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Chapter 302 Framing

Roy did not know who Raelag was. After all, there were so many heroes in the Heroes of Might and Magic world. How could he remember them all? Other than some famous ones, he did not know many.

But in fact, Raelag, this dark elf, was also a big figure!

Because he was actually a hybrid, a hybrid of dark elf and demon!

Strictly speaking, Raelag was also a Child of Taboo, but his background was no longer verifiable. The unique living customs of the dark elves destined him not to know who his mother and father was. Because of this hybrid ident.i.ty, he had been expelled from the dark elves at a young age.

However, even though he was expelled, he did not collapse under the harsh pressure of survival. Instead, he successfully grew up. After he became an adult, he put on thick armor, sneaked into the demon camp as a demon, and a.s.sumed a pseudonym known as Agrael…

Due to his demon bloodline, his body naturally exuded the aura of a demon. Under the disguise of the helmet, the demons did not see through his true ident.i.ty and instead accepted him. And Raelag, under the pseudonym of Agrael, stood out in various battles and trials.

His ident.i.ty as a Child of Taboo had given him infinite power. It had to be said that this hybrid who could successfully be born could really only be described as a genius. At that time, Agrael’s strength had soared in a short time, and he had even exceeded many high-rank demons. Therefore, Kha-Beleth had taken a fancy to him, appointed him as his deputy, and gave him an important mission.

It was to monitor and protect Isabel…

At that time, Isabel, a woman of the lunar eclipse, was still young. The order Kha-Beleth gave Agrael was to protect Isabel and not let her die. After all, Kha-Beleth needed Isabel to reach adulthood smoothly. At that time, Agrael did not think much about it and followed the order.

However, an accident happened. Agrael had watched Isabel grow up, and over time, he actually fell in love with her!

Precisely because of this love, as Isabel grew up day by day, Agrael became increasingly anxious. He knew that something very terrifying would happen after Isabel fell into the hands of the demons, so for this reason, the demon hero Agrael rebelled! He decided to save Isabel.

Due to the strength he possessed, when he began his attempt to rebel against Kha-Beleth, he had been misunderstood by Benia’s sister, the succubus Biara. She thought that he wanted to become a demon lord and challenged Kha-Beleth, so she secretly wanted to join him. After discovering his true motive, she flew into a rage out of humiliation and ran to report to Kha-Beleth!

Thus, Agrael began to be hunted down by the demon camp. Due to Biara’s merit of informing Kha-Beleth, she became trusted by him and began to grasp authority. He sent her to Erathia to pretend to be Isabel. After losing Agrael, Kha-Beleth’s plan was short of manpower, and he could only promote Xeron… All of this actually happened in the past two years.

Due to the betrayal, Agrael no longer had other demons following him. He had lost his army, and Biara had taken away Isabel. Therefore, in order to take back his beloved and stop Kha-Beleth’s scheme, Agrael found the elven prophet, Tieru. With his help, he purified his demon bloodline, restored his original dark elf ident.i.ty, and returned to being Raelag.

After restoring his original ident.i.ty and name, Raelag returned to the territory of the dark elves. At that time, the Shadowbrand clan had lost its chief and needed to choose a new one through a compet.i.tion. And Raelag, this dark elf of unknown origin, joined the compet.i.tion and finally won it to obtain the power of the clan, thereby becoming the chief.

After obtaining an army again, Raelag led his clan to find Isabel. He knew that Isabel was definitely in the demon’s territory, but even though he sent out many and spies to inquire, he did not know where she was.

The city of Ur-Hekal was the greatest suspect, but unfortunately, there were too many demons there. His people could not enter at all, and attacking it was equally impossible. Moreover, after his betrayal, Kha-Beleth felt a crisis of trust, so besides Xeron, no one knew where Isabel was hidden. The sacrificial chamber had been built extremely secretively… Even ordinary demon heroes did not know, let alone Raelag.

After wandering aimlessly in Eeofol for a long time, Raelag could not do anything, so he could only send his clan to ambush and demons. He wanted to use this to divert the attention of the demons and see if he could get them out of Ur-Hekal to create a chance for himself.

Unexpectedly, Roy came with his army at this


After an ambush and had brought back a strange and terrifying plague virus, the Shadowbrand clan had suffered heavy losses and lost almost all the low-level dark elves. They had no choice but to retreat underground to recuperate.

However, before Raelag could replenish enough troops, Roy, the demon who spread the plague, appeared in front of him again. Not only did he bring an enormous army, but he even arrogantly told him a terrifying truth!

Words could not describe the shock in Raelag’s heart. As a Child of Taboo, he naturally knew how terrifying a Child of Taboo was!


It had to be known that Relag’s original hybrid ident.i.ty was only from the bloodline of a low-level demon. Even so, his magic power had grown to a level comparable to a demon lord in just a few decades. Although his demon bloodline had been purified and his strength had declined, he could almost imagine how terrifying the power of a Child of Taboo with the bloodline of a demon lord would be once he matured!

