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Read Divine Beast Adventures Chapter 293 – In Martial Arts, Speed Reigns Supreme

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Chapter 293: In Martial Arts, Speed Reigns Supreme

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

“Hahahaha, it doesn’t matter if you trust us or not. You have no choice!” the only Chinese man in the group immediately laughed out loud. His eyes were full of contempt seeing Zhang Che trapped there by them like a cornered rat.

Zhang Che’s whole body was trembling from fear. A hint of will to struggle flashed in his eyes, but dimmed down in the end when he saw how powerful the group was. He nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll give you my beast cards, but you have to promise to spare my life.”

Suddenly, a black man stared at that Chinese man and said something out loud, “@#¥%&*&%¥#@!”

That Chinese man’s expression changed slightly and quickly urged Zhang Che, “Hurry, we don’t have time to waste on you. Recall your subdued beasts immediately and wipe away your spiritual imprint. We said we won’t kill you, and that’s that! Right, and that spatial storage beast card on your hand. Don’t forget that!”

Zhang Che nodded timidly and recalled the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, Scarlet Flame Drake, and Unicorn back into his spiritual sea with a wave of his hand.

The breathing of the people surrounding him quickened when they saw three streaks of five-colored rays representing legend-quality beasts fly back to Zhang Che’s spiritual sea in succession.

-A big fat sheep!-

-After so many jobs, today’s was the biggest!-

“Hurry, and that spatial storage card on your hand!” the Chinese man swore at Zhang Che, his eyes red. If it wasn’t for the fact that he couldn’t take beast cards with the owner’s spiritual imprint on them, he would definitely have stripped it off Zhang Che personally!

“Oh, okay, okay,” Zhang Che recalled the bracelet on his wrist back into his spiritual sea. Another streak of light, this one dark golden, flashed before the crowd.

-A dark gold-quality spatial storage equipment card!-

Their breathing hastened even more.

However, Zhang Che didn’t make any further moves. He looked at everyone around him and asked seriously, “Then, I’ll ask once more. You won’t kill me after taking my things, right?”

The Chinese man flew into a rage. He forcibly suppressed his killing intent and shouted coldly, “If you continue being this freaking long-winded, your father I will immediately silence you!”

Zhang Che suddenly revealed a subtle strange smile on his face, saying, “So, you will kill me even after taking my things?”

Before he could finish his words, the earth under him suddenly collapsed like a sinkhole. Zhang Che instantly disappeared from sight, leaving only a hole less than two meters wide in front of them.

The group was stunned for a moment. Afterwards, the black man, who was the leader of the group, roared out some words furiously. The surrounding dozens of subdued beasts unleashed a rain of elemental attacks at the same time, aiming at the hole.

The ground near the hole was instantly blast into ruins, and the hole disappeared without a trace.

Pu! A sound that resembled a watermelon being smashed rang out. The group jumped in fright and turned to look. They saw one of their comrades had lost his whole head from the neck up. Some red and white fluid splattered all over the nearby beastmasters’ faces.

A few sorrowful cries were heard. Among the subdued beasts, a few of them instantly turned into rays of light on the spot, quickly dissipating.

“@#¥%&*&%¥#@,” the black man shouted in horror. A five-colored ray of light shot out from between his eyebrows and materialized into a set of purple-golden armor, covering him entirely.

Immediately afterwards, the remaining beastmasters all activated their beast card armors, looking around their surroundings warily.


This time, a loud noise rang out. At the same time, a fist-sized hole appeared in the helmet of one of the beastmasters. At both ends of the hole, a mixture of blood and brain matter flowed out.

This time, every one of them was fl.u.s.tered!

This comrade of theirs was wearing a six-star dark gold-quality beast card armor, and yet it was unable to defend against that unknown attack at all! The beastmaster’s head exploded in an instant!

A few more sorrowful cries rang out. A few more of the many subdued beasts turned into streaks of light and dissipated.

“He’s the devil!” the commanding black man cried out, his face filled with horror. He no longer cared about those ad-hoc companions he had found and jumped onto his own flying beast, speeding away into the sky.

Right at this moment, however, a red streak of light that almost couldn’t be seen with the naked eye suddenly flew out from the ground, directly swiping across the neck of the subdued beast the black man was on.

Just like that, the mid-tier dark gold-quality subdued beast turned into a streak of light in the air and dissipated without any warning. Caught unprepared, the black man above the subdued beast directly plunged down from several dozen meters high and crashed into the ground with a loud bang, creating a crater in the pale grey earth.

Despite wearing a set of legend-quality armor, the black man was knocked out from the fall, lying on the ground unmoving.

On the other side, the remaining six or seven beastmasters were in full panic, each of them jumping onto their own flying beasts, wanting to split up and escape.

On a cliff several dozen meters away, the Purple Crystal Tortoise’s round head peeked out and opened its mouth. Countless golden streaks of light unnoticeable to the naked eye shot out continuously, shredding the group of people.

Bang, bang, bang, bang… A concentrated wave of dull sounds rang out in succession. The fleeing beastmasters, including that Chinese man, all cried out miserably at the same time… not right, two of them didn’t have any chances to cry out at all, because a fist-sized hole was punched through their heads at the first moment, instantly taking their lives.

The rest of them didn’t last long, either. Their beast card armors were all useless. Their bodies were punched full of fist-sized holes, becoming sieves.

Sorrowful cries rang out endlessly. Streak after streak of light glowed in the air and on the ground, dissipating one after another.

Zhang Che, half of his body still in another hole, was watching all this, his face filled with sorrow and pain.

Those were all money! All wasted, just like that!

This group of beastmasters commanded at least ten legend-quality subdued beasts! All of them turned into streaks of light before his eyes, just like that!

Zhang Che felt his heart aching, and his vision darkened, nearly fainting.

A dozen or so legend-quality, twenty to thirty gold and dark gold-quality subdued beasts, all gone…

How much were they worth in Alliance dollars?

Zhang Che was unwilling to think about it….

There were only eight or nine badly mangled corpses on the ground, in addition to that fainted black man and the four Original Combat Body-type subdued beasts guarding him.

Zhang Che crawled out from the hole with a mournful expression. Afterwards, his capable legend-quality beasts – the Darkfiend Abyