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Read Custom Made Demon King Chapter 298 – The Insecure Xeron

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Chapter 298 The Insecure Xeron

Clearly, Kha-Beleth is very concerned about Isabel, or rather the child in her stomach.

In this case, if anything were to happen to this unborn child, Xeron, who is in charge of this matter, will definitely be punished by Kha-Beleth.

But Roy thought about it and found that it was indeed not easy to make an issue out of this…

Now, in Ur-Hekal, there was only Roy as an outsider. It was fine when he was not here, but as soon as he came, the child had a problem. No matter how stupid Kha-Beleth was, he could guess that it was Roy. In other words, if he did this, he might directly face the wrath of a demon lord. So after thinking about it, Roy put aside this thought for the time being. He silently observed the exchange between Xeron and Kha-Beleth through the Demon Eye, wanting to see what Xeron wanted to do.

After the image of Kha-Beleth appeared, a deep and hollow voice echoed in the secret room. “Xeron, why did you call me?”

Xeron lowered his head slightly. “Sovereign Kha-Beleth, there’s something I need to report to you.”

“Say it. Be short. I’m extremely busy!” Kha-Beleth said impatiently. “Sovereign, do you still remember the Elder Wars thousands of years ago?” Xeron asked. “Have you heard of a high-rank demon named Osiris?”

Roy was shocked when he heard Xeron’s words.

What he said earlier about coming from the era of the Elder Wars was, of course, a lie. According to Roy’s opinion, after so many years, even a faceless like Rafaro could only resurrect in the form of an undead. Therefore, there were unlikely many people who had partic.i.p.ated in the Elder Wars in this world. It was precisely because he knew that Xeron could not verify it that Roy dared to say this.

But how could he have expected that Xeron would choose to consult Demon Lord Kha-Beleth directly? And judging from his tone, Kha-Beleth was a demon who had partic.i.p.ated in the Elder Wars!

If Xeron realized that he was lying through Kha-Beleth, then Xeron might be more vigilant about him…

The reason why Roy wanted to sneak into the demon camp instead of directly confronting Xeron was that he currently controlled too many demon troops. If Roy did not think of a way to create chaos within the demon camp and weaken Xeron’s forces, it would not be good for Roy to fight him head-on…

Just as Roy was feeling uneasy, he saw Kha-Beleth carefully ponder for a while before saying, “Perhaps. There were too many high-rank demons in the Elder Wars, and I don’t remember them too clearly. Why?”

Hearing this answer from Kha-Beleth, Roy heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it had been too long. Even though Kha-Beleth had partic.i.p.ated in the war and lived until now, his memories of it were probably not too clear.

“It’s like this, Sovereign Kha-Beleth. A high-rank demon named Osiris came a few days ago!” Xeron said. “He said that he was a demon sealed during the Elder Wars, but I always feel that this guy is extremely dangerous. After he and his army arrived, there has been a lot of trouble in Ur-Hekal these past few days…”

After Kha-Beleth heard his words, he stared at him for a long time before finally saying, “I understand. You came to seek a guarantee from me, right?”

Xeron lowered his head and did not say anything.

Kha-Beleth said somewhat irritably, “Don’t worry. Since I’ve chosen you as my executor, no matter if that demon named Osiris wants to seize your authority, I won’t acknowledge him. Are you satisfied?”

After receiving this answer, Xeron breathed a sigh of relief and probed, “Sovereign, whether or not Demon Osiris is a demon who survived the Elder Wars, he is indeed stronger than me. If possible, I hope that you can come forward to deal with him when he is too out of line!”

“Okay!” Kha-Beleth said without hesitation. “No matter how powerful he is, he’s only a high-rank demon. If he dares to affect my plan because of seizing power, I’ll kill him myself!”

“Yes, Sovereign!” The corner of Xeron’s mouth a pleased smile. “I will surely guarantee the Dark Messiah will be born smoothly…”

“You’d better do this…” Kha-Beleth said as the image slowly disappeared.

Xeron stood up and laughed wildly. This laughter awakened Queen Isabel on the stone bed. When she saw Xeron, she immediately stared at him with hatred.

