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The headmaster waved his hand and said, “It is nothing, let Shen Lian and Lu proceed with the initiation.”

Daoist Sanwen moved to a side. The person he respected in his entire life was the headmaster because even though he was not personal taught by the headmaster, the headmaster personally advised him on the problems he faced during cultivation after the demise of his master and grandmaster.

Even though they were not master and apprentice in name, they did what any master and apprentice did.

Shen Lian and Lu were lined up before the headmaster Daoist.

With a serious face, the headmaster said, “Since the beginning of time, there was no one to disseminate Dao. It was not until that the celestials and Buddha showed themselves that there was proper dharma being pa.s.sed on, which gave hope of longevity to all.

Afterward, Daoist Taiyi established the nine states of cultivation before achieving longevity, which would count as tidying up the mess that was the cultivation levels of the Daoism schools. It is also the way of Dharma.

Our very own Yuanqing Grandmaster listened to the teaching of Daoist Taiyi during those days. Later, the Daoist master disappeared and from then on, there was the Qing Xuan division.

There are lingering charms of the Daoist master within the five peaks of Qing Xuan. Those who are fated would be able to comprehend and it would benefit his cultivation.

After Yuanqing Grandmaster, this sect has undergone thirty-three generations and there had been forty immortals. Their portraits are left in the Taiwei pavilion.

Some of the immortals fell to calamities, some of them have wandered amongst the rivers of stars. So far, there is only one immortal guarding the mountain entrance to this sect. You two would have a chance to meet you if you become a true disciple.”

Lu asked, “What is considered to be a true disciple?”

“To achieve Huandan by your own accord, that is what is considered as true. In other words, you will be the Qing Xuan disciple who has truly inherited the teaching of Dao,” the headmaster slowly replied.

“What is the difference between a true disciple and a normal disciple, headmaster?” Shen Lian suddenly asked.

He hardly showed himself within this period of time. Rather, he quietly observed Qing Xuan.

Frankly speaking, generally, it does not matter whether it is Sanwen or the headmaster, they did not really have much of an ego.

Of course, Shen Lian also could not see through, or have anything to refer to, about the state of their cultivation.

The headmaster touched his mustache lightly and he chuckled as he asked, “Shen Lian, what do you think the difference is?”

Shen Lian faced the headmaster with a natural ease, he answered, “Difference in action but not within.”

The headmaster did not show any other expression and he uttered, “Shen Lian, since Junior Brother Hong had pa.s.sed on Xuanji martial art onto you, then you do not need to look for other dharma. There’s been a shortage of the Yin Jade lately, you shall go to the River of Spirits every month and collect a total of twenty pieces. By then, pa.s.s those to me.”

Daoist Sanwen asked hesitantly, “Headmaster, is twenty pieces a little too much?”

“Is it? Then let’s add another ten pieces. Thirty for each month,” headmaster responded softly.

Daoist Sanwen dared not make a sound again. Shen Lian did not show any emotion.

Daoist Sanwen saw Shen Lian’s face and lightly shook his head. This young fellow still did not know the ferocity of the River of Spirits. To ask him to collect thirty pieces of the Yin Jade was really a suffering. Could it be that because Shen Lian seemed too opportunistic so that the headmaster punished him with this ordeal?

The headmaster then asked, “Shen Lian, do you wish to do so?”

Shen Lian nodded.

The headmaster then turned to Lu Shouyi and impartially said to him, “Bais.h.i.+ Daoist had left me a message earlier. Furthermore, you could pa.s.s the Wenxin Road, which is enough to see your moral nature. From now on, you will join me as an in-house disciple and follow me for your cultivation. Of course, due to the rules, you would still remain residence in the lower house.”

Lu Shouyi was ecstatic at first, he then looked at Shen Lian and said, “Honored master, do you want to recruit Junior Brother Shen as your disciple? His talents and comprehension are better than me, plus, he already has a foundation in cultivation.” He was rather smart to be able to change the way he addresses him so quickly.

The headmaster replied, “You just need to take care of yourself. As for who Shen Lian would honor as a master, I do not need you to teach me.”

