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Read Destroyer of Ice and Fire Chapter 566: Stingham’s Improvemen

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In an abyss somewhere.

The entire mountain was hollowed out. The remnants were carved into pa.s.sages, bridges and a castle.

No light reached down here. The worn down and vine infested castle was the Spectre Castle that had been sealed for a thousand years and slept in darkness. There were only invisible spectres living inside.

Two Evil Dragon Bishops walked along a pa.s.sage towards the Spectre Castle.

One of them was a white-robed woman releasing a holy glow. She was the Divine Priestess who made an appearance in the Green Dragon Divine Temple.

The other was someone who had not shown up in any of the Doa Royal Palace battles. His face was filled with purplish black Demonic Dragon Tattoos.


The moment they got near the worn down castle, it suddenly let out a loud noise.

A grey silhouette scattered about in the darkness. n.o.body could identify it or sense the exact location of the silhouette.

An extremely evil and powerful aura instantly shrouded the entire Spectre Castle.

The withered-looking vines rapidly grew on the cracked walls and pillars, then bloomed bewitching black flowers.

“Coffin Master Bishop!”

The two Evil Dragon Bishops fell to their knees to show their respect and obedience.

A sonorous voice rang out, “I sense the death of Besche in the Eternal Winter Forest. The Southern Border is about to be lost. You need to ama.s.s the army quickly and prepare to intercept the Kingdom of Eiche’s army!” The bewitching black flowers seemed to be burning with purplish black flames.

“Even the Ice Shaman Bishop Besche……” The tattooed Evil Dragon Bishop was instantly filled with shock.

“Are you showing fear? The army of Nine Houses in the Kingdom of Eiche will begin a ferocious attack against you soon. Useless fear will only cause your downfall!”

The sonorous voice rang again, “Don’t try to sow dissension amongst the Nine Houses. That will only cause you to lose more arcane masters. Activate our manpower in the Kingdom of Eiche and bring Baratheon’s Rinsyi here.”

“Lord Coffin Master Bishop, why shouldn’t we try to sow dissension? House Baratheon and a few other Houses are only a step from going to war against each other. And Rinsyi? Is he of any use?” The tattooed Evil Dragon Bishop asked as he could not comprehend the orders.

“Your incomprehension only means you have not lived long enough. The Nine Houses in the Kingdom of Eiche have paid an unimaginable price in doubting, making use of or deciding the enemies amongst one another. The price they paid made them show no hesitation when deciding matters. Even Baratheon would immediately become our enemy now. This is the experience of blood and tears, not just fear for being eliminated first as a traitor.”

The sonorous voice echoed in the Spectre Castle, “As for Rinsyi, he’s a vessel that received a mental backlash from an arcane skill and experienced resurrection, but only to be defeated again. Most believe he’s a trash that can only guard the gate like a h.e.l.l hound. However, he’s the most suitable vessel for one of my forbidden skills.”

“But……” The tattooed Evil Dragon Bishop uncontrollably tightened his heart and could not form his words.

Even a G.o.dly existence like Besche was killed in the Eternal Winter Forest! Could the army they gathered really stop Kingdom of Eiche’s army?

“Do not doubt my methods to attain victory. Destruction is always simpler than construction.”

“We have countless methods to win. But they have to destroy all our methods in order to win.”

“Go, let the grand Spectre Army revive. Bring down the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold!”

As the sonorous voice said these last words, pale blue glows came from the darkness.

A pale blue, ice crystal-like crown flew out from the darkness and floated before the two Evil Dragon Bishops.

“Spectre Queen Crown!”

Even the calm Holy Priestess showed astonishment.


Thorns Swamp.

Many simplified furnaces were erected. The large demihuman army was smelting metal to craft various crude weapons.

To demihumans, there was no concept of camp. They could easily fall asleep on dirty and muddy ground.

Not far from the demihuman army was the even larger monster army.

Some monsters drove more beasts into the army. Hence, the size of the army was only larger than during the attack on the Fearotz Stronghold.

However, regardless of the demihumans or monsters, they showed fear when looking at the cl.u.s.ter of darkness in front of the Fearotz Stronghold.

