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Chapter 128

Chapter 128: Champion Of Almost Dying: Dell

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“Fali, I didn’t think your cooking would be this good . ” Chen Zhao looked at the big platter of cobb salad that Fali brought out .

Cobb salad was different from the European salads with vegetables and fruit . It was unique to California, containing vegetables, fruits, and meat . After pairing it with dressing and seasonings, it had a unique taste .

As a Chinese man, Chen Zhao usually judged and looked down on foreign food . It was like the famous movie quote: I’m not targeting anyone . It’s just that everyone here is garbage .

But after really getting to know foreign food culture, he realized that foreign food wasn’t as sad as people thought .

Chen Zhao never liked salad because it was too vegetarian . He was a carnivore . This cobb salad, though, paired meat with vegetables just right . It had both the chewiness of meat and the fresh taste of fruit and vegetables . With the dressing, it could satisfy most people .

“Cobb salad is actually really easy . You can do it after trying once or twice . The recipe isn’t set either . It’s mostly just the dressing and seasoning . This is our family’s specialty . Try the blueberry dressing . ”

Chen Zhao dipped a piece of chicken in the dressing . “Oh, it’s sour and sweet . Tastes good . ”

He wasn’t a food critic, so he couldn’t describe the taste with those fancy adjectives . He just thought it was good . Paired with some iced beer, it was an enjoyment even in December .

L . A didn’t have drastic differences in temperature between the seasons, but it was quite different throughout the day . Mornings and nights would be cooler while noon could be more than 70 degrees .

Just then, Chen Zhao’s phone rang . He kept eating, ignoring the phone . Fali glanced at Chen Zhao, but he really didn’t want to answer .

The phone kept ringing, so Chen Zhao had to admit that he’d already seen the caller ID . It was Dell .

“I hope it’s not work . ” Chen Zhao answered the call . “Hi . ”

“Chen, please come…” It was Tsura’s choked cries . “Please, hurry . ”

“Tsura? What happened to you? What’s wrong?”

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“It’s Dell . Something happened . Please come, I’m begging you, hurry . ”

“Okay, I’m coming . ”

Tsura sounded really panicked and she was crying too . It was obvious that Dell’s problem was serious .

Chen Zhao was no longer unwilling . He couldn’t keep waiting here either .

“You have work?”

“Yes . Can you drive me? My patient has an emergency . ”

“Okay . Let me wash my hands,” Fali agreed quickly .

Fali watched as Chen Zhao brought the pets onto the car .

“Chen, why do you always bring them when you visit your patients?”

“I’m worried about them if no one’s home,” Chen Zhao said . “Drive faster . I’m worried about the patient . ”

The phone rang again, but it wasn’t Tsura . The caller ID said David .

“Hi, David . ”

“Chen, I found the person you’re looking for . ”

“The person I’m looking for? Oh…You mean Chris?”

“Yes . She’s right beside me . I think she’s in trouble . ”

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“I’m busy right now . A patient’s life is at risk . I have to hurry over . ”

“When can you come back?”

“Not sure . How’s Chris right now?”

“She seems stable, but I think she’s pretending to be composed . I think she’s really scared . ”

“What about Sienna? Is she there? You can have her help . ”

“Sienna is powerless too . ”

“I see… Take her to my home first and wait for me to get back . Fali isn’t home either . She’s driving me to the patient . The key is under the rug before the door . ”

“Okay . Sienna and I will bring Chris to your home . ”

After he hung up, Fali asked, “What’s wrong? Was it David?”

“Yes . ”

“What happened?”

“One of my friends is in some trouble . ”

“Some trouble?”

“I don’t know how troublesome that trouble is right now . ”

Thirty minutes later, Chen Zhao and Fali finally got to Dell’s home .

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“Tsura, I’m at the door,” Chen Zhao said, calling her again .

Fali glanced at the door . “Your patient is rich?”

“Super rich,” Chen Zhao replied simply .

“No wonder you’re in a hurry . ”

Chen Zhao pursed his lips . He couldn’t deny that this was part of the reason . Dell paid him $3,000 every time . This wasn’t a small number .

There really weren’t many patients who could pay so generously .

Tsura came out hurriedly . The lighting was dim, but Chen Zhao could still see the tear stains on her face .

“Chen, you’re finally here . ” Tsura hugged him emotionally .

“Okay, let’s go in . Tell me what happened to Dell . ”

“I…I was in bed with him…and uh…he started convulsing . ”

“You were having s.e.x?” Chen Zhao asked .

Tsura glanced at Fali and then Chen Zhao . Gritting her teeth, she said, “We were doing something special . ”

“Something special?”

“S&M… Dell had me shock him with a low-frequency taser . ”

If there was a compet.i.tion for almost killing oneself, Chen Zhao was sure that Dell would definitely win .

Chen Zhao sped up his pace while asking, “Is he conscious right now or not?”

Chen Zhao was afraid that Dell had lost consciousness or even died from a heart attack . After all, it had already been half an hour . If Dell’s heart had stopped and still hadn’t gone through emergency first-aid, then he would already be dead .

If Dell was dead, then even a G.o.d couldn’t save him .

“He’s awake, but he keeps convulsing . ”

When he reached the outside of Dell and Tsura’s bedroom, Chen Zhao could already hear Dell’s pained cries .

“Fali, stay at the door . ”

“Don’t worry . I do emergency treatment too . I’ve seen everything . ” Fali didn’t mind .

“Fine . ”

After entering, Chen Zhao saw a whip, chains, and other s.e.x toys .

“Turn on the lights . ” The room was quite dark .

Chen Zhao moved over and restrained the spasming Dell to start checking . As long as he hadn’t died and his heart hadn’t stopped, it was good news .

Dell was insistent on going down paths that could kill him, but he was quite lucky . At least, he’d been lucky so far .

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