Afterward, the headmaster waved his hands and said, “You two leave first and wait outside, Sanwen stay.”

Shen Lian and Lu Shouyi took their leave.

Lu Shouyi and Shen Lian were outside of the main hall. Only then Lu Shouyi said, “Brother Shen, I did not expect to have the headmaster as my master.”

Shen Lian smiled slight, “You should really take this opportunity and strive for Huandan as soon as possible so that you can achieve longevity.”

Lu Shouyi answered, “Naturally. It’s too bad master did not recruit you too. Could it be that he wants you to follow the elderly man in red?”

“Who knows, I am more than satisfied to be able to enter the celestial school and learn the ways of longevity.” Shen Lian did not really mind the headmaster’s harsh treatment towards him, or that he did not dislike it.

No one would believe it, for the headmaster of Qing Xuan, who was a morally saint to look at someone with prejudice like a normal mortal, there was definitely some other reason.

If having the headmaster for a master means that the nine transformations of Huandan and longevity could be achieved, then everyone in Qing Xuan would be an immortal.

That Senior Brother Chen from before would not even be stuck at a juncture and not budge an inch for forty years.

He joined Qing Xuan was to understand more about cultivation rather than relying on people to cultivate. Shen Lian was very clear about what he wanted.

Sanwen said, “You don’t seem to like Shen Lian.”

“When this child went through the Wenxin Road, I was actually observing him. His heart is clear and he definitely has good potential that can be mold. Junior Brother Hong was adamant about me pa.s.sing the mantle onto Shen Lian. Of course, I did not agree to that.”

“And why is that?” Daoist Sanwen was especially puzzled. On the road of cultivation, even though the potential was not the most important but it was definitely something that could not be lacking. Furthermore, Shen Lian’s spirit was abundant and his character was great. If he had cultivated using Uncle Hong’s Solution of Ziwei Dong Mystery, then he would the first to achieve Huandan during the Ruhua stage, even those who had gone through the six transformations of Huandan would be so much as a rival for him.

“The design of the G.o.ds cannot be revealed.” The headmaster smiled a little, he was hard to read.

“Then why did you promise Bais.h.i.+ Daoist to recruit Lu Shouyi as your in-house disciple?” Daoist Sanwen could not even understand this. Even though it seemed that the headmaster so easily accepted Lu Shouyi as his disciple, in actual fact, the headmaster had only recruited two disciples so far.

“Lu Shouyi, he is righteous with his friends, his heart is pure in his conducts, perhaps his future achievements might be above Jianmei. Even though I gave Jianmei the remark ‘No one knows when one has been cultivating for half his lifetime, the world is amazed once he gets the knack of it in one day’, I’m afraid he might be fragile and break easily, which would be such a pity.”

Qi Sanwen did not expect the headmaster to hold Lu Shouyi in such high regards, he really could not comprehend how this young fellow was going to surpa.s.s Chen Jianmei.

The headmaster then said, “Now that we got that out of the way, it is your turn.”

“I am unworthy, Uncle-Master.” Daoist Sanwen lowered his head.

“If you want the external alchemy from me right now, I will still give it to you. Even though this item is limited in this school, I am still able to let down this old face and give you one.” The headmaster peaked at Daoist Sanwen and there was a quiet sigh from him.

“If I take it, how are you going to complacent the senior brothers in the upper house? Who doesn’t want the chance to live another extra three hundred years? Furthermore, I do not wish to simply drag out an ign.o.ble existence in this three hundred years. I only wished to enter this sect again in the next life.”

“Those who are quick to temper burn like fire, they burn things up; those who are indifferent freeze like the ice, they kill anything they meet. Those who are stagnant and stubborn, are like the rotting wood in stale water, there is no more vitality. These three are not of those in the way of the cultivation of Dao. You are too stubborn for your own good. Fine, fine, do as you please.”

In the main hall, Daoist Sanwen got onto his knees, with the att.i.tude of a pilgrim, he kowtowed towards the headmaster loudly.

There was blood with each of the three kowtows.

The headmaster did not stop him and allowed him to finish his kowtows.


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