Xeron did not mind her hateful gaze at all. He stood by the stone bed, bent over to look at Isabel, and stretched out his claws to pinch her chin. He said proudly, “Give up, little Isabel. No one knows that you’ve been captured, and no one will come to save you. If you want to live, you’d better obediently give birth to the Dark Messiah. This way, perhaps for the sake of the child, Sovereign Kha-Beleth will spare your life. After all, he still needs you to raise this child!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Isabel spat on his face. She shouted hoa.r.s.ely, “Demon! Your scheme won’t succeed! Elrath knows everything, and holy light will purify all evil!”

“Hmph. Now that things have come to this, what’s the use of shouting this?” Xeron let go of her chin and said disdainfully, “If Elrath really knows everything, then why haven’t you seen him come to save you after you’ve prayed day and night? You can continue staying here obediently until you’re in despair!”

Xeron turned around and placed his hand on the demon skull. Cracking sounds came, and the stone bed carrying Isabel slowly sank. The closed ground also cut off Isabel’s cursing.

“Need more sacrifices…” Xeron muttered to himself. He activated the teleportation formation and disappeared from the secret chamber.

Roy saw from the beginning to the end, but when Xeron left, he did not have the Demon Eye teleport out. Instead, he got the Demon Eye to stand by in the shadow of the corner. This Demon Eye was a very useful coordinate to Roy. He did not intend to come into contact with Isabel for the time being because he had yet to figure out what kind of protection system Kha-Beleth had set on Isabel. What if only Xeron could touch and communicate with Isabel?

Roy was not too sure about the power of the demon lord rank, so he was being careful and did not want to alarm Kha-Beleth at this time.

Roy tapped his fingers on the armrest of the chair and began to ponder over what Xeron and Kha-Beleth meant.

In addition to establis.h.i.+ng his status with Kha-Beleth to prevent Roy from usurping power, he was probably still guarding against Roy him!

In a head-on battle, Xeron had many troops and subordinates, so he was not afraid of fighting Roy. But Roy was stronger than him. If Roy were to Xeron, then no matter how many troops he had, they would not be of any use. Now that Xeron had reported it to Kha-Beleth, it was nothing more than planning to get him to avenge him if Roy really him. To Roy, using this method to kill Xeron was a little risky. He could not guarantee that after killing him, Kha-Beleth would avenge him or let Roy replace him…

Roy thought about it for a while and felt that he could not bet on this possibility. The birth of the Dark Messiah might be the top priority for Kha-Beleth, but it did not mean that Roy would definitely be able to take Xeron’s position after he died. Kha-Beleth could completely kill Roy and let another demon lead the demon camp.

Soon, Roy made a decision. His original plan did not change.

He did not know what Xeron’s sacrificial ritual was for before, but after seeing Isabel through the Demon Eye, Roy figured out many things.

Even though Biara was currently impersonating Queen Isabel in Erathia, she was still a demon after all. Her style of doing things was from the standpoint of a demon, so it was easy for others to see through her flaws. The dead Arantir had already suspected this fake queen. Roy was certain that Arantir was not the only one who had such doubts in Ashan…

In that case, the dark elf clan that entered Eeofol might also be looking for Isabel!

Although the dark elves tended toward the evil camp, it did not mean that they were all evil, nor did it mean that they were on the side of demons. From the way they attacked Roy earlier, these dark elves had their own choice and standpoint…

Maybe he could take this opportunity to come into contact with this dark elf clan.

Roy spent time thinking and knew what he should do next, so he waited quietly.

As expected, the next day, Xeron sent a messenger and ordered Roy to lead his troops to eliminate the dark elves.

Xeron did not even want to see Roy, so he sent Roy out…

Roy did not object. After receiving the order, he immediately brought his army out of the city and headed for the city where Grawl was.

Although the Shadowbrand clan had not disturbed the demons much during this period, it had only become sporadic and did not stop. This meant that although the T-Virus that Roy spread had caused immense trouble for the Shadowbrand clan, it did not put them in a desperate situation. They might have used some special means to prevent the spread and proliferation of the virus.

In that case, I’ll slowly ‘eliminate’ them! Roy looked back at Ur-Hekal, which was already out of sight, and smiled meaningfully.

On the third day after Roy set off, several enormous armies finally arrived at the canyon where Dendera Fortress and Aglan Fortress were…


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