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Chapter 365: Close Combat

The Poison Dragon watched as Klein came in front of it.

Its huge eyes revealed a hint of wariness.

But it didn’t last long. Then, while Klein wasn’t paying attention, it opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and bit at Klein!

The dragon’s mouth was extremely huge.

Once it opened, it could swallow an aircraft carrier.

Countless sharp teeth stood upright, emitting a green light.

Klein had no doubt that any one of them had the strength of an epic-grade weapon.

Once bitten, even Klein’s tier 8 body wouldn’t be able to withstand it!

But it was too late to dodge!

At that moment, Klein felt that the sky he was in had turned dark.

Looking up, he saw more than a dozen gigantic tusks in the sky.

Looking down, it was the same. More than a dozen tusks were rapidly closing in on him.

In just a few seconds, they would be able to bite Klein to death!

However, it had clearly underestimated Klein and the Endless Sword in his hand.

Klein snorted coldly.

The Power of the Wind on the Endless Sword acc.u.mulated a longer and narrower blade glow.

And at that moment, the dragon’s mouth had completely covered Klein!

Seeing that the enemy had been bitten by it, the Poison Dragon’s eyes revealed a hint of mockery.

It was obvious that it thought of Klein as a good-looking but useless rookie.

But as it chewed, it froze.

Why didn’t it feel him?

No one answered it.

The only thing that answered it was the blade gleam of the Endless Sword.

The blade gleam of the Endless Sword pierced through the Poison Dragon’s mouth.

The Poison Dragon felt the pain and let out a shocking roar.

Its two large eyes looked at the blade gleam in front of it and knew that the enemy inside was not dead.

Therefore, it gritted its teeth and refused to let go.

But at that moment, Klein, who was in the Poison Dragon’s mouth, actually held back when he saw the Poison Dragon.

He revealed some interest.

He smiled and said, “Since you can withstand it, I’m curious how long you can withstand it!”

Just as Klein was about to exert his strength, his expression suddenly changed as he looked back.

“This is?”

Directly in the mouth of the Poison Dragon, a shimmering pillar of light was condensing.

Klein was naturally familiar with this pillar of light. It was the pillar of light that had destroyed his four intermediate Whirlwind spells.

One had to know that the internal speed of the intermediate Whirlwind at that time had already reached 150 meters per second.

This speed had already reached the level of an intermediate natural disaster.

In the outside world, it was enough to turn a small city with a population of more than 100,000 upside down.

But even so, it was unable to withstand the Poison Dragon’s energy beam.

It was enough to see how terrifying the energy beam was.

Klein didn’t dare to take it head-on.

But he still had no place to hide.

Following that, Klein muttered to himself, “It looks like this four-legged beast intends to perish together with me!”

“But, can it do it?”

Klein revealed a mocking expression.

Then, he didn’t hold back any longer.

He slashed with the Endless Sword in his hand, instantly leaving a huge gash in the Poison Dragon’s mouth.

At this moment, the Poison Dragon suffered a huge amount of damage once again.

Countless blood splattered out from the gash.

Just as the Poison Dragon was about to activate its magic to heal, the remaining energy on the wound stopped its healing speed.

Sensing the energy within, the Poison Dragon revealed a somewhat solemn expression.

It thought to itself, ‘This person is very difficult to deal with!’

‘However, just because of that, I definitely can’t let him out!’

Therefore, the Poison Dragon gritted its teeth and increased the speed of its energy acc.u.mulation, it was determined to kill Klein in its mouth.

At this moment, Klein, who was deep in the Poison Dragon’s mouth, couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw that the Poison Dragon still hadn’t opened its mouth.

‘It can actually endure it? It looks like I’ve underestimated this b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s resistance.’

“But can you still withstand this move?”

Following that, Klein sneered.

He picked up the Endless Sword with his right hand and placed it behind his back. Then, he slashed at the Poison Dragon’s teeth.


The blade light from the Endless Sword instantly slashed at the Poison Dragon’s teeth.

Although the Poison Dragon’s teeth were huge, its strength was only at the epic level.

If the Endless Sword hadn’t recovered yet, it would have been able to block it.

But now?

Not only had the Endless Sword recovered, but its strength was even stronger.

The Poison Dragon outside also felt the movement in its mouth and couldn’t help but sneer.

It obviously thought that this human was very stupid.

It had no idea how terrifying the teeth of a dragon were.

Even if it was trapped here and stopped its progress, each of its teeth was comparable to an epic weapon.

He wanted to cut it off?

He was dreaming!

But in the next second…

The Poison Dragon was dumbfounded!

It saw a ray of light flash between its teeth.



The Poison Dragon was stunned.

Before it could open its mouth, countless teeth exploded from the middle.

In just a few seconds, all the Poison Dragon’s teeth were pulled out by the roots.

And at that moment, Klein kicked the Poison Dragon’s gums.

The Poison Dragon finally couldn’t take it anymore. It opened its mouth and let out a huge pained howl.

Klein also slowly flew out with the Endless Sword.

At that moment, the Poison Dragon was in an extremely miserable state.

Its huge mouth and teeth, which it was proud of, were gone!

All of them were gone.

The distance between them was like that of a dying granny, without a single tooth.

Not only that, blood was still flowing out of its mouth.

Soon, the spot where it was sitting was dyed red.

That was only secondary.

The most important thing was that there was a mysterious energy preventing the restoration of its broken teeth.

Therefore, the Poison Dragon had no choice but to bear the pain of its broken teeth.

Klein stood above and watched coldly.

He said mockingly, “Looks like your teeth aren’t that hard!”

Klein laughed and said, “However, your luck isn’t bad. If I had gone deeper, you would probably be a corpse by now.”


The Poison Dragon let out an angry voice that echoed in Klein’s mind.

“d.a.m.ned human, d.a.m.ned humans, it’s you again. Don’t even think of enslaving me! I’ll kill you even if I have to die!”

The Poison Dragon’s huge eyes stared fixedly at Klein, as though it had killed its father. It wished it could devour Klein alive.

But at that moment, Klein was somewhat puzzled.


Then, he looked at the Poison Dragon’s entire body.

At that moment, the Poison Dragon’s full appearance appeared in Klein’s eyes.

He saw pitch-black chains burrow into the Poison Dragon’s huge body.

The top of its head, two pairs of wings, a tail, and four legs were filled with countless chains.

“Don’t think that I’ll submit to you. If you dare to imprison the dragon race, one day, a powerful dragon race will break through your city and kill your king.”

The Poison Dragon roared.

Clearly, it had also treated Klein as an enemy.

The reason he had come here was to subdue the dragon.

Apparently, humans were belittling the dragon’s will.


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