Those few people, especially that guy who killed the Bone Emperor, were way too devious.

They were stalling the skeleton army, which was so large it could easily slaughter all of them!

“Oi, Stingham, your actions are still unrefined. If you add a little shaking to your wrist, won’t you be able to swing your spear faster? Your spear tip can reach the spot quicker.”

“Exactly. Those two stabs are done poorly. Those two skeleton warriors almost hit us.”

Ayrin, Rinloran and the others kept giving Stingham tips.

“How long has it been? About two hours…… Why aren’t you recovered yet……”

Stingham’s consciousness was getting hazy. His facial muscles were clearly spasming. His eyes seemed to blur and could not see properly. However, he was still fighting against the skeleton warriors.

Although Ayrin and Rinloran sounded dissatisfied with Stingham’s performance, in truth, they were showing astonishment when looking at him.

This guy is really tenacious…… He’s so tired he can’t even distinguish time and has begun hallucinating…… It’s already been one day and one night, yet he still thinks it’s just two hours.

His stamina and endurance can actually sustain for such a long time! Even though every strand of his muscles seem to be cramping, he’s still holding on and standing strong.

His improvements are also astonis.h.i.+ng. He can accurately stab through a skeleton warrior with each thrust. Also, he was so clumsy at first, yet now…… he can calmly wait for the skeleton warriors to almost touch him before killing them. He can even gain some time to support himself with his spear to take a break.

Each thrust results in a skeleton warrior falling.

Stingham’s current spear technique is reaping the skeleton soldiers really effectively as if he has gone through endless training.

“Oi! Stingham! It’s only been half an hour, don’t slack off!” Ayrin called out.

“Only half an hour?” Stingham vaguely repeated.

“……” The others turned around and looked at Ayrin speechlessly.

You’re not embarra.s.sed for lying that blatantly?

Ayrin scratched his head embarra.s.singly, but his eyes were burning hot.

Do your best! Brave warrior!

You have already reached this level! Your close range spear technique has become so professional. Brave warrior Stingham, you can still become stronger!

“Oi! Stingham! Don’t just use your spear tip to poke. When you retract your spear, your spear-b.u.t.t can also smash. Only when you can use any part of the spear to kill and block the enemy, will you be able to handle any type of materialized weapon in close range combat!”

“Plus, your Green Dragon Spear will automatically return to your hand after throwing it. So, even if you just fought for half an hour, you can’t be lazy. In the gap you opened up when finis.h.i.+ng off the nearby enemies, you can throw once and kill more skeleton warriors to protect us!” Ayrin shouted.


A streak of green flames flew through the air.

Stingham’s Green Dragon Spear blew away many skeleton warriors.

Ayrin, Meraly and the others opened their eyes wide in surprise.

Even Stingham’s throwing accuracy has greatly improved!

His throw hit the first skeleton warrior precisely on the spine!

At that moment, Stingham spoke, “I’m so cramped I can’t lift it anymore……”

Everyone could see his right arm spasming uncontrollably.The muscles were twisting like ropes.

“Should we stop this?”

Shanna and the others trembled after seeing his spasming arms.

At that moment, Ferguillo plainly spoke, “You can still use the other arm.”

“Now is the moment he can improve the most.” Ferguillo turned to look at Shanna and the Chinyu arcane masters. He calmly spoke, “After this battle…… The spear he throws should become accurate.”

“Fine, I will use my left arm……”

Stingham seemed to be completely numb. He held the spear with his left hand and threw it again. Compared to his usual laziness, he seemed very obedient now.

“This guy……”

n.o.body found it funny. Meraly and the others felt touched instead.

At that moment, Ayrin became serious and whispered while looking at Mody, “Acting Corps Leader Mody, it’s about time…… Stingham probably won’t be able to distinguish if we are fighting or not. There should be many skeleton warriors attacking the metal wall now, right?”

“You also must remember to use the most conserving method.” Mody nodded, “You can begin.”

Soon, a unique arcane energy spread out from his body and a light film in white suddenly appeared at the edge of the black domain.

They could clearly see countless skeleton warriors desperately scratching the metal wall through the crack in the darkness.


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