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Daughter of the Emperor is a web novel created by Yunsul.
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Chapter 389: The Emperor’s Daughter Chapter. 389

It was better when he’s obedient. Although this didn’t last long…

I enjoyed him being obedient when suddenly, the door opened, and a ten-year-old boy entered. It was Odeure, the third son of Silvia and Ferdel.


Odeure, who ran to find me, was cute, but I couldn’t help but wonder why he was here.

He shouldn’t be walking around alone like this.

“Odeure, where’s Haka? How come you’re alone?”

“I don’t know. He can take care of himself.”

In an indifferent answer, I looked back unknowingly at Valer.

“…you sure are related, aren’t you? That’s not what you should say after leaving your little brother.”

Valtorta couldn’t make eye contact and turned his head.

I was sure he wouldn’t get lost in this palace, but…I was a bit worried. Fortunately, soon a maid came into the room, holding Haka’s hand.



Haka, who ran as soon as he saw me, was somehow dressed in a lady’s dress.

Well, the reason was obvious. I was sure Ferdel put it on him. Whenever I saw something like this… I could feel how much that couple wanted a daughter. It’s a bit pathetic—for both them and their sons.

Perhaps Valer thought the same as me, but he put his chin on his hand and complained.

“How unfortunate for my dad. I mean, how many sons did he get when all he wanted was a daughter?”

“Silvia is the unfortunate one. Don’t you feel bad for your mother, who’s stressed from raising all of you?”

“What did I do?!”

Valer was yelling at me, but Odeure, who stood next to me, shouted on my behalf.

“Valer, you’re mean.”

“That’s right. You’re mean.”

As Haka nodded, Valer opened his eyes wide as if he felt wronged.

“Wow, really? You’re taking her side? Aren’t you two my siblings?!”

Either way, I sat down and stroked the heads of the cute little boys.

That’s right. You listen to me.

“Now, now, my darlings. Isn’t Valer an evil brother?”

“Yes, he’s evil!”

“That’s right. He’s evil!”

Oreu and Haka nodded at my word. Valer opened his lips wide as if he’s feeling oppressed.

“… really, there’s n.o.body you can trust in this world.”

‘So you’ve learned the great lesson of life.’

‘It’s from all the bad karma you’ve built, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d.’

I kindly advised my younger brother, who learned a life lesson.

“Be stronger and come back.”


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