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Yuan left the Sect Master’s headquarters with the others shortly after Long Yijun gave him the life-saving treasures.

“Disciple Yuan,” Elder Shan suddenly called out to him, and then she reached into her spatial ring before pulling out a red pill and handing it to him.

“Although this pill is not as powerful as the life-saving treasures the Sect Master gave you, this Pill of Dominance will enhance your combat capabilities by 100% for ten minutes. However, you’ll become a bit sore and feel weak afterward so if you cannot defeat your opponents in 10 minutes, use the Ten Thousand Miles Talisman to get as far away as possible.”

“Thank you, Senior Shan…” Yuan accepted the pill.

[Pill of Dominance] [Tier 3] [Purity: 88%]

[Effects: Enhances all of your stats by 100% for 10 minutes followed by a 75% deduction in all stats for 24 hours]

[Description: Only consume if you are a Cultivator!]

‘Even Master gave Disciple Yuan something to keep him safe?’ Fei Yuyan stared at him with a slightly dazed look on her face.

“Let’s go meet up with Elder Xuan now.” Elder Shan said before bringing them to his living quarters.

“Hmm?” Elder Shan raised her eyebrows when she noticed two familiar-looking faces standing beside Elder Xuan.

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Of course, it was Xuan Wuhan and Min Li. In the end, Xuan Wuhan managed to persuade Elder Xuan to bring her and Min Li along to the compet.i.tion.

“Are we all ready to leave?” Elder Xuan asked them after they gathered.

“Yes, and we just came from seeing the Sect Master. We’re ready to leave at any time.” Elder Shan nodded.

“Good. Then we shall depart right away. However, before we leave, allow me to give this to you, Disciple Yuan…” Elder Xuan said as he retrieved two items and extended them towards Yuan.

“These two items will come in handy if you’re ever in trouble. The first item is called ‘Thunder Needle’. You can activate it by pouring your spiritual energy inside, and once that happens, it will explode in three seconds, releasing a powerful explosion that’s as strong as an all-out attack from a Cultivator at the peak Spirit Master realm, so make sure you throw it before it explodes.”

“This second item is called Dragon Marble; it’s an extremely rare treasure with very limited quant.i.ties since only a dozen of these were found in the Dragon Temple many thousand years ago. There are only two of these treasures left in the sect, and if you activate it with your spiritual energy, it’ll transport you back to the Dragon Essence Temple no matter where you are in this world as long as you’re within the Lower Heavens. Use it wisely.”

‘The Dragon Marble?! Grand Elder Xuan is going to give away such a precious life-saving treasure to Disciple Yuan?! Why?!’ Fei Yuyan’s jaw dropped to the ground when she saw this, as did Xuan Wuhan and Min Li.

They were only going to partic.i.p.ate in some music tournament inside a city. The chances of them being in danger were practically none, yet Yuan still received many powerful life-saving treasures as though he was being sent to the battlefield!

‘Why are they only giving him life-saving treasures? What about me? What about the rest of us?! Aren’t we also leaving the sect? Why does he get such special treatments?!’ Fei Yuyan cried inwardly, feeling slightly envious of Yuan, but she didn’t dare to complain.

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“Thank you, Senior Xuan.” Yuan accepted the small silver needle and the golden marble before tossing them into his spatial ring.

“How can you give him something so precious when I only gave him a Pill of Dominance? Now you’re making me look bad…” Elder Shan sighed afterward.

“I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional, Elder Shan…” Elder Xuan said with a somewhat stiff smile.

Sometime later, Elder Shan retrieved what appeared to be a wooden boat toy from her spatial ring.

After pouring some of her spiritual energy into the wooden boat, the toy-sized wooden boat suddenly expanded until it was large enough to fit three people, dumbfounding Yuan.

“Get on.” Elder Shan said to them as she boarded the wooden boat.

Fei Yuyan entered the boat before taking a seat.

“What are you waiting for, Disciple Yuan? Come over here.” Fei Yuyan patted the empty seat beside her with a seemingly innocent look on her face, yet her eyes glanced at Xuan Wuhan for a split second.

Yuan nodded and took a seat beside Fei Yuyan, even feeling something soft pressing the side of his h.i.p.s afterward.

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Xuan Wuhan’s eyebrows twitched after seeing this, and she definitely did not miss Fei Yuyan’s quick glance.

Meanwhile, Elder Xuan also retrieved his flying treasure.

“T-That’s a treasure?”

Yuan stared at Elder Xuan’s ‘flying treasure’ with wide eyes, as it looked like a small circular platform made of clouds.

Elder Xuan smiled at Yuan’s reaction, and he said, “There are many different types of flying treasures. You can even find ones that resemble and move like magical beasts, but they’re not actually real.”

Sometime later, Elder Shan and Elder Xuan activated their flying treasures and took flight, soaring towards the clouds in the sky before speeding into the distance at a speed that was vastly superior to flying swords.

“Wow… How expensive are flying treasures?” Yuan asked a few minutes later.

“Flying treasures are very rare in the Lower Heavens so the chances of you buying them are extremely low,” Fei Yuyan said.

“Then how were these flying treasures obtained?”

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“I obtained mine during a large tournament two hundred years ago,” Elder Shan responded.

“As for Elder Xuan, I believe it was given to him by the sect for his meritorious achievements when he was still a mere disciple. Do you also want one?”

Yuan shook his head and said, “No, I just find them really cool, and I still prefer the flying sword.”

“There are also flying treasures that resemble swords. In fact, the Sect Master of the Radiance Sword Sect has a flying treasure that’s simply an enormous sword.” Elder Shan said, causing Yuan to imagine himself soaring in the sky with an enormous sword.

‘Maybe I can use the Empyrean Overlord as my flying sword in the future?’ Yuan thought to himself.


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