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Read Custom Made Demon King Chapter 434 – Fat Tiger’s Realm

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Chapter 434: Fat Tiger’s Realm

The figure of Sparda in front of him was just a flash of memory that Roy created through magic. He was an existence similar to a thought ent.i.ty. Although he had consciousness, he was just born and had difficulties in expression.

Therefore, he could not be descriptive in answering Roy’s question. He could only reach out and point in a direction, but then he immediately changed directions.

Seeing him pointing around randomly, Roy could not help frowning. What’s going on?

Fortunately, Dante suddenly said, “Could he not be in the human world, so he can’t point in the right direction?”

“It’s possible!” Roy understood. “If he’s not in the human world, then he should be in the Purgatory s.p.a.ce, which is what you call the Demon World…” Roy looked at Dante. “It seems like you have a rough guess about where your father went, don’t you?”

Dante did not say anything and only shrugged, appearing to agree.

Indeed, after reaching adulthood, both Dante and Vergil had tried to find their father, but they could not find him in the human world. If Sparda was really still alive, then he could only be in the Demon World, and it was very likely that he was imprisoned somewhere in the depths of the Demon World. Otherwise, it was impossible to explain why he did not appear…

However, the Demon World was too big for Dante and the others. It was not something that one or two people could search through, so even though they had their guesses, they were still helpless.

Since Sparda was in the Demon World, Roy could only go to the Demon World to find him. He looked at the Yamato inserted in the ground. After losing Sparda’s soul fragment, Yamato seemed to be unable to cut s.p.a.ce to open rifts, so Roy first handed Sparda’s soul fragment to Julia. Then he took out Frostmourne and found an empty s.p.a.ce to slash down vertically.

Of course, Frostmourne did not have the ability to cut s.p.a.ce, but Roy used it to release s.p.a.ce magic. As the sword slashed down, a straight blue light appeared out of thin air. It was the spatial rift that had been cut open.

Roy put away his sword and walked over. The light of magic power in his hands bloomed as he grabbed both sides of the rift and began to tear it to the left and right. Under his power, the spatial rift slowly opened wider.

“Let’s go!” Roy turned around and said to Julia and the others before stepping into the pa.s.sage.

Julia, Benia, Ca.s.sandra, and Sareth hurriedly followed, pa.s.sed through the pa.s.sage, and disappeared.

Only Dante, Vergil, and Nero were left at the scene. The three of them looked at each other and hesitated about whether to follow.

“Let’s go!” In the end, Vergil, who had woken up, made a decision. He was currently being supported by Nero, and he had one hand covering his chest as he said to Dante, “The demon left this pa.s.sage and did not immediately close it because it’s actually for us. This concerns the whereabouts of our father, so we have to go and see. If that demon harbors ill intentions, we can deal with it in time…”

Dante nodded. Vergil was right. He walked over, pulled out the Demon Sword Dante on his back, and threw Yamato to Vergil.

Vergil caught Yamato and sized up the katana before turning to look at Nero. “Sorry, Nero…”

When he was unconscious earlier, he did not actually lose consciousness completely. He had heard the argument between Dante and Nero intermittently. He did not remember anything else, but he had clearly heard Dante say that he was Nero’s father. It was fine when he did not know before, but now that he knew, he did not know how to face Nero.

After all, he had ripped off Nero’s arm…

Nero did not know how to respond to this apology. After a moment of silence, he held up Vergil’s shoulder again. “I almost killed you earlier… Let’s go. We’ll settle the scores slowly in the future. Now, we have to figure out what Demon Osiris wants to do.”

Dante had his back to the two of them. After he heard Nero’s words, an arc could not help but rise at the corner of his mouth. The relations.h.i.+p between the father and son was very complicated, but in any case, being able to communicate like this was a good start, right?

However, just as the three of them were about to step into the spatial channel, they suddenly heard the roar of engines and Nico shouting coming from behind them.

Turning around, they found that Nico was driving her car crookedly as she drifted toward them. Not far behind the car was an enormous three-headed h.e.l.lhound chasing after her.

“d.a.m.n it!” Seeing this situation, Dante immediately drew his sword. Nero tightened his grip on his gun and prepared to support Nico and the others.

With a creaking sound, Nico drove to Dante and the others, slammed on the brakes, and stopped. Then Trish and Lady opened the car doors and jumped out. Lady carried her rocket launcher, while Trish stood side by side with Dante, holding her twin guns, Luce & Ombra, ready to fight this huge three-headed h.e.l.lhound.

However, when this three-headed h.e.l.lhound rushed in front of everyone, it suddenly stopped and roared at everyone, “Get lost! Don’t stop me from going back to the Demon World!”

“You want to go through this spatial channel?” Dante was a little surprised. “Do you know who opened this channel?”

This three-headed h.e.l.lhound was naturally Cerberus. She scratched the ground in frustration and said, “Of course I know. That demon lord… he’s very powerful. It’s been many years since the Demon World has seen such a powerful demon lord… I didn’t want to appear in front of him, but… but his child and I have a demon contract. I thought they would stay in the human world, so I would find another chance to see that child. But now that they’ve gone to the Demon World, I have to follow!”

Cerberus truly regretted it. If she had known that the half-demon brat had such a big backer, she would never have signed a demon contract with him.

Because the demon contract stipulated that if Sareth could not fulfill the contract, Cerberus would take away his soul! But the problem was that his foster father was such a powerful demon that even Urizen could not withstand a single blow from him. In this case, if Cerberus really took away his soul, what would his foster father’s reaction be?!

