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Demon King Reincarnation is a web novel produced by Akagi Sen.
This webnovel is right now ongoing.

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Side story

Four small countries disappeared from the continent.

In the south, in the east, in the west, and finally one in the north disappeared. Especially the first three – the countries in the south, the east, and the west – triggered Code Angelique, and even though they were supposed to borrow armies for defense from the neighboring countries, they were defeated immediately. The major power that was the Akaido Kingdom which had an elite army that was ten thousand strong was able to conquer the small countries immediately.

After all, the elemental dragons that had been protecting each country originally represented most of the strength of each country, and after the elementals went extinct, this was a natural result.

All the countries on the continent that surrounded the Akaido Kingdom gathered together to think of measures to prevent the Akaido Kingdom from gaining even more power, and used all the resources from a gold mine to set up protection for the remaining types of elemental dragons.


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