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Daughter of the Emperor is a web novel completed by Yunsul.
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Chapter 242: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 242

“Andurus’s envoys have arrived.”

I was so nervous that I grabbed Caitel’s collar, and, as if he noticed it, Caitel suddenly looked at me.

Huh? What’s up with my dad?

I tilted my head as Caitel’s hand stroked my head once. What was it?

Meanwhile, all the envoys of Andurus entered. What was unusual was the person standing in front of everyone, it was a woman. Also, she was a beautiful woman with vibrant blonde hair and a surprisingly splendid appearance.

I heard the royal family was here, and the princess was here too?

However, she looked familiar. Hey, have I met this person before

I thought I just said a nonsensical line that flirts would often utter, but that princess smiled at the moment when our eyes met. Huh, what?

“It’s been far too long, Your Majesty. I am Alsmer, the first princess of Andurus.”

I felt like I had seen her face before, but I had never heard of that name.

Her eyes looked at me while I was in a strange mood. Huh? Did she see me? With a bit of shock, I stepped back. Looking precisely at me, the princess opened her mouth.

“I was called Tylenia while living here in Agrigent.”


It was not a memorable name.

However, I had seen that look in my eyes before. I finally remembered this princess, who was looking up at Caitel with an envious look.

“Your Majesty, you’re the same as before. I really wanted to see you again.”

That’s the princess who fought with Layla!

I never saw her again after that incident. Did she go home? Wait, so she could have just left whenever she wanted? Otherwise, I couldn’t explain why she came here as a messenger, but the princesses could return home whenever they pleased? However, I didn’t think I had heard of the news that Caitel freed the princess out of the Harem. The evidence was that Layla, which I often meet, still lived in the Harem.

Of course, I didn’t see any more princesses because I only played in my garden once my father gifted the entire garden to me, but I thought it’s natural since the garden was made for that. What the h.e.l.l was going on here?

Whether I was embarra.s.sed or not, Caitel was just as calm as usual. Of course, Ferdel was just as relaxed.

When I looked back, I was disappointed. What? Was I the only one surprised?

I wondered if she still liked Caitel. His face was all he had going for him. Just what’s so great about him? Then again, maybe it’s fine as long as the man was handsome…?

“Indeed, it has, so what brings you here?”

… Can he actually be an Emperor when he has this kind of behavior…?


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