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The moment Kretos agreed with Henrietta she wanted to do it immediately. Yet Kretos stopped her from doing anything. For some reason the moment he spoke the words he said, it felt like he had said those exact same words before. Not just once it seems like he has said those words multiple times. 

Kretos felt his head hurting a lot, it was a pain like no other. He has experienced being stabbed, being burned, and based on his dreams he has experienced his every bone being crushed into dust. Yet despite all that punishment he has always smiled that vicious smile of his, but now he was actually twitching a bit in pain. 

“Are you alright?” Henrietta asked while looking confused looking at Kretos’s reaction. Even Afeus was looking at Kretos a bit worried. Among the people present he was the one who knew just how durable Kretos was. Not just physically, but spiritually and mentally as well. This man called Kretos was someone that could laugh at the face of anything. So it was very surprising to see him look to be in actual pain. 

“Teleport me to somewhere without anyone within a few hundred kilometers,” Kretos spoke while looking at Henrietta. 

“Why?” Henrietta asked reflexively. 

“Can you do it or not?!” Kretos this time shouted at Henrietta.


“Then do it!” Kretos’s real mana capacity was starting to leak out, but before any more could come out Henrietta activated her teleportation spell. A magic circle appeared below Kretos’s feet and teleported him away. 

Once Kretos was gone, Henrietta was breathing heavily as she was now sweating profusely. She then looked around and saw that Afeus and her a.s.sistant had already fainted. In that brief moment, Kretos’s true mana capacity leaked out the air in the room grew heavy. 

Henrietta couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver in excitement, as she smiled. She already believed that Kretos was the peak of humanity, and that was only based on what she saw before. But now she learns that wasn’t even a fraction of what he has. 

‘Is he being attacked by an outside force? Though I am a bit worried about what was happening to him… Well, not matter, unfortunately, if even he can’t handle it at his level then even if I try to help I won’t be able to do anything but get in his way. I hope he survives this as he still hasn’t given me any of his genes yet.’ 

Kretos was teleported to the top of a mountain. Once he was teleported he could no longer hold it in as his mana started gus.h.i.+ng out of him. His current mana was so strong that the nearby rocks were being crushed simply by the pressure and weight of his mana. 

‘What the f*ck is happening!’ Kretos couldn’t understand why this was happening. When he was trying to regain his memories nothing like this has ever happened. Even after having numerous dreams about his past, or what he considered to be his past, there was no reaction like this. Yet just recalling that he was supposed to remember some words his said made him feel like this. 

He couldn’t think properly as the pain was getting worse. The more he tried to recall the time he felt like he said the words that triggered this phenomenon, the more pain he received. The pain might recede if he stops thinking about it, but why should he? This was the closest he got in remembering so why should he stop? 

“Do you think this is enough to get me! I might not have my memories, I might have lost a lot because of it, but even then I will never bow down to something like this!” Kretos didn’t know who he was screaming at, but he felt like he needed to say those words. 

“As expected no matter the incarnation you never do change.” Kretos quickly moved back and took a stance. He looked at where the voice came from and saw a middle-aged man wearing a robe with armor underneath. 

Kretos was surprised that someone was able to sneak up on him. Even though he was in great amounts of pain, he always had his guard up. 

“Who are you?” Kretos asked the new arrival with his signature smile on his face. The man before him was able to sneak up on him, not only that, Kretos saw that though the man was simply standing there doing nothing he had no openings. So even though Kretos was in great amounts of pain he was still feeling excited and wanted to fight this man before him. 

“I know that smile very well. You want to have a battle with me, don’t you?” 

“So am I to presume that you know me?” kretos was now not only getting excited because of the chance to fight such a powerful opponent, but also because it seems like he was a clue to regaining his memories. 

“The answer to that is a yes and a no, but technically I guess the right answer would be a no.”

“I see…” When Kretos heard the man’s answer he was about ready to pounce. Yet before he could do anything the man raised his hand and signaled Kretos to stop. 

“I know that you’re itching to fight me, but in your current condition, I don’t think you should. How about we fight once your memories are back.” 

Kretos was surprised to hear what the man said, how did he know that he had amnesia?

Alphonso who was looking for Kretos had felt a powerful wave of mana on top of a mountain so he quickly teleported there. He then saw the boy he was looking for. The moment he saw Kretos he knew that something was messing around Kretos’s soul. Alphonso was able to figure out a bit of what happened just by seeing that. The only being that could do anything to Kretos’s soul was none other than the ORIGIN. 

‘As expected you’re still fighting against destiny even now.’ Alphonso smiled helplessly as he greeted Kretos. 

“I don’t need you to worry about me!” Kretos who was momentarily stunned by what Alphonso said could no longer hold it in as he dashed forward. 

“d.a.m.n it! Still the same battle junkie as before.” Alphonso knew that this would happen from the start but he still wanted to try and see if he could reason with Kretos. Yet despite sounding irritated Alphonso was also showing a very bright smile on his face. 


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