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‘A real Spirit King! She’s a real Spirit King! But how is that possible?! How can a Spirit King possibly remain in the Lower Heavens?!’ Madam Feng cried inwardly after realizing her mistake that could potentially end her life.

“Please have mercy, Senior Spirit King! This junior had eyes but still failed to recognize your mighty presence!” Madam Feng then kowtowed on the floor with her smooth forehead kissing the solid floor.

However, Xiao Hua did not budge and continued to release her spiritual energy.

“What’s going on here?! Which expert is emitting this powerful presence?!”

“This expert definitely the Spirit Grandmaster realm! The Spirit Lord realm? No! It’s even higher! This presence belongs to a Spirit King!”

The other experts located within the Golden Phoenix Bazaar were greatly shocked when they sensed Xiao Hua’s immense presence that appeared out of thin air. However, they were too scared to even peek their heads out the windows to see the situation, much less show themselves, and unless directly told to, they would rather not stick their noses where it doesn’t belong, especially when a Spirit King was involved.

After all, a single mistake could mean the end of their business and even their life! That’s how much power a Spirit King holds in this Lower Heavens where the peak experts are only at the Spirit Grandmaster realm!

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the Golden Phoenix Bazaar, Madam Feng remained kowtowing on the floor, not even daring to lift her head.

“Xiao Hua, it’s okay now. We’re not hurt,” Yuan said to her a moment later.

“Un.” Xiao Hua nodded her head and immediately retrieved her powerful aura, allowing Madam Feng to breathe again.

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“Are you okay?” Yuan approached Madam Feng before extending his hand out to her.

“T-Thank you…” Fearing that Xiao Hua might get angry at her again if she doesn’t accept his hands, Madam Feng grabbed Yuan’s hands and allowed him to pull her to her feet.

“Anyway, I will apologize again for getting ahead of myself and causing trouble for you, and I never intended on harming you.”

Madam Feng lowered her head and bowed to them in an apologetic manner after she was standing again.

“It was only a misunderstanding, you don’t have to take it to the heart,” Yuan said with a calm smile on his face.

“Anyway, since you have confirmed that Xiao Hua is indeed at the Spirit King level, we should be able to shop in the Golden Phoenix Bazaar, right?” Yuan then asked her.

“Y-Yes…” Madam Feng quickly nodded her head. n.o.body would dare to stop them even if they wanted to live in the Golden Phoenix Bazaar.

And she continued, “If you don’t mind, I can help you with whatever you’re looking for. I am the owner of the Phoenix Heaven in the Golden Phoenix Bazaar, one of the most renowned stores in the city. No matter what kind of treasure you’re looking for, we will have it. If we don’t, we’ll know where you can find it.”

“That’d be great!” Yuan said, and he continued, “We’re looking to buy a Spirit Fruit.”

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“Spirit Fruit…?” Madam Feng looked at him with a dazed face, seemingly speechless.

Yuan immediately began feeling nervous after seeing Madam Feng’s reaction, worried that it might not be available because of its rarity.

However, Madam Feng was thinking the complete opposite, as Spirit Fruits are pretty worthless in the Golden Phoenix Bazaar, where the treasures are usually worth 100 times more than Spirit Fruits.

“If it’s only Spirit Fruits, I can offer some to you for free…” Madam Feng said to him a moment later.

“Really? Isn’t it very expensive, though?” Yuan looked at her with wide eyes.

“Yes, it’s my way of saying sorry for the trouble I’ve caused you three today.” Madam Feng said. “And if I have to be honest, Spirit Fruits aren’t that valuable in my eyes, as my shop sells things that are worth way more.”

“Since you don’t mind, I won’t be humble,” Yuan nodded his head.

“Please, follow me.” Madam Feng said as she turned around and began walking away.

“Isn’t this great, Yu Rou? We don’t have to spend any money on the Spirit Fruit now,” Yuan said to her as they followed Madam Feng.

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“Un,” she nodded.

A few minutes later, they entered this luxurious building that was somewhere in the middle of the Golden Phoenix Bazaar.

“Welcome back, Madam Feng. Welcome to the Phoenix Heaven, esteemed guests.” The workers inside greeted them the moment they entered the building.

Madam Feng nodded her head before speaking to one of the workers there, “Bring me three Spirit Fruits and wrap them up nicely; it’s for these esteemed guests.”

“As you wish, Madam Feng.” The worker bowed before walking away.

