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Read Digging To Survive: I Can See Hints Chapter 276 – Little Fox Uses The Endless Sword To Suppress A Natural Disaster!

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Read WebNovel Digging To Survive: I Can See Hints Chapter 276 – Little Fox Uses The Endless Sword To Suppress A Natural Disaster!

Chapter 276: Little Fox Uses the Endless Sword To Suppress a Natural Disaster!

The system’s prompt swept across Klein’s face, and he was instantly pleasantly surprised.

“That’s great!”

“There’s hope!”

Then, Klein looked at the Endless Sword that was stabbed into the ground.

At this moment, his hands were unable to control the Endless Sword.

This was because his hands were already locked onto by the tiny figurine in the magic core.

Once Klein pulled his hands out, the tiny figurine would definitely be devoured by the magic core. At that time, Klein would still die from the backlash of the magic.

With death on both sides, Klein was in an absolute crisis.

‘What should I do?’

Klein’s mind was spinning rapidly.

Suddenly, he thought of Little Fox in the base.

His eyes instantly lit up.

Then, he quickly summoned Little Fox, and Klein gave it a simple introduction of the current crisis.

After coming out, Little Fox didn’t look at Klein immediately. Instead, she looked at the elemental explosion crisis in the sky that made her heart skip a beat.

Then, she looked at her master in front of her.

She really didn’t expect her master to be so outstanding. During the time she was resting, he had actually created a disaster that destroyed this catacomb!

Was he still human?

He was practically the G.o.d of destruction.

Before she had time to retort, Little Fox looked ahead again.

There were eighteen bows and arrows flying at high speed ahead.

Each of these bows and arrows had terrifying gold elements circulating within them.

Sensing the gold elements within, Little Fox had no doubt that even if she activated berserk, she wouldn’t be able to dodge these bows and arrows.

And if she couldn’t dodge, she would be stabbed to death!

With this thought in mind, Little Fox looked at Klein once again.

Her eyes had gone from shock to speechlessness.

That’s right, speechlessness.

The current Klein was truly doomed.

G.o.d knew why her master was so outstanding.

In just a few short hours, he was already hovering between life and death!

But at this moment, Little Fox knew that it wasn’t the time to ridicule him, so she quickly absorbed Klein’s words.

Then, she looked at the terrifying elements in the sky and thought to herself, using the Endless Sword to suppress it? That was a good idea! It was just that…

Little Fox shook her head. This was also a moment of life and death for her.

But at this moment, she couldn’t care less.

With this in mind, Little Fox came in front of the Endless Sword. She took a deep breath and suppressed her fear of the Endless Sword. She hugged the hilt of the Endless Sword with both hands and pulled it out with all her might. With a bang, the Endless Sword was pulled out.

After it was pulled out, Little Fox didn’t dare to delay.

This was because the crisis on both sides had reached the final juncture.

If she wasn’t fast enough, Klein would definitely die!

And if she didn’t operate it well, not only him, but even Little Fox would definitely die!

Therefore, Little Fox instantly activated her rampage.

With eight tails, her speed had long exceeded a tail by dozens of times.

In an instant, everything in the world froze in the eyes of Little Fox.

There were rocks, broken branches, dust, and the air pressure from the arrows not far away.

Of course, there was also Klein, who had his eyes wide open!

After activating her rampage, Little Fox instantly appeared in the sky with the Endless Sword.

But at that moment, although the tornado had slowed down to a terrifying degree under Little Fox’s extreme speed, it was like a snail.

However, the heaven and earth elements that were filled with it became Little Fox’s obstruction.

Little Fox came to the top of the half-step natural disaster tornado.

Looking at the dense heaven and earth elements that were comparable to desert sand, Little Fox couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

No wonder the moment she came out, she immediately felt a terrifying crisis.

So there were so many heaven and earth elements gathered here.

The most terrifying thing was that many heaven and earth elements were already emitting light.

Clearly, they were already on the verge of instability.

Heaven and earth elements that were on the verge of instability only needed a little bit of opportunity to explode.

And this explosion was very likely the key to igniting the fuse.

Once the heaven and earth elements within the half-step natural disaster was ignited, the entire s.p.a.ce would be completely destroyed!

Thinking of this, Little Fox could not help but ridicule her master again.

It could not be helped. Her master was too outstanding.

‘Was he related to Iron Man by blood? Why did they all love to court death?’

‘Poor me and Little Wind, we misjudged the wrong person!’

Thinking of this, Little Fox could not help but want to cry.

But she knew that she did not have much time left.

So she gritted her teeth and rushed into the dense heaven and earth elements.

Little Fox that entered the heaven and earth elements felt as if it had entered water.

The countless heaven and earth elements made the entire environment extremely pure.

Under this kind of environment, Little Fox felt that her soul had been baptized. Her strength, which had long been stagnant, actually began to slowly rise.

Sensing the changes in her body, Little Fox didn’t dare to be the slightest bit careless.

One had to know that it was in a world filled with bombs. One wrong move and the entire world would explode.

Once it exploded, not to mention a fox with eight tails, even ten of them wouldn’t be able to escape!

At this moment, Little Fox was like an afterimage in Klein’s eyes. In a breath’s time, Little Fox disappeared from his sight with the Endless Sword.

When he saw it again, it was already at the top of the tornado.

This was the first time Klein had seen the terrifying speed of Little Fox.

This shocked Klein, but at the same time, he began to suspect if Little Fox had been slacking off recently!

After all, the rampage from before didn’t have such speed!

As expected of a fox, it was full of tricks.

Now that the crisis was over, he had to find an opportunity to have a good talk with her!

Little Fox kept moving forward with all her might. If she was alone, she would have flown up long ago.

But don’t forget that she was holding onto the divine artifact, the Endless Sword, in the catacomb.

When Little Fox and Little Wind saw the Endless Sword for the first time, they were shocked by the power coming from the blade.

Now, not to mention carrying the Endless Sword and soaring into the sky.

Moreover, Little Fox was now in the middle of the half-step natural disaster tornado.

Although the speed of the half-step natural disaster tornado had been infinitely suppressed under Little Fox’s terrifying speed.

However, the half-step natural disaster tornado was not as simple as the wind pressure on the surface.

There was also the wind pressure that was generated along with the wind.

The wind pressure of a half-step natural disaster like this could easily tear apart a seven or eight story house.

Even if a person stood in front of it, they would feel the feeling of bungee jumping at the first moment. Then, they would throw it into an unknown place and fall to their deaths!

However, Little Fox tried her best to restrain herself and continued to break through.

After going through an extremely dangerous situation, Little Fox still came to the top. Just as she was about to use the Endless Sword to suppress the half-step natural disaster, suddenly, the half-step natural disaster seemed to have reached its limit.

The speed of the center suddenly decreased from 140 meters per second to 100 meters per second.

And inside the half-step natural disaster, countless elements of heaven and earth began to riot.


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