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Chapter 678: I’ll Leave The Task Of Maintaining World Peace To Y’all

Translator: Larbre Studio  Editor: Larbre Studio

Chen Zhao let go of Cindy.

Immediately, she turned around and jumped into the water.

“Catch her!” Warrencom shouted.

But it was too late. Cindy kicked and disappeared in the water.

“She’s fast,” Chen Zhao exclaimed, looking at the water.

“Mr. Chen, why were you so careless? You know her abilities and still released her.”

“If I say that my hand slipped, would you believe me?”

Everyone looked at Chen Zhao with a “do you think I’m an idiot” expression.

“Fine, none of you would believe me. Even I don’t believe myself.”

Chen Zhao’s perfunctory behavior made everyone helpless.

Chen Zhao had caught Cindy, after all.

If Chen Zhao was not there, they would probably have died by now.

“Mr. Chen, are you a wizard?”

“You too?”

“Nope,” Warrencom said.

“No? You think I’m stupid?” Chen Zhao was very doubtful.

“We’re Knights Templar,” Warrencom said in a serious tone.


Chen Zhao had an obvious look in his eyes.

Do you think I’m an idiot?

“We’re being serious,” Warrencom said. “Our mission is to maintain world peace.”

“So you really do think I’m an idiot.”

Just then, Warrencom took out a badge. “This is the badge of our organization.”

On the badge, there was a s.h.i.+eld with a sword sticking out from it. It looked quite nice.

“Which manufacturer did you get this from?”

“Whether you believe us or not, we have the same goal,” Warrencom said. “To kill the source of the Fallen.”

“Wrong, actually I’m not part of this,” Chen Zhao suddenly said solemnly. “I was dragged into this. In fact, I believe that you’re the Knights Templar, and that you maintain world peace. Moreover, I truly respect your belief and courage. Come, let’s have a beer. I’ll leave the important task of maintaining world peace to y’all.”

“Mr. Chen, we need your help.” Warrencom looked at Chen Zhao sincerely.

“You surely have more people than this.”

To be honest, Chen Zhao was suspicious of it.

Their name, the Knights Templar, sounded amazing.

It was obviously a powerful organization.

Maintaining world peace was a huge topic too.

But how would these four weaklings maintain world peace?

“We’re from the North America division. We’re the first to arrive.”

“How about reinforcement?” Chen Zhao asked.

“A few divisions have responded, but they need time for visas.”

“I would imagine a powerful organization like yours shouldn’t have a problem with visas.” Rolling his eyes was no longer enough to display Chen Zhao’s current mood. “Are there not any members who can travel visfree?”

“Yes there are… but they’re not free.”

“Not free or don’t want to come?”

“The problem this time is kinda troublesome.”

“How troublesome?”

“It’s disaster-level,” Warrencom said. “In the past hundred years, there had only been two disaster-level events. This is the third one.”

“How were the last two solved?”


“Tell me how many people have died.”

“A lot.”

“Be precise.”

“The last one was in 1998. Think a few hundred died.”

“How does the current situation compare to that one?”

“It’s weaker this time,” Warrencom said.

“Then what do you think are the odds of us winning?”

“We don’t have to attack the Fallen Source now. We can buy time first. At least wait until the rainstorm stops.”

“Alright, do you have a plan?” Chen Zhao asked.


“I feel like we should wait until the larger team arrives. Just you and I can’t win the thing.”

Warrencom sighed, “But millions of people are suffering now. As long as the rain doesn’t stop, hundreds of lives will be in danger.”

“Why don’t you look at the Middle East first?”

“The Knights Templar do not discuss politics.”

“Fine, to be fair I’m scared too. Let’s stop there.”

Suddenly, Chen Zhao’s phone, which he had hidden in his underwear, rang. Everyone was shocked.

Chen Zhao took out his phone. “Hi, Fali, I’m fine. I’m having beer and roast meat at the moment. Just sail around the sea for now. It’s dangerous in New York.”

Chen Zhao had originally wanted to fight the Fallen Source head-on, but he was rather scared after hearing Warrencom’s words.

He felt that the situation was worse than he had thought.

Just then, a few corpses floated toward them from the city.

Everyone was dispirited.

Chen Zhao wanted to help, but he was not going to kill himself.

He did not think he was that great either.

Chen Zhao always believed that even if the sky were to collapse, it would hit the tall ones first.

But from who knows when, he had become a tall one.

“By the way, do you have any secret weapon that can damage the Fallen Source? Like a nuclear bomb?”

“Mr. Chen, please don’t joke at such a time.”

“I wasn’t joking. You said how troublesome that thing is. If we go there just like this, we’re definitely going to die.”

“We’re ready to sacrifice ourselves.”



“F**k! Why did I have to meet you?” Chen Zhao cursed. “Fine, I’ll go with you, but only to bury your corpses. Do not think that I’ll actually take the risk.”

“Mr. Chen, thank you.”

“Thank me later. Maybe I’ll run away before you know it,” Chen Zhao said in frustration.

“Then let’s go.”

“Let’s go!”

“For world peace!”

“How do we get there?”

The five people stood on the rooftop, looking at the ma.s.sive flood.

“Oh, how did you drop from the sky earlier?”

“Let me call the helicopter,” Warrencom said.

A few minutes later, the helicopter arrived.

“Your organization really has a complete set of facilities. You can even call a helicopter.”

“We rented the helicopter.” Everyone looked awkward.

Chen Zhao was speechless too. They had just killed the conversation.

The helicopter headed straight to the Witch Society’s HQ.

Soon, the party arrived above the Witch Society, which was now totally covered in water.

Moreover, because the place was lower than its surrounding, the flooding was especially severe.

The group wore the parachutes, but there were only four.

Chen Zhao was dumbfounded. “Where’s my parachute?”

“Uh… We’ll go down first. Then you lower the helicopter and jump down.”

“Fine.” Chen Zhao was speechless.

The four jumped off the helicopter one after another. Suddenly, however, a large tentacle extended from the water and gripped the helicopter which was tens of meters in the air.

“Lower, lower!” Chen Zhao roared.

However, as the helicopter spun wildly, Chen Zhao was thrown out of it at once.



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