“Three Spirit Fruit? We only planned on buying one,” Yuan said to her afterward.

“Don’t worry about it, one or three— it doesn’t make a difference to me,” Madam Feng said to him with a smile, and then she suggested, “Anyway, it might take some time for them to wrap up the Spirit Fruits. Why don’t I show you around the store while we are waiting?”

Hearing her words, Yuan nodded, and they proceeded to follow Madam Feng around the first floor of the building.

“How much are the treasures here usually worth? I don’t see any price tags.” Yuan suddenly asked her out of curiosity.

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“The first floor mostly contains treasures worth between 10 million gold coins and 100 million gold coins,” Madam Feng quickly responded to him.

“100 million gold coins…?” Yuan looked at her with a dazed face.

There appeared to be around six floors in this building, and if the first floor already contained treasures that are worth tens of millions of gold coins then he cannot imagine what kind of treasure they have on the top floors.

“What is this?” Yuan suddenly stopped in front of a display case that had a single red leaf inside, wondering how this is even a treasure.

“That’s a Blood Leaf from the Devil’s Forest— it’s a rare treasure that requires 500 years to naturally grow,” Madam Feng explained to him. “It’s usually used in strengthening pills.”

“Is that so…” Yuan mumbled in a low voice.

A few minutes later, they finished seeing all of the treasures on the first floor.

“Do you wish to see the other floors?” Madam Feng asked him afterward after noticing how much they were enjoying the tour, especially Yuan, whose eyes were essentially glowing with excitement.

“If you don’t mind,” Yuan said.

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“Haha… Why would I?” Madam Feng laughed in a slightly awkward voice.

While she normally wouldn’t allow strangers to the higher floors, there was simply nothing she could do when there was a Spirit King amongst them. Even if Yuan wanted to rob the entire building, Madam Feng could only stand there with a smile on her face while they rob the store.

However, since Yuan did not appear to be that kind of person, even feeling kind of pleasant to be around, Madam Feng wasn’t too worried about showing them the treasures, or else she wouldn’t even have suggested it in the first place.

Madam Feng brought Yuan and the others to the second floor a few moments later, but there appeared to be fewer display cases on the second floor compared to the first floor.

“How much are the treasures on this floor?” Yuan couldn’t help but ask.

“Around 100 million gold coins to 200 million,” she said with a smile.

“200 million…” Yuan could feel himself sweating just from hearing the enormous amount of wealth.

Madam Feng then continued, “The treasures on the third and fourth floor are worth around 200 million to 700 million.”

“On the fifth floor, the treasures are all worth over one billion gold coins, but since the amount is so high, we normally accept only Spirit Crystal from that point forth.”

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“As for the sixth floor… Most of the treasures there are priceless, so we only accept trades with a similar value for it.”

After seeing every treasure on the second floor, they continued onto the third floor.

“This is a Divine-grade sword?” Yuan gazed at the beautiful and sharp sword in the display case with admiration in his eyes.

“That sword is called ‘Thousand Lords’, and although it is only of low-quality, it is immensely powerful— to the point where even a Mortal would be able to cleave an entire mountain in half if they could wield it.”

“Xiao Hua, at what cultivation level do I need to be in order to wield something like this?” Yuan decided to ask her.

“Brother Yuan should be able to wield Earth-grade treasures now, perhaps even low-quality Heaven-grade treasures. However, you’ll need to reach Spirit Grandmaster before you can even consider wielding a Divine-grade treasure.”

“Spirit Grandmaster… That’s quite far away…” Yuan sighed.

After spending a few minutes on the third floor, right as they prepared to head onto the fourth floor, one of the workers there approached them with three luxurious-looking square boxes.

“Madam Feng, here are the Spirit Fruits you have requested.”

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Madam Feng accepted the Spirit Fruits before handing them to Yuan.

“Here you go, esteemed guests. It’s not much, but please accept this small token from me.”

“Thank you…” Yuan accepted the boxes with a humble expression on his face.

“Although you now have what you came for, do you still wish to see the other floors? I can see that you have a fascination for swords. Since that’s the case, you’ll definitely love what I have on the top floor.” Madam Feng said to him afterward.

While she could just let Yuan leave now, she didn’t want them to leave before she could create some sort of connection with them, especially with Xiao Hua, a Spirit King.

“Okay,” Yuan immediately nodded, as he was also curious about the treasures on the higher floors.


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