Especially when such a Child of Taboo would grow under the nurturing of demons, it was even more terrifying. His thoughts and behavior would become the same as demons, eager to destroy and kill.

Perhaps at that time, the world of Ashan would welcome a terrifying dark demon king!

No! I absolutely can’t let the demons’ scheme succeed! Raelag made up his mind almost instantly!

At the same time, Roy did not give him much time to think. After finis.h.i.+ng his act, Roy immediately commanded all the troops to attack this dark elven city.

The demon troops that had been waiting impatiently immediately roared and changed when Roy gave the order. The echoes of their bloodthirsty roars filled the underground canyon in an instant.

In no time at all, the battle broke out. The demons holding sharp blades rushed to the bottom of the city wall and began to destroy it. The vampires in the air turned into big bats and swooped toward the city wall with sinister smiles. They grabbed the troglodytes and harpies and sucked their blood in large mouthfuls.

A large amount of fire magic shot toward the city from the rear, igniting the flammable material in the city. Choking smoke spread, causing the guards in the city to tear up. Realizing that the city might not be able to hold on any longer, the dark elves in the city no longer bothered staying inside it. They opened the city gate and charged out, seeking a decisive battle. The gigantic hydras ran out with thundering steps and bit anyone they saw. The numerous heads on their necks could attack enemies within 360 degrees. Even though many hydras suffered injuries due to the blades of the death knights, the corrosive blood splattering out from their bodies also struck back at the enemies.

In the towers on the city wall, dark elven witches shot out one lightning ball after another. The lightning b.a.l.l.s plowed gullies in the low-level undead troops and finally landed on some middle-rank demons using magic attacks, turning them into charcoal.

With several loud and clear dragon roars, the black dragons and shadow dragons took part in the battle. They swooped down from the top of the canyon, and their enormous figures filled all almost the s.p.a.ce in the canyon. They opened their mouths full of sharp teeth and spat out thick pillars of black fire that began bombarding the battlefield. A dragon flew past, and another followed closely, forming an endless stream.

Thanks to them, the battlefield was already full of raging flames. The flames devoured any troops burned by them. However, the black dragons and shadow dragons were not complacent for long before a group of bone dragons pounced on them in the air. These bone dragons did not have the slightest concept of compatriots at all. They grabbed their necks and bit them while tearing their abdomens and wings with their claws. After they were unable to fly, these enormous creatures fell from the sky.

Before they could furiously deal with the bone dragons on their bodies, pillars of flames exploded beside them. High-rank demons holding heavy weapons appeared from the flames. With savage smiles, they raised their weapons and smashed the heads of the dragons!

The sound of skulls shattering rang out, accompanied by the tragic roars of numerous black dragons and shadow dragons. In such a short time, several dragons died.

But at the same time, the high-rank demons paid the price. The furious dragons grabbed some high-rank demons with their claws. When they flew into the air, they bit these high-rank demons in half. Finally, the demons turned into ashes and died, their souls returning to the Abyss…

Rafaro, Fat Tiger, Julia, and Benia also took action. They each looked for opponents on the battlefield to fight, but their main targets were the black dragons and shadow dragons.

The order Roy gave them was to fight with all their might but to let Raelag escape in the end!

Yes, he did not intend to kill this dark elf named Raelag but instead wanted him to flee in defeat. He knew very well that after Raelag escaped, he would definitely find the alliance of the elves and Bracadans. He would tell the alliance army about Isabel and the birth of the Dark Messiah!

At that time, Roy was certain that the alliance army would never let the Child of Taboo of Kha-Beleth be born. They would attack Ur-Hekal with everything they had and think of a way to save Isabel!

This was why Roy had said those dramatic words like a devious actor. He had used this method to leak information about Isabel…

As enemies, it was impossible for Raelag and the others to tell Kha-Beleth that Roy had disclosed this to them…

In this entire matter, Kha-Beleth and Xeron would be kept in the dark. They would never have thought that Roy had leaked the situation about the Dark Messiah. In their understanding, Roy had never come into contact with the sacrificial ritual, so it was impossible for him to know their plan. In the end, Kha-Beleth would only think that the alliance army had discovered it through other means.

The best situation for Roy would be the alliance army attacking Ur-Hekal and destroying the sacrificial ritual to save Isabel. In this case, even without Roy taking action, Kha-Beleth would personally kill Xeron in anger!

Even if the situation were to be slightly worse, and the alliance army was unable to take down Ur-Hekal, after the fierce battle, the number of demons in Ur-Hekal would certainly be substantially reduced. At that time, Roy could take advantage of the chaos to kill Xeron and then frame the alliance army, making the alliance army be the scapegoat!

No matter what, Roy would not lose!


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