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Chapter 74: Chapter 74 NOT ENOUGH TIME

The flaming monster was a pure fire elemental monster, so Li Huo talisman, which was the one he used to injure a tentacle monster wouldn’t do much damage to it. He had gone through the entire ancient book trying to find as many options as he could. In the end, he decided to select one ice elemental talisman.

There were many types of level-three talismans, but the number of talismans he could understand wasn’t that many, so, in the end, he selected an ice elemental talisman called Bing Beng Fu (TL: Glacier Talisman). He did not think it was the most powerful talisman in the book, because its description was the shortest, and the method of making it was the simplest. But he could make many of them to compensate for its weak power. He did not know how many flaming monsters were there in each section, but he needed to prepare at least nine Glacier talismans.

It usually consumed him a lot of Yuan Qi when making a level-two talisman at Yuan Tian stage one, it was the same when Chu Yunsheng wanted to make a level-three talisman at Yuan Tian stage two. Especially when he needed to make nine level-three talismans, he had to use several absorption talismans to restore his Yuan Qi repeatedly to complete them.

He then upgraded the combat armor talisman to level-two. The talismans on Qian Bi sword, the bow, and the gun were also upgraded to level-two as well.

The description of the level-three combat armor talisman, he still did not understand it, and there was not enough time for him to study the book. Even if he did understand them, there wasn’t enough Yuan Qi to support him to upgrade it.

The Yuan Qi inside two storage talismans could still last for some time, so he wanted to wait until they completely stopped working.

And now there was only one thing left, which was the monster seal talisman. It was a very strange one, it required a lot of Yuan Qi, three times more than a Glacier talisman. It could be used to seal one dying monster inside the talisman. Then the pract.i.tioner could use Yuan Qi inside the talisman to feed or heal the monster. When the monster fully recovered, the pract.i.tioner could summon it during the battle.

Chu Yunsheng gritted his teeth and decided to make one to seal one meat worm.

When facing the flaming monster, even if he was at Yuan Tian stage two, he still needed to run away. Glacier talisman was just used to slow down the flaming monster’s speed, he did not think that it would kill the flaming monster at all. If he could seal more meat worms, not only would its strong suction ability be able to slow down the flaming monster, but it could also be used as an additional distraction to distract the flaming monster when he was running away.

But it was just a thought, Chu Yunsheng didn’t have that much Yuan Qi to support him to make more monster seal talismans. He still needed to keep at least ten full-patterned absorption talismans as backups in case he needed to restore his Yuan Qi during a battle.


Meanwhile, in the lobby area, a few soldiers suddenly ran into the building from outside while carrying a young soldier. Seeing the soldier’s body was covered with blood, Staff officer Tao immediately informed Commander Du.

The dying soldier was losing a lot of his blood. He tried very hard to say something while his mouth was filled with blood and foam, “to… to…. 2… 218 regiment commander Du Qishan… order… order from the division… in… my pocket… not… enough… time…”

“What do you mean not enough time? Young man, young man!!” Commander Du was shaking the dying soldier very hard, but the soldier’s head already bowed down.

“Commander, he… he is gone!” staff Tao tested the soldier’s pulse and said quietly.

Commander Du nodded his head. Then he suddenly remembered what the soldier said and started to go through the dead soldier’s pockets. Soon, he found a piece of crumpled paper that was covered with blood stains from a pocket inside the soldier’s coat. He unfolded the paper and quickly glanced through the words, then his face instantly fell and became even more grave.

“Get Chu Yunsheng immediately, no… let me talk to him!” Commander Du shoved the piece of paper into his pocket and quickly moved the staff officer away. He rushed to the room where Chu Yunsheng was staying as fast as he could.


“Did you just say our entire defence line in Shen Cheng city has collapsed!? And the swarm of insects will be here soon!?” Chu Yunsheng was startled and jumped up from the chair he was sitting on!

“Yes! Just three hours ago, the division commander sent an entire company into this city to look for us. The main force has taken an alternative route to bypa.s.s this area, now they are currently waiting at a town 5km from here. But they only gave us six hours, if we can’t escape on time, they will leave those scientists here and head straight to Jin Ling city.” Commander Du’s voice was ice cold.

“The company spent more than three hours looking for us inside the city, we now only left just a little more than two hours! We need to move now!” Commander Du stood up all of sudden.

Chu Yunsheng has already forgotten what he needed to rest, he immediately activated his armor and drew the sword, “ask those professors to speed up, we need the map, I’m ready to move out at any time, but you need to get those awakened warriors ready as soon as possible!”


Commander Du didn’t hide the truth from those awakened warriors, now they had reached the most dangerous moment in their entire life. If they couldn’t destroy the wall, once the swarm reached here, everyone would be dead!

The professors were rushing to get their final deduction done, even the people who had just gone to sleep were also woken up by other people and asked to join the deduction team.

After Commander Du urged them non-stop, at 20:40 those professors finally finished the map. The time that the division set to leave was at 23:00, so they had only two hours and twenty minutes left!

There were around one hundred fifty awakened warriors in total, it included the awakened warriors from the military as well.

They were separated into two groups. The first group had around one hundred people, they were the main force of this attack, their main objective was to destroy the fog cores. Another group was mainly focusing on protecting the scientists and the family members of those awakened warriors while moving to each section.

The main force was commanded by a military awakened warrior, Capt. Ban ShiJun, the other group was commanded by the regiment commander, Commander Du.

Ban ShiJun was a military officer who supported Yao Xiang’s statement in the lobby last time. He has been working with Yao Xiang several times, so they seemed to get along with each other very well.

Just when they were about to leave, Staff Officer Tao brought another group of people inside the lobby. When they just got inside, they immediately demanded to take over the entire group!

Commander Du was furious. “who the f.u.c.k are they!?”

In this extremely critical moment, someone even dared to cause trouble, Commander Du was so angry that he wanted to kill those people right on the spot.

Staff officer Tao immediately stopped Commander Du, “Commander, those are the government officials in Kun city. They have been hiding near a granary. They have police forces and many guns.”

Commander Du snorted. “What government officials? My regiment will only listen to the military’s command. Local officials have no authority over us!”

An official who was wearing a pair of walked out of the group and said bureaucratically,”this must be Commander Du. Comrade, you have been working very hard. As a local official, I am very grateful to the comrades who are partic.i.p.ating in the rescue work, we have been waiting for comrades for a long time…”

Chu Yunsheng’s heart was torn with anxiety, he couldn’t listen to this man talking nonsense anymore. The place that those people were hiding at was probably far away from here, so it was understandable that they might have received the information a little bit late. But how could they be so stupid to demand to take over the troops at this critical moment? Chu Yunsheng was furious.

Commander Du pushed away Staff officer Tao, and drew his gun, and sneered, “stop talking nonsense, if you want to control my regiment, kill me first. I will live as a soldier and die as a soldier. Unless you have the order from the military headquarters, then please excuse us, Ban ShiJun let’s Go!”

The official’s face instantly fell, he gave an armed police officer a look and stopped commander Du once again, “Okay, Commander Du, we do not need to control your regiment, but we still need to use some of your men. Several important senior officials are still trapped in the granary, those officials are very influential people, not just in Jin Ling city, even in the capital city as well. rescue them will benefit both of us. I hope you could think again!”


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