Therefore, for Cerberus, she had to help Sareth complete the contract now. She could not let Sareth be executed for violating the contract. In other words, even if Sareth brought out a little puppy and placed it in front of her, she would have to admit that it was the ‘Brother Fat Tiger’ that Sareth had mentioned…

At this time, it was no longer a matter of the dignity of a demon but a matter of her life…

Earlier, when Roy appeared and fought with Urizen and then Dante and Vergil, Cerberus had only been watching from afar. But after seeing Roy open the spatial rift and bringing people into the Demon World, she did not dare to delay any longer and could only catch up quickly. As for the car with Nico and the others, it could only be said to be a complete misunderstanding. Cerberus just happened to be going in the same direction as them and was not really chasing after them.

In order to prevent a conflict with Dante and the others, causing her to be unable to catch up, Cerberus could only patiently explain.

After hearing the entire story, Dante and the others looked at one another and then silently made way. Cerberus was not polite at all as she ran past them and charged into the spatial channel.

“Don’t go…” After Cerberus disappeared, Dante said to Nico and the others, “The Demon World isn’t suitable for human survival.”

“Okay. Although I’m very curious about what the Demon World is like, I don’t want to cause you any trouble!” Nicole was reasonable and nodded.

As for Lady and Trish, one was the descendant of the priestess and the other of a pure demon. Logically speaking, they could go to the Demon World, but they knew that this trip to the Demon World might be extremely dangerous. So after thinking about it, they decided not to go with them. Trish handed Luce & Ombra to Vergil to give him more a.s.surance. Then she said to Dante, “Lady and I will wait for you to come back to the shop. But if you don’t come back, then the shop will belong to us!”

“Haha. If you want my shop, then you’ll have to wait!” Dante laughed and walked toward the rift. Without looking back, he extended his hand and bowed to the two of them before disappearing into the rift with Nero and Vergil.

After they entered, the spatial rift slowly closed.

The wind howled, the filthy air was full of drifting ashes, the sky was dark and low, and the ground and mud exuded a foul stench. After more than two months, Sareth once again set foot on the land of the Demon World, and the surrounding environment evoked his bad memories.

“This place isn’t much…” Benia placed a hand on her waist and said in disdain, “There are no volcanoes, and it lacks the lovely smell of sulfur…”

“This is an alternate s.p.a.ce opened up. How can it compare to the environment of the Abyss…” Julia was also curiously sizing up her surroundings. After coming to this world, she actually had a familiar feeling. This place evoked her old memories, and she seemed to remember vaguely that she had become a fallen angel in a similar environment before being taken away by Samael.

The spatial rift behind flashed, and Roy looked back. He initially thought that Dante and the others had followed in, but he did not expect that what appeared was an enormous three-headed h.e.l.lhound!

After rus.h.i.+ng in, this enormous three-headed h.e.l.lhound cautiously came in front of Roy. Then it sprawled on the ground on all four limbs and prostrated. “Your Excellency Demon Lord Osiris, high-rank demon Cerberus greets you!”

“Cerberus? Since you’ve inherited such a true demon name, it seems that your bloodline is very pure!” Roy said with interest, “You were watching the battle from afar earlier. Why did you catch up with me now?”

Cerberus did not dare to say anything and looked at Sareth pitifully.

Sareth scratched his head awkwardly and said to Roy, “Foster Father, it’s like this…”

He told them about him signing a demon contract with Cerberus. As soon as he finished speaking, Benia roared angrily at Cerberus, “What?! You actually signed a demon contract with Sareth! How dare you!”

Not only her, but Julia and Ca.s.sandra were also staring at Cerberus angrily.

Under Benia’s reprimand, Cerberus lowered her head again and whimpered pitifully.

In fact, when she caught up, she had already expected to be reprimanded and punished, but the problem was that she did not dare not to come. If she came, she might be able to resolve the misunderstanding, but if she did not come, she might really die.

Roy waved his hand to stop Benia’s anger. “Of course you can see Fat Tiger. It’s not a big deal. You should be a demon who has been in this Demon World for a long time, right?”

“Yes, Your Lords.h.i.+p Osiris!” Cerberus said respectfully. “I came here from the Abyss about three thousand years ago. At that time, His Excellency Mundus ruled the Demon World…”

“That’s good. It seems like you should know many things, and I happen to need a guide!” Roy said.

Upon hearing this, Cerberus heaved a sigh of relief. “It would be my honor, Your Lords.h.i.+p!”

Roy raised his hand and summoned Fat Tiger. Fat Tiger was a life he had created, and he had gotten him to stay in the system s.p.a.ce when he came over, so he did not need to use another magic formation to summon him.

As soon as Fat Tiger appeared, the shadow cast by his colossal mountain-like body covered Cerberus.

Cerberus’s three dog heads looked up in shock at Fat Tiger’s imposing body. Only at this moment did she know that Sareth had not been lying. There really was a three-headed h.e.l.lhound bigger than her!

Looking at Fat Tiger’s st.u.r.dy body, the bulging muscles of his four limbs, his fur that reflected a metallic l.u.s.ter, and the enormous demon wings that ordinary h.e.l.lhounds did not have, Cerberus was immediately intoxicated. The tumult in her heart prompted her to stand up, and her three heads made whimpering sounds as she wandered around Fat Tiger.

As soon as Dante and the other two walked out of the spatial rift, they saw this scene, so they also looked up in shock at the behemoth in front of them.

Before they could recover their senses, they saw an even more unbelievable scene.

Cerberus jumped around Fat Tiger a few times. Fat Tiger seemed to find her swaying too annoying, so he raised his right forepaw and slapped Cerberus on the face, knocking her tumbling…

“s.h.i.+t! This dog must be single!” Dante could not help but ridicule…


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