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Book 4 Chapter 14.5 – Habit

“Li!” Su put away the communications device, and then he called out to Li who was currently busily allocating weapons and roles in the distance. 

Li quickly ran over and stood in front of Su, her s.h.i.+ning large eyes burning with excitement. She looked at Su in a completely unrestrained manner, not hiding what she was thinking inside. Su hadn’t touched her for over ten days already, and for Li, this was completely unacceptable. Even though they separated themselves from Dragon City, this girl who was sometimes extremely simple, still considered herself Su’s subordinate. Since this was the case, how could he not pay her a salary? During the base’s cleanup, there was mutant stink and excrement everywhere, so not being in the mood was normal. Now that everything was heading in the right track, Su called her over to give her a reward, right?

However, when Li looked around, she suddenly discovered that this place was open with refugees busily working nonstop. Even though she was daring, she still didn’t have a habit of letting these men who were all robust like bulls and pent up with desires see everything. 

Li scratched her head, and then said in a somewhat embarra.s.sed manner, “Leader, this place doesn’t seem suitable, there are too many people! Why don’t we go inside a tent?”

“Tent?” Only after thinking for a moment did Su realize Li’s intention, and as such, he laughed and said, “There’s no rush for these things. Right now, there is another matter…”

Li immediately felt extremely dejected, but when she saw Su take out a map, she knew that this was an important matter, so she still moved over with a pout. 

“Li, Steel Gate sent over an army to try and take over our base. They plan to set out today, the army possibly including around ten mobile armors, 500 ordinary soldiers, as well as 50 elites with at least three levels of ability. What do you think we should do?” Su asked. He knew that on military affairs, regardless of whether it was reasoning or tactics, he couldn’t beat Li.

Li looked carefully at the map. In reality, ever since the day Su decided to establish their themselves in N69, she already gave the surrounding terrain a look through. She silently measured and calculated the distance for a bit, and then she asked, “Is there any information on the enemy’s high level ability users? How many are there? How many levels of ability do they have? Do we know what ability domains they are focused on?”

“It is rumored that Steel Gate’s general Schneider is leading the army. He has seven levels in the Combat Domain. There are still three sixth level ability users.” Su said. Only now did he realize that the intelligence Victor gave him just now could be said to be quite detailed. 

After understanding all of the other party’s military strength, Li was quite shocked, but she was definitely not terrified by the other party’s strength, instead, on the contrary, saying, “Just this bit of strength, yet they want to wipe us out? Even if they hid behind a fort, they still might not be able to handle our invasion, right?”

Su released a rare laugh. He stroked Li’s hair and said, “This region west of the great lakes is not like the Black Dragonriders. The people here don’t seem to understand the concept of high level abilities that clearly.”

“That’s true I guess! All eight level ability users are freaks!” Li deeply understood the power of high level ability users and even personally experienced it through various methods. However, what left her with the deepest impression was not what she encountered from enemies, but rather Persephone. Back then, she just saw Persephone’s face, and then the next thing she knew, the world began to spin and her vision became blurred. An instant later, darkness covered everything. Li had thought that she had died, but only after a long time had pa.s.sed did she realize that she had just been captured and tossed into a wardrobe. Even now, Li had no idea how Persephone was able to accomplish all of that in one or two seconds of time. 

That was why in Li’s heart, high level ability users, especially women, were all a hundred percent freaks. 

After hatefully coming to this conclusion, Li suddenly recalled some exceptions who didn’t have that powerful of abilities. She then angrily added, “Of course, there are freaks among people under eight levels as well!”

Su was a bit surprised by Li’s sudden words, and as such, he patted her head and said, “Let’s not get off topic. Hurry and think about this real matter.”

Li suddenly frowned and said, “Your hand!”

“What is it?” Su was a bit confused. He looked at his own hand that was long, pure white, soft, and even a bit prettier than before. At the very least, it was comparable to Persephone and Madeline’s. Li was often fighting on the battlefield, so if they were to compare hands, hers was much inferior to Su’s. 

“Put your hand where it belongs!” Li was extremely blunt. 

“Where I should put it? Alright.” Su somewhat helplessly withdrew his hand, not understanding why Li’s att.i.tude would suddenly change. 

“What I am saying is that this is where your hand should be!” Li rather openly stuck out her chest. 


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