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Read Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant Chapter 907 – Alex The God Of Slaughter

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Chapter 907 Alex The G.o.d Of Slaughter

gene’s face suddenly changed. his steps froze, and his whole body began to tremble as if he had heard the devil’s voice. his forehead was sweating, but he dared not turn around.

mag emerged from the fog with his b.l.o.o.d.y sword. he narrowed his eyes as he looked at the big orc who was standing still at the entrance of the cave. this was a level seven demon, one level higher than he was.

however, the orc was apparently the one who was scared sh*tless, which he found very amusing.

“why don’t you kill yourself and save me the trouble?” mag asked, walking slowly towards gene, the fallen leaves rustling under his feet.

as death approached him step by step, more and more cold sweat came out of gene’s forehead.

he had heard no warning shout, which was quite unsurprising. if a sentry had managed to give a warning shout before alex got to him, it would’ve been most surprising.

he didn’t want to die, but he couldn’t think of anyone who had escaped from alex and irina. even the cara mercenary group, which had had three level 10s, had been destroyed in one night; not even one had survived.

it was all gene could do not to let the heavy exe drop from his shaking hand. he was only a level seven. he stood zero chance against alex.

sweat started to trickle down his cheek. his mind had gone blank. he couldn’t come up with any plan to help his situation. he was beginning to regret suggesting coming here to hunt elves.

mag stopped about three meters away from him. “so you have chosen to let me do it for you.”

“i’ll kill you!” shouted the demon.

his eyes suddenly turned blood-red, and he grew bigger as his muscles swelled. he stomped his foot and whirled, cracking the ground, and brought his axe down with all his weight behind it.

the axe blade was s.h.i.+ning red. there was so much energy around it that it seemed to have distorted s.p.a.ce.

mag looked grave. this orc might be stronger than anyone he had ever fought alone.

yet he was calm, because he was only one step away from reaching level seven.

on top of that, his blow might be unstoppable, but at the same time, he was leaving himself wide open.

the orcs were known for their power, which could be compared with that of forest trolls. however, they were huge, so they lacked combat skills, even though they might be quick..

mag bent his legs and leapt, leaving a dent in the dense fallen leaves on the forest floor. he dodged the axe cras.h.i.+ng down towards his head and brought his sword up in a vicious backhand cut. the swift slash slit gene’s throat and took half of his head off.

the axe hit the ground with a bang. gene fell down, staring with wide and confused eyes at the man in mask and black cloak.

mag was fast, but not that fast.

there was no way he had reached level 10. this man was not alex.

because alex didn’t need to dodge his attack.

then who was he?

that was a question whose answer he would never know. he drew his last breath and died, his eyes wide and staring.

battle experience is handy, especially when it comes to fighting those who are all brawn and no brains, mag thought, looking at gene’s body.

the stronger a man was, the more important his battle experience was.

with accurate judgment and powerful fighting skills, mag had easily killed an orc who was one level higher than him.

mag wasn’t too pleased with himself, though. he knew that he would have a hard time defeating an experienced 7th-tier knight, and a level seven magic caster might have killed him before he could even get closer enough.

amy flew over, gazing admiringly at mag. “you’re so strong, father! killing them is as easy as swatting flies for you!”

“you’re up, amy. get ready,” mag said, and walked into the cave, sword in hand.

the orcs and demons in the cave had heard the fight outside. they looked terrified, wondering how the gray temple had found their hideout so fast.

the imprisoned elves raised their heads and listened carefully. they could see from the looks on the demons’ faces that they were scared. they thought the gray temple had come to save them.

when all became quiet outside again, the gang of a dozen or so demons and orcs stood still with their weapons, not knowing what to do.

“get them out of their cells now! we can use them to negotiate with the gray temple!” shouted a demon, who looked like a leader of some kind.

they did as he ordered, hurriedly dragging the elves out and pressing daggers and knives to their throats. nervous and frightened, they looked to the entrance of the cave.

bound and gagged, the elves stared hopefully at the cave’s mouth.

even if they would be killed, they would die in peace knowing the orcs and demons would get what they deserved.

that was when a man in a black suit with a black-and-white mask appeared in the cave, holding a longsword in his hand.

the demons and orcs were surprised to see only one man.

suddenly, a demon recognized the sword and went white. “that sword! he’s alex, the G.o.d of slaughter!”

“alex the G.o.d of slaughter!”

all the demons and orcs started s.h.i.+vering with fear despite themselves. some even dropped their weapons.

the elves gazed at the man in surprise. he was hiding behind his mask, yet his sword was too well-known not to be recognized.

“i sentence you to death,” mag said in an emotionless voice, darting forward like a black shadow.


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