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Read Dark Blood Age Chapter 681 – We Shouldn’t Trust This Man

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Chapter 681: Chapter 681 We Shouldn’t Trust This Man

People were moving back very slowly at first as if the transmission of power to the end would decrease over time, so it was not violent, but the speed soon started to increase, and as the people at the back kept pushing and accelerating, and the speed of the crowd became faster and faster.

The huge crowding power could not be countered by a single person. If someone didn’t follow it, they would sooner or later be crushed into meatloaf.

Yuan Xiaoyi didn’t have the strength to keep up with this kind of power and speed, but actually, she didn’t need to keep up. There were so many people behind her. She just needed to turn around, and then she would be tightly sandwiched in the middle, and carried forward by the crowd. She just needed to make sure that she wouldn’t be tripped over.

Something must have happened in the front, maybe the battle has reached there, maybe the front was blocked, but no one knew exactly what happened.

Suddenly, Yuan Xiaoyi felt that someone was touching her b.u.t.t, and then the hand squeezed it hard. She subconsciously wanted to look back to see who it was, but sadly she realized that she couldn’t even move. Then she felt her pet.i.te body was hugged tightly by someone, and the person’s palm had moved to her chest, and began to grab…

The painful sensation stimulated her nerve cells and cerebral cortex, making her feel both shocked and angry. The feeling of humiliation and fear forced her to gather all her energy to break away from the man’s claws and squeeze into the gap that just happened to appear next to her.

However, that place was not safe either. As long as the person moved slightly, she would be taken advantage of again.

But after waiting nervously for a few seconds, strangely the person didn’t appear. However, just when she felt slightly relieved, a ghastly voice floated into her ears: “You got a very nice body, little beauty. It’s a pity that… I will leave a mark on you first, and I will look for you when I come back from the fight.”

These lewd and shameless remarks made her frightened, embarra.s.sed and angry, but helplessly, she found that she was completely incapable of resisting. After the ghastly voice finished speaking, a person suddenly raised up from the crowd with a roaring flame and then flew away.

As soon as he left, many huge insects ran past along the building walls on both sides of the road like shooting stars, following behind the man, and disappeared without a trace in an instant.

The frightened crowd became more crowded. Yuan Xiaoyi, who had just broken free from the hug, was completely separated from her cla.s.smates. Like a small leaf on the waves, she was pushed around by the crowd as she screamed and struggled. However, no matter how she tried, she could no longer get back to her cla.s.smates.

Outside the military base, in a pitch-black residential building.

A flaming red shadow rushed over, got into one of the buildings with a thud, and then disappeared.

After a while, in the room on the top floor, the shadow reappeared. The faintly moving fire energy gradually weakened on his armor, and the surroundings fell into darkness again.

In the darkness, a cold voice snorted: “Zhao Baozhu, how dare you!”

The shadow didn’t dare to say a single word in this cold snort.

The cold voice in the dark said again: “let me ask you, before we left, what time did I tell you that we should meet here!?”

The shadow stammered, “Three, three, three o’clock.”

The cold voice snorted coldly: “What time is it now?”

The shadow swallowed and said nervously: “It, it is, a little past three… I can explain, there were enemies-”

The cold voice immediately interrupted him: “now you are even lying to me! Do you think no one is following you!”

The shadow didn’t dare to say anything now. All it left was nervous breathing noise.

After the icy voice was silent for a moment, it said in a deep voice: “Your Sect Leader and Captain Yu are fighting in a b.l.o.o.d.y battle inside. I am now giving you a chance to make up for your mistake. If you can’t capture this base, I will take your head!”

The shadow finally heaved a sigh of relief, gritted his teeth, and said: “Please don’t worry, I will definitely capture it!”

After finishing speaking, the shadow took two steps back and then disappeared from the room.

Not long after, a red shadow rushed straight into the war-torn military base with many giant insects like a meteor shower appearing in the darkness.

The light of fire divided the world here in two; the inside was an incandescent burning h.e.l.l, and the outside was a dark ocean.

At the place where light and darkness meet, it was already a no man’s land surrounded by a circle of dead bodies. The people in the circle were fighting desperately. The people outside the circle wanted to flee away here in a hurry. They were jammed into a huge flow of people blocking the military troops that were marching here.

“Sir, we shouldn’t trust this man,” another voice said in a low voice in the dark room.

The previously cold voice, at this moment, quietly said: “Who did he take a fancy to this time?”

The low voice responded, “There were too many people, so I couldn’t see it clearly.”

At this time, a loud burst of noise pierced the sky, and a very bright white light flashed from the military base, in an instance, the area that was within a few miles was lit up.

The light shone through the window and entered the dark room, projecting the shadows of the people inside on the snow-white wall one by one.

One of the shadows belonged to Chu Yunsheng, who was standing near the window. Looking at the bright light spot, he frowned, “Qisheng, I understand what you concern is, but at the moment, what we need to use anyone that can be used. Once we united the city, if he dares to make the same mistake again, I will show no mercy.”

He paused for a second and then added, “You are the captain of the newly-built Ice and Fire Combat Team, and belong to the Awakener’s Force, and he is Old Youling’s man, so he will not listen to you. Just ignore him at the moment.”

When he said this, the eight figures on the right seemed to be relieved. They seemed to be really worried that the captain of the Awakener’s Force would be a.s.signed to be in charge of them.

They were the eight stronger Phantom Warriors. They would listen to Old Youling, the Deputy sect leader, and even Lin Shuiyao, but they would not listen to Yu Xiaohai’s men. After all, some conflicts between them were deep-rooted, so even if they were on the same boat now, it didn’t mean that their conflict would disappear.

As for Chu Yunsheng, even their sect leader was also scared of him, so without a doubt that they would also listen to him.

The white light gradually dimmed, and the room gradually returned to the darkness while also concealing the expressions of the eight ghost warriors in the gloom.

Chu Yunsheng was still glancing around the battlefield seriously.

Then he suddenly noticed that there were a few figures staggering out of the battlefield as miserable as beaten stray dogs, then more and more figures appeared.

“You all stay here, I am going to check what happened!”

Chu Yunsheng frowned slightly, ordered his men to stay behind, and then disappeared from the room.

After a minute or two, he pa.s.sed through numerous residential areas and came to another stronghold, where there were a large number of awakeners and Phantom Warriors.

He didn’t disturb anyone, and walked straight into a small shed with only one woman inside.

“You are here, they—” Lin Shuiyao stood up and said.

Chu Yunsheng nodded, and asked, “I saw it. How many times has this been?”

Lin Shuiyao said calmly: “This is the third time.”

Chu Yunsheng took out a large number of offensive talismans, placed them on the table in front of Lin Shuiyao, and said, “Fang Yuehou’s tactics are very effective. Their troops are blocked by the civilians and refugees, and they can’t move an inch at the moment, but sooner or later, they will find a way, so we need to hurry up and capture this base!”

Lin Shuiyao also frowned and said, “They are prepared. They must have guessed that we will definitely raid this base. Therefore, they have deployed heavy troops here. But Captain Yu is currently disguised as you fighting in the front, so it shouldn’t raise any suspicion.”

Chu Yunsheng shook his head: “You have underestimated them. It is too obvious. If it were me, they wouldn’t have been able to be pushed back three times.”


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