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Alec could hear the commotion outside from a distance as the first prince was approaching their rooms, likely going past the long way around to exit the palace when there was a much quicker and more direct route.

According to the servants, this wasn’t an unusual occurrence.

The prince had always taken this route, almost as if he was delighting in annoying Ophelia whenever he went past, and it was the break that Alec had been waiting for to make contact with the first prince.

According to the Cookie Sect’s information, Alistair pa.s.sed by using the same route every time he went out of the palace, and from what Alec had observed from the first prince’s schedule, it was true.

Alistair indeed had a rather predictable schedule that he stuck to every day, which was why he had twice the amount of hidden guards compared to the rest of the royal descendants. Or so it was claimed.

Like clockwork, he heard the same thing every day ever since he ‘moved in’ via the princess’ orders, and today, he was planning to make contact with the first prince.

The people that the first prince surrounded himself with were a bunch of noisy ones, and they were all yes-men who agreed with whatever the prince said. A bunch of fair-weather friends, that’s what they were.

They carried and acted like a bunch of degenerates who were wasting their life away daily, and since they had enough wealth and power to do so, there was no one to stop them.

Hearing their noisy entourage make their way down the hallway in the distance, Alec knew that this was the time to act.

Since he’d Awakened his hearing to a degree that far outstripped a normal unenhanced person’s hearing, he was able to act before most people.

Alec rose to his feet, causing Ophelia to look at him in askance, but she didn’t say anything, instead just rising to her feet as well.

She clung to his arm, and Alec had to shove down the annoyance that he felt for her more and more often.

He literally could not wait for this to be over.

It was at this moment that Ye Sha made a sound.

“Eh, that stalker of yours is in Rhys City.”

Alec was briefly confused before it clicked. “You mean Mini?”

Ye Sha snorted. “Mini. Yeah, him.”

Alec was momentarily silent.

Well, he supposed he should have expected it.

After all, he ended up staying outside a lot longer than he had originally been planning on doing.

Originally, he’d made a tactical retreat from his problems, but then more problems started popping up in the clan, so he’d taken the chance to let loose a little – even if couldn’t really call it letting loose now since he had to act and keep himself constrained.

Well… even Dominique wouldn’t barge into the palace on his lonesome, so it was fine.

With Ophelia clinging onto Alec’s arm, the two walked out of the room, only for Ophelia to lock eyes with her already somewhat drunk-looking first brother and his equally as drunk entourage.

For the love of…! It was in the middle of the day!

Ophelia reluctantly let go of her Alexander’s arm as she maintained her haughty stance in front of her brother.

Ye Sha snorted when Opehlia stuck her nose in the air, as if she was showing off how much better she was than her brother who was dallying in decadence and vices.

She snuck a few glances at Alec as if she was saying how much better she was than her brother, wouldn’t he praise her?

Alistair and Ophelia locked eyes, and the first prince gave his sister a sloppy smile when he realized who he was looking at.

“Opheliaa,” he slurred slightly, grinning. “How are you, my darling baby sister?”

“I was quite fine before you came along, thank you,” Ophelia said primly, looking as if she was about to pinch her nose from the heavy stench of alcohol that wafted off him.

“Don’t be like that, baby sister,” Alistair whined, looking for help behind him, but his followers all didn’t want to get between two royal siblings, hiding themselves away.

Anyway, the first prince rather doted on Ophelia even when she treated him so badly, which meant that if they *did* oppose her, they wouldn’t have good ends.

Even if they were slightly tipsy, they weren’t drunk yet!

Alistair’s eyes wandered, and his eyes widened just the smallest fraction when his eyes landed on Alec’s face, staring at him in abject curiosity.

“What are you doing?” Ophelia said as her jealousy flared up.

Her brother was looking at her Alexander for far too long!

“Nothing, nothing,” he said instead. “Goodbye then,” Alistair stumbled forward with his arms wide open, making as if to hug her.

Ophelia recoiled in disgust, sidestepping him, and she regretted it when Alistair stumbled sideways instead and ended up putting his filthy hands all over her darling Alexander.

“What are you-!” she shouted but was cut off when Alistair made a sound of appreciation, his hands moving and patting around on Alec’s body.

“Wow, what a nice body!”

There was a slightly stunned expression on Alec’s face, and Ye Sha burst out into laughter inside his mindscape.

“Brother, you-!” Ophelia screamed; distress evident in her voice.

Even she had yet to so boldly touch her Alexander’s body! Ophelia felt like killing him, regardless of him being related to her by blood.

Yet, before she could do anything like that, her brother bodily picked up her Alexander, slinging him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

Ophelia gaped unladylike in shock, the shock too strong that her mind wasn’t even comprehending what was happening, let alone moving to take action. Her entire thought process stalled.

Before she knew it, Alistair had ditched both his yes-men and his sister, leaving them behind in the dust, gaping at their backs.

It was only when the two were long out of sight that Ophelia let out an unholy scream of anger as her eyes blazed with literal fire.

“Find the first prince for me! NOW!” she screamed.

Her brother’s entourage quickly made themselves scarce.

How could Ophelia ever have expected this to happen!?

She should have known that her Alexander would attract both males and females to him!

She’d been too lax in thinking that she was safe because they were holed up in the palace.

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Alec was stunned by the extent that Alistair would go to talk to him, but he supposed that it made enough sense, even if he hadn’t expected him to use such a method, but he was willing to go along with it.

Alistair was acting like a thief in broad daylight, sneaking around and stealing his sister’s lover.

Alec’s lip twitched.

For some reason, perhaps because he was so constrained and hadn’t been able to let loose in the princess’ presence, he found their current situation insanely hilarious.

Ye Sha obviously agreed, if the snickering he heard was anything to go by.

Alistair darted into his room acting like a sneaky thief, locking the door behind him.

He deposited Alec on the bed and stared at the man he’d brought into his room.

Instantly, the aura that he had about him previously changed minutely as he stared at Alec for the briefest moment, before it changed back.

There was something about the man in front of him that was triggering something in his memories. It was on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

Alistair thought hard as he roughly ruffled his hair, acting as if he was still that second-generation wastrel.

Yet, Alec could see that for the briefest second, his eyes were anything but inebriated.

Those were the eyes of a sober, calculating man.

There was no way that the prince didn’t take into account his reaction when he brought him here.

Rather, this was obviously a test to him as well.

Alec was rapidly rewriting all his previous predictions on the man, gaining knowledge in real time.

Alistair gave Alec a sloppy grin, stumbling forward and hooking his finger under Alec’s chin, tilting it up like a rogue.

Ye Sha cackled with laughter at the situation Alec currently found himself in.


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