaths, he had become a 60-meter-tall giant.

“…” Song Shuhang.

This move of yours… I can’t learn it at all! I’m just a normal human being. Even if I try to inflate myself, I can’t make myself 60 meters tall!

I can’t learn that, that’s simply too difficult for me to learn.

Just as Song Shuhang was thinking this, his body made strange sounds.

“Are you really going to make me into a 60-meter-tall giant?” He fell into a slight panic.

Fortunately, it was not Song Shuhang’s body that ended up getting enlarged, but rather the armor that was formed by his Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure.

They were the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove, Immortal Crane’s Winged Crown, One-Horned Ox King’s Helmet, Pangolin Guardian’s Heart Mirror, Giant Golden Crab’s Sh.e.l.l, Fairy Jade Rabbit’s Cloak, Divine Dog General’s Ring, Black Sheep Warrior’s Ring, Thousand Mile Divine Horse’s Shoes, and Tyrant King’s s.h.i.+eld.

These 10 magical artifacts… coincidentally were also the 10 magical treasures with which he had activated the explosive secret technique.

The whole set of armor continued to grow, and eventually became a 60-meter tall steel giant.

Every man had a dream of driving a giant robot. Today, after Song Shuhang got to live his dream of flying, his dream of driving a giant robot had also been fulfilled.

It was just that the way it happened was rather unscientific.

At this time, Song Shuhang’s body was inside the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove.

“This position really feels off. Normally, shouldn’t my body be in the head or in the chest? Why am I, the master, in the right fist?” Song Shuhang kept on getting the feeling that during a fight, the giant would use a skill like the ‘flying steel fist’, and he, its master, would be shot out along with the fist.

After all, the Impregnable Holy City had once shut its master out of its own gates. Taking that into consideration, there seemed to be nothing wrong with the giant throwing its master out as a weapon.

Immediately after the completion of the steel giant, Song Shuhang’s body’s acceleration effect ceased, and everything in the outside world seemed to have returned to its normal speed.

The calamity continued, and so did the crouching down while holding one’s head defense.

“Heavens, what is this thing?” Even if he was in a crouching posture and holding his head, Island Master Tian Tiankong’s projection could still see Song Shuhang’s exceedingly cool state.

The 60-meter-tall giant appeared on Heavenly Field Island, and it felt like it could support both heaven and earth.

Under Song Shuhang’s feet, the golden armored warrior crawled out of the sea. After a while, his figure merged into Song Shuhang’s steel giant.

Just as if the steel giant had been infused with a ‘soul’, the One-Horned Ox King’s Helmet adhered onto the giant’s face like a mask, resulting in the steel giant’s eyes s.h.i.+ning with red light.

The Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure, 1st hidden form—[After the collapse of the Holy City… the All-Destroying Giant].

In Song Shuhang’s mind, the name of this form appeared naturally.

It wasn’t a third form, but rather a different version of the first form.

After the Holy City was destroyed, with some special conditions, another first form would appear.


The All-Destroying Giant raised its foot and stepped toward the air.

A huge black lotus emerged, supporting the feet of the giant.

A lotus would appear with its every step.

A few steps later, the All-Destroying Giant had already left Heavenly Field Island’s island-guarding formation, appearing right in front of the disasters.

Behind the All-Destroying Giant was a collapsed Holy City that was constantly letting out rumbling sounds. The Holy City was unceasingly collapsing, letting out sounds of destruction at the same time.

In the eyes of the giant, there was a violent crimson light.


A huge meteor fell down.

The All-Destroying Giant raised its hand, and directed it at the meteor.

Flying Steel Fist!

No, not this…

Song Shuhang softly said, “King’s Guillotine!”

The Golden Lion King’s Wall and White Tiger King’s Wall emerged. Once they merged together with one on top of the other, the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades joined them to form a guillotine.

After the King’s Guillotine was finished a.s.sembling, it expanded quickly, reaching a height of hundreds of meters. After that, it seized that huge meteor.

The guillotine continued to rise and fall, repeatedly cutting the huge meteor until it became mere residue in the blink of an eye.

After the meteor, blazing heavenly fire and pillars of lightning, as well as ice crystals, filled the sky.

Song Shuhang said, “Sword Punishment PaG.o.da.”

The Colorful Stone Marten’s PaG.o.da emerged, and it turned upside down, sucking all the heavenly fire, lightning, and ice crystals into itself.

The Ice Shark King’s Wall emerged shortly after, sealing the bottom of the paG.o.da.

In the end, the Holy Master Ape’s Sword emerged. It created 1,000 illusions of itself, and plunged the illusions into the windows of the paG.o.da, piercing the heavenly fire, lightning, and ice crystals that were in the paG.o.da.

The crimson eyes of the All-Destroying Giant stared at the final wave of the calamity.

Its gaze was fixed on the several nuclear bombs that were even more powerful than the one before, and were still in the process of forming.

“Giant Bear Iron Maiden.” Song Shuhang stretched out his hand, and pointed at the unformed nuclear bombs.

The Fiery Bear Legion’s War Drum and Demon Mouse’s Killing Barb merged, one on the outside and the other one inside, turning into a bear-like iron maiden torture device. Afterward, it skyrocketed in size.

The iron maiden opened and loaded the unformed nuclear bombs into itself.

The Gian Bear Iron Maiden closed, and its size began to shrink sharply.

The Demon Mouse’s Killing Barb inside began to strangle the bombs.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!!

A burst of smoke from explosions spewed out from the gaps in the Giant Bear Iron Maiden.

This was possibly the first-ever batch of nuclear weapons to die by an iron maiden.

After the All-Destroying Giant swept away the calamity, it seemed to still be unsatisfied.

The Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox’s Crossbow, Dolphin’s Giant Sound Cannon, Great Giant Deer Daoist’s Strong Bow, and Mangling Wolftooth Arrow similarly appeared behind him and swelled up in size.

The crossbow, wolftooth arrows, and giant cannon began shooting wildly into the sky.

Every time a shot reached the limit of the sky, a dazzling explosion of light would be produced.

The calamity that could destroy the entire Heavenly Field Island was easily destroyed by the All-Destroying Giant.

At this time, Song Shuhang, who was inside the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove, started to think.

He felt that there was a problem here.

A problem regarding ‘energy’.

It was something that had to do with the law of conservation of energy.

The All-Destroying Giant’s attack power that was able to sweep the calamity of Heavenly Field Island should have consumed a lot of energy.

Merely urging the 60-meter-tall giant to move should consume a huge amount of energy, not to mention the terrifying series of torture devices that had been operated by it.

Honestly speaking, Song Shuhang had long mentally prepared himself.

But afterward, he found that his energy reserves were still full.

The spiritual energy in his body had been hardly consumed.

So the question was—where did the energy of the All-Destroying Giant come from?

What were the forces that supported its actions?

Where did it draw its strength from to fight the disasters?


With the All-Destroying Giant having completed its mission, its huge body began to disa.s.semble.

One by one, pieces of combined magical treasure scattered around before floating in front of Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang glanced around him.


Correct, there was a total of 66 magical treasures.

“Where did the 33 extra magical treasures come from?” Song Shuhang was dumbfounded.


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