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Chapter 411: Ruo Shui May Have Boundless Water, but Only One Jug’s Worth Was Needed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Chen Jinchan was aware that his body was as light as a feather but he was not sure what a great opportunity he had. Even with the crystal ball the n.o.ble witch pa.s.sed down to him, Shen Lian was not a person that you could easily meet as you like. Moreover, he was able to gain insights of Shen Lian’s breathing method.

With the breathing method of a Dao elite like Shen Lian, he would have the strongest foundation he has ever achieved in his lifetime. With the help of his physiques, he was able to achieve a feat that a genius would require at least ten years to accomplish with just one night.

He had no time to think about his luck and would not be able to comprehend is anyway. After all, he did not practice cultivation officially and he was still immersed in the changes his body was undergoing. That full-body transformation gave him a taste of heaven and earth that was beyond his imagination. No matter how high the sky was or how thick the ground was, it was just a layer of separation. As long as one has the ability to fly out of the sky and break out from the ground, one would be able to seek freedom without any restrictions. Such way of life was the ultimate satisfaction.

Chen Jinchan leaped around like a monkey and was more agile than the apes when he climbed the mountain. The tip of his feet lightly tapped on the bulging rocks and a strong recoil force was produced. The force gave him the mobility to move around with ease.

The temple door creaked as Chen Beidou’s figure appeared at the door. The falling snow came to a standstill and Chen Jinchan felt a strong condensation of pressure in his heart. He landed on the ground and paid his respects to the Mountain G.o.d Master.

Chen Beidou squinted his eyes and said, “Did I ask you to stay on the mountains?”

Chen Jinchan’s face turned awkward and said, “Mountain G.o.d Master, I will leave now.”

Chen Beidou replied, “Did I ask you to leave?”

Chen Jinchan was embarra.s.sed. Although he a whole-body transportation overnight, deep down his spiritual sense knew that he and the Mountain G.o.d Master are miles apart. They were a world of difference.

He responded, “Mountain G.o.d Master, do you have any orders for me?”

“Noon tomorrow, I will go and plant clouds for rain. I will need to produce a total of three feet and three inches of rainwater. I will use the water from Ruo Shui. Please go and take the water that I need. One drop less and I will carve your spirit on the pillar of the temple and you will be whipped as a punishment.” Chen Beidou said coldly.

Chen Jinchan startled and submissively said, “Mountain G.o.d Master, I am not a celestial being. How is it possible for me to take such a huge amount of water? Even if I could, how am I supposed to bring it back? If you intend to punish me, I would rather you punish me directly. I will not have complaints.”

Chen Beidou wielded his sleeves and said, “Cut the c.r.a.p.” The moment his sleeves moved, Chen Jinchan was teleported to Ruo Shui in a blink of an eye.

He looked at Ruo Shui and sighed. The Mountain G.o.d Master wanted him to bring back three feet and three inches of water. Even if the Chen Village was not far away, it was a ma.s.sive amount of water, equivalent to the sea. Moreover, Mountain G.o.d Master was the Mountain G.o.d of Mount Zhong. He probably wanted to plant clouds for rain over the entire Mount Zhong and this was beyond man power.

Chen Jinchan thought of returning to the village but as he studied the terrain of the land and cross referenced it to the wisdom of the crystal ball, he realized that the Chen Village was at least thousand of miles away. It would take him more than a day for a return trip.

It then crossed his mind that the Mountain G.o.d Temple was also thousand of miles away. Even if he had the equipment to take the water, he would still not be able to make it back by morning.

Even though he was always calm, he did not know what to do at this very moment.

The hot qi in his body could not stop leaping and he thought to himself that maybe the hot qi was in fact the essential qi. According to the wisdom of the n.o.ble witch, there would be marvel when one release the essential qi out of the body. He tried to use his senses to release the essential qi and as the essential qi touched Ruo Shui, he felt a strong force of absorption. Could it be that the Ruo Shui has absorbed the essential qi? Along with the qi, he fell into the water.

At that very moment, Chen Jinchan realized how terrifying Ruoshui could be. His essential qi was flowing away and his feather-light body could not stop sinking. Water filled up his mouth and nose and it was hard for him to breathe. His orifices points started to expand but it just could not absorb any oxygen. He was able to stay conscious temporarily but he was sinking deeper downwards and the essential qi started to leak out from his orifices points, and that caused him to feel lethargic.

He then noticed a shadow swimming towards him, it was a dragon carp. The dragon carp open its mouth as it head towards him. Chen Jinchan could only feel helpless as he thought about his fate. Just moments ago, he had a miracle, and now, he would soon be buried in the belly of a fish.

Yesterday, he had a bowl of dragon carp soup and soon, he would be eaten by a dragon carp. Even if that was karma, things should not end in that matter.

The dragon carp opened its mouth and charged towards one of his arms. Chen Jinchan was defenseless and could only move his limbs with all his might. But this had no effect on the Dragon Carp which was considered as the top predator on the food chain of Ruo Shui.

He could feel a sharp pain after his right hand hit on the head of the dragon carp. This gentle hit caused him a fractured arm. But if this happened to his old body before the miraculous transformation, his bones would have crushed into powder.

The dragon carp was furious. It swayed its tail gracefully and swam towards Chen Jinchan’s face. He thought to himself that this would be the end of everything.

All of a sudden, he felt his body moving upwards to the surface of the water. The dragon carp flew up from the water but helplessly dived into the water again without harming him.

A familiar voice could be heard, “I was wondering what creature that I have caught. Apparently it was you.”

Chen Jinchan landed awkwardly. He did not bother about the sharp pain he was feeling and looked towards the source of the voice. All he could see was a person with a fis.h.i.+ng rod up above the cliff. The fis.h.i.+ng line was released from his body and once again landed in the water. Everything was so natural and not pretentious at all.

After the incident last night, he was certain that Shen Lian was legendary. By just learning the way Shen Lian breathed, he had a full-on transformation. Now that Shen Lian was his life saviour, there was no way he could repay this favour. He adjusted his clothes, ignored his fractured arm and politely kowtow to Shen Lian, “Thank you for rescuing me. I do not know what can I do for you in return.”

Shen Lian laughed, “You are a sharp-witted boy. So tell me. Yesterday it was fis.h.i.+ng and what are you up to today? Since you are pleasing to the eye, I might help you.”

Chen Jinchan was surprised and happy, so he told Shen Lian about Chen Beidou’s order.

“The Mountain G.o.d can easily summon rain. If he wants it to rain, he would not need you to provide the water. He just wanted to make things difficult for you. But you do not need to panic as it’s not difficult to take the water. Ruo Shui may have boundless water, but only one jug’s worth was needed for three feet and three inches of rainwater.” Shen Lian said calmly.

The reason why Chen Jinchan would fall into this situation was actually Chen Beidou’s idea of testing Shen Lian. It was a response to Shen Lian for a being a busybody by teaching Chen Jingchan a method.

Unfortunately, Chen Jingchan was smacked in between the battles of the two celestial being.


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