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Digging To Survive: I Can See Hints is a web novel completed by Sword Old Wolf.
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Chapter 36: Runic Base Upgrade!

Translator: Simple MTL  Editor: Simple MTL

Klein held a low-level upgrade scroll in his hand.

Following his confirmation, a large amount of resources were deducted.

Like a power enchantment scroll, the low-level runic base upgrade scroll gradually turned into ashes.

However, the ashes didn’t fuse into Klein’s body.

The ashes were blown away by an invisible wind and flew in all directions.

The number of ashes continued to increase. Like a swarm of bees, they swept through the entire runic base.

The ashes stuck to the ceiling, ground, and walls. The entire runic base began to tremble as the ground expanded at a visible rate.

The walls were also growing taller.

One meter, two meters, three meters…

“Wu, wu, wu!”

Little Fox was startled awake as she shrank into Klein’s embrace in fright.

The little fellow was fierce in battle, but at a time like this, it was scared out of its wits. It was suspected to be acting cute!


Klein could clearly feel the ground beneath him rise up.

“This is…”

“An additional layer?”

“Or is it floating?”

Klein couldn’t help but imagine.

It would be great if he could float!

The entire upgrade process took a full minute.

[System notification: The runic base has been upgraded.]

[System notification: Excellent Runic Base upgraded to Perfect Runic Base.]

At this moment, the runic base was no longer shaking.

The interior decoration was completely new.

It looked even more detailed.

The walls were snow-white, and the wooden floor was decorated with patterns.

Furthermore, the interior was no longer a room.

“This is a bedroom. They gave a large bed for free?”


Klein seemed to be in a bedroom. There was a bed and a wardrobe.


Light entered through two windows on a wall.

There was only one bedroom, and the area was no different from before the upgrade.

“Let’s go out and take a look.”

Klein walked out of the room.

Outside was the hall.

The area was about the same as the bedroom.

There was a brand-new fireplace.

In front, the large iron door was half open.

Klein walked towards the door and looked curiously.

The floor outside wasn’t sand.

Klein walked out of the door and was surprised to find that he was on the second floor. He was standing on a balcony that was made of stone.

Or rather, a gazebo!

It was a semicircle with a 1.2-meter-tall stone wall surrounding it.

Klein stood on the balcony and looked down before turning back.

“This is… An ancient castle?”

Klein had a strange expression.

The interior was modern, but the exterior was in the style of an ancient castle. The overall look was dark.

“Let’s go downstairs!”

Klein entered the hall and followed the winding stairs to the ground floor.

The area below was larger and more s.p.a.cious than the upstairs.

The barbecue grill, meat field, and so on were all piled up below.

The main door also became an iron door.

Klein pushed it open and walked out of the runic base.

This was about twelve to thirteen meters tall, equivalent to a small castle.

Klein faced the base and kept retreating until his back hit the mud wall.

Little Fox did the same thing by his side, following his every step.

The entire castle was filled with a heavy, ancient, and simple feeling.


It stood there, looking indestructible.

Klein took a stroll around the runic base.

He was quite satisfied with the upgraded base.

In the entire world, he was probably the only one who had upgraded the runic base!

After washing up, he had a simple breakfast.

At this moment, he went to check the notification. It had already changed.

[There’s an iron treasure chest in the catacombs ahead. It might yield good items. Two pitiful Night Whistlers are hiding under the soil. They’re praying that they won’t be discovered by other crypt creatures.]


Klein picked up the shovel and began digging.

After twenty or so excavations, he dug through.

He put on a levitating propeller, a runic speed blade in one hand, and a runic crossbow in the other.

The two stepped into the black membrane!

In the twenty-third catacomb.

Klein first caught sight of the iron treasure chest not far away when he entered.

“Over there…”

Klein simultaneously noticed that there were two mounds of sand near the iron treasure chest.

Upon careful observation, he noticed that there were two pairs of eyes under the sand.

They were similar in color to the sand.

It was easy to miss them.

“Wu, wu!”

The fox secretly tugged at the bottom of Klein’s pants.

Klein squatted down and deliberately patted the root of the sand at his feet. At the same time, he lowered his voice and said, “Little Fox, pretend that you can’t see.”

The fox understood.

Although Night Whistlers were weak during the day, they could fly, so it wasn’t easy to kill them.

Therefore, he would pretend to open the iron treasure chest and suddenly launch an attack.

‘I’ll catch them off guard!’

Klein took a step forward, his gaze always focused on the iron chest.

Little Fox followed by his side. She raised her head and swaggered around arrogantly, ignoring the sand pile.

A human and fox crossed the sand pile and went around to the back.

Klein turned his head and made a hissing gesture at the little fox before tiptoeing back.

At that moment.

The two sand mounds also slowly moved.


The sound was faint.

The two Night Whistlers revealed themselves.

They looked like a mix between wolves and lizards. Their bodies were pitch-black and patterned. They had wings on their backs, and their mouths were as long as whistles. One of their tails was split into two.

They seemed to have the same idea: sneak attack!

Little Fox turned her head, and Klein had already raised his runic blade.

The two sides met.

Klein grinned.

The two Night Whistlers were stunned before they realized the danger. They hurriedly flapped their wings in an attempt to escape.


The blade flashed.

Only the Night Whistler’s head was split in two.

Just as the other Night Whistler took off, Klein took a step forward and stabbed through the fellow’s neck.

He drew his blade and blood spewed like a fountain.


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