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Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Business For Sienna

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From afar, Chen Zhao saw a few police carry a corpse out from a house surrounded by police tape .

Chen Zhao also saw a few familiar faces . The police seemed to be led by Melson again .

Melson also noticed Chen Zhao and walked towards him .

“Chen, how come you’re here? Do you know Leon?”

“Hi, Melson, I live in Mountain Town . Leon is the patrolman here . Do you want to sit down and have a drink with us?”

“I’m still working . Police can’t drink during working hours,” Melson said with a serious tone as he glanced at Leonardo .

Leonardo felt really awkward . Melson suddenly laughed and patted Leonardo’s shoulder . “Leon, I was just joking . Give me a gla.s.s . ”

The atmosphere became much more relaxed . Melson was rather unreserved . After getting a gla.s.s, he downed the alcohol one mouthful .

“Amazing! The corpse has been in the room for over ten days before it’s discovered . It really stinks . ”

“Hey, stop talking about it, or we wouldn’t be able to eat anything on this table anymore . ”

“Mr . Melson, did that person commit suicide?” Leonardo asked curiously .

“No . Although we haven’t found any key evidence, I believe in my own deduction . That fugitive committed a very serious crime . This kind of person is very strong mentally . How could he quietly kill himself in a house he’s rented?”

Melson glanced at Chen Zhao . “Chen, you look unwell . Don’t tell me you’re involved in this case . ”

Chen Zhao rolled his eyes . “I’m just surprised by the crime rate here . I’ve only been here for three months and so many crimes have happened around me . I can’t imagine the same thing happening in China . ”

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“Is the crime rate in China very low?”

“At least I haven’t experienced any homicide cases around me, and also n.o.body’s ever pointed a gun at my head . ”

“Someone pointed a gun at your head? Is it that female killer? By the way, did that female killer find you at all after the incident?”

“No . ” Chen Zhao shook his head .

“You better be careful . That female killer is a criminal wanted by Interpol . Her file is thick enough to make a textbook . ”

“I’ll, but if I meet her, I don’t think I can do anything . Hope that you can arrest her as soon as possible . ”

Chen Zhao felt someone’s stare from the distance . He lifted his head and saw a woman near the police tape looking at him .

Chen Zhao recalled that woman as Gina, a forensic doctor .

Chen Zhao felt very uncomfortable being stared at by the woman . The first time they met, she seemed to be particularly interested in that female killer . He had no idea what their relations.h.i.+p was .

“Is Gerlyn not here today?”

“Haven’t you been contacting with her?” Melson glanced at Chen Zhao .

“Err… We normally wouldn’t ask about each other’s work,” Chen Zhao replied, slightly embarra.s.sed .

Chen Zhao had been busy the last two days . He had to work from morning to night, and perhaps even at night .

“Gerlyn went to San Francisco . ”

“Huh? Why did she go there?”

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“She was moved there from the police station in San Francisco . Now there’s an old case she’s handled before, so she has to go back and help in the investigation,” Melson answered .

“How long will she be there?”

“I’m not sure . Maybe a month . ”

“David, drive me to Ronan Park . Also, help me to carry these stuff onto the car . ”

Since David consumed the strength potion, he had been becoming stronger and stronger . The two boxes before him felt just like two small bags .

“Sienna, why are you going to Ronan Park?”

“Work,” Sienna replied .

“Work? Did someone ask you for exorcism? Do you need my help? Or should we contact Chen?”

Sienna rolled her eyes . “Please, I’m going there to set up a booth . Also, while I may not be as powerful as Chen, I’m still a professional spiritualist . I can handle most situations by myself . ”

“Huh? Booth?”

David was stunned . This was entirely different from the high-cla.s.s spiritualists he had always imagined .

A proper spiritualist was actually going to set up a booth in a remote park .

After driving Sienna to Ronan Park, David helped her to build a small tent and ready the booth .

“Do you still need anything else? If not, I’ll go to the station . ”

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“Nope . You can leave now . A policeman standing beside me will really affect my business . ”

There were very few people in the park in the morning . Sienna sat down under the tent, waiting for a customer .

Sienna s.h.i.+fted her booth every once a while . She could not stay in a crowded place, because it might cause her some trouble .

Just then, a lady walked towards her . Seeing the lady, Sienna was energized at once .

Today’s my lucky day! There’s already a customer .

The lady looked somewhat weak and pallid . The dark circles below her eyes were particularly serious .

“Are you a spiritualist?” The lady looked at the various items on the table, some of which she had never seen before . There was also an obvious crystal ball with a sign at the side . Spiritology, Exorcism, Divination .

“Yes, Ms . , how may I help you?”

“Can you exorcize demons?” the lady suddenly asked softly .


Demons? There’s no demons in the world…

Anyway, Sienna had never seen a demon, or so she thought .

Sienna looked at the lady and then nodded, “Of course . ”

The lady placed a mirror on the table . “The demon’s right inside . Help me to exorcize the demon in the mirror . ”

Sienna picked the mirror up and inspected it carefully, but she did not find anything strange .

Nonetheless, there was no reason for her to reject the customer .

In fact, most people who wanted exorcism were only hysterical .

The lady before her was clearly also suffering from hysteria .

Of course, Sienna was not really concerned about such things .

The only real thing was the money she was about to get, so she said, “A hundred dollars . ”

The lady took out bits and pieces of money from her pocket . She counted a hundred dollars and piled them before Sienna . “Here you are . Please help me to exorcize the demon now . ”

“Of course . ”

Taking out her magical phosphor, Sienna sprinkled it onto the mirror and chanted, “Oh evil existence, in the name of Satan, I command you to show your true form . ”


A colorful flame burst out from the magical phosphor . At the same time, there was a glimpse of an illusory figure before it disappeared .

This was Sienna’s old trick . She would often ask Yiberg to hide beside the magical phosphor . When the phosphor ignited, Yiberg would show up momentarily . This visual effect would make her customer believe in her more .

“Demon, prepare to die!”

With all her might, Sienna stabbed her implement onto the mirror . Following a clear crack, the mirror started to break apart .

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