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Just as Stingham woke up from his nightmare, within a medical laboratory in the far away Eichemalar, Ferguillo also woke up from a deep sleep. He had many tubes poking into his body to inject drugs.

Seeing Songat and Figaro next to him, he asked a little apologetically, “You aren’t resting yet?”

The sloppy Songat did not look nonchalant like his usual self. He looked at Ferguillo and spoke in a serious tone, “We can rest when this is all over, but you are the most important figure in this final war. The number of hours you sleep is the most important matter.”

Although there was no official appointment, after Fergullo had successfully transplanted his arm and conducted a clean up in Eichemalar, he had already become the de facto leader of the Office of Special Affairs.

Risking his life brought him great power, but some side effects remained. Such as the disorder of some organs caused Ferguillo to be unable to enter a deep sleep. The actual duration of rest he could obtain in a day was very little.

To an arcane master, having little sleep for over ten days consecutively would not really affect their performance. However, if it exceeded ten days, their body functions and reactions would definitely go down.

Ferguillo was an important figure in the upcoming war. To Songat and the others, they had to ensure that his physical and mental state were in the peak condition when the time came.

Seeing Ferguillo’s decent condition, Songat pulled out the tubes injected into his body and spoke, “Old Ginns is still missing. We don’t know his whereabouts.”

There were many legends related to the Epic Silver Dragon. The legendary figure was also given many names. However, Ayrin was used to calling him Old Ginns, so Old Ginns had become a unique codename in the Office of Special Affairs now.

“This is normal.” Ferguillo slowly spoke.

“Normal?” Songat was confused.

Ferguillo did not answer Songat’s question directly, “When I sensed the Evil Dragon’s aura, he clearly sensed my existence as well.”

Then, he looked at Songat and continued, “So, the Evil Dragon will be able to make the judgement that we will discover his location when he is breaking through the sixth arcane gate. He cannot avoid this unique connection between physical bodies. He cannot avoid getting discovered by me, but he will surely make preparations…… We will definitely be facing more opponents than just Fellemang and Jeriya. As for Old Ginns, he has been preparing for this moment for a thousand years. Other than Ayrin, he must have other preparations in place.”

“You’re right. But if it’s as you guessed, why doesn’t he let anyone know his whereabouts?” Songat frowned.

Ferguillo looked at the sky outside the window and guessed, “It’s probably to prevent information from leaking out and getting sabotaged by the Evil Dragon. Or it could be due to a lack of time, that his preparations are not yet complete.”


Ferguillo’s guess was not far from the truth.

In the Dragon Breath Mountain Range not far from Eichemalar, Old Ginns stood in a rock protruding from a scorching hot magma river.

Next to him, there was an old dwarf.

The dwarf wore heavy armor, his thick beard almost reaching his feet.

He held a silver hammer in one hand, and a tool that contained many devices in the other.

Dwarven Smithing Hammer and Multipurpose Precise Apparatus. It was standard equipment for the Mountain Dwarf artificers that stood at the peak during the Era of the War with Dragons. Many intricate artifacts could be made by using these two tools. However, after the War with Dragons, Mountain Dwarf artificers went extinct.

What was even more astonis.h.i.+ng was that Old Ginns and the Mountain Dwarf artificer were handling thirty strange forges within the magma river.

Each forge was built with a special golden rock. The rock veins naturally took the shape of a golden sun.

The forges were absorbing the heat from the magma river and spewed golden flames.

At the center where the golden flames gathered, there was clearly a sword embryo of a heavy sword.


In the depth of another mountain range, the dazzling silver light cl.u.s.ter had completely disappeared. All of the power was devoured by the Evil Dragon.

Within his body, an intense vibration and strange humming sound rang out. It seemed like the sixth arcane gate could open any moment now, but was being forcefully restrained.

Rinloran’s face, or rather the Evil Dragon’s, was extremely twisted.

It seemed he was not only suppressing the natural advancement in his body, he was also anxiously waiting.


A moonlight-like radiance suddenly flashed before him.

Fellemang showed up the moment the radiance disappeared.

Without any unnecessary words, the Evil Dragon said to Fellemang, “Scavenger Vine Forest.”

“We don’t have enough time. You can’t suppress it any longer?” Fellemang looked at the Evil Dragon. His eyes were filled with surprise and confusion.

“I have been suppressing it, but this d.a.m.ned high elf is trying to advance his body.” The Evil Dragon’s expression became worse and more menacing, “But we should have enough time.”

After experiencing the War with Dragons, the Evil Dragon’s temper had become much better. He took a deep breath, “His memories provided me with more reminiscence, allowing me to remember more things. Scavenger Vine Forest, there’s something useful to us there.”

“We cannot pa.s.sively wait anymore.”

“Prepare for the final war. We will kill all who oppose me.”

The Evil Dragon’s sonorous voice echoed in the mountain range.



As the Evil Dragon’s voice echoed in the mountain range, far away within the Snowfall Forest many sleeping beasts suddenly woke up.

The Ice Giant arcane masters were alerted by the commotion.

They gathered with the beasts and formed an army. In the past few days, the Cursed Ghost army in Snowfall Forest had suddenly vanished. The entire forest had been quieter than usual.

However, this silence was broken now.

They breathed deeply. They could sense a strange chilling wind advancing from within the forest, bringing with it orderly sounds.

The Cursed Ghost army had awoken. They were marching orderly in a certain direction.

The leader of the Ice Giants, Sunderland Reap, became lost in thought for a moment, then roared, “Send the signal to Belo!”


The moment he roared, the forest livened up. Countless roaring sounds echoed.


Ice pillars fell from the tree branches high above, becoming a ripple and spreading throughout the Snowfall Forest.

A huge snow wave shot up in the forest near Hearth Valley. It looked like a huge beacon in the dark night.

Countless sirens rang in the Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold.

Every arcane master woke up.

The entire Frost Tusk Peak Stronghold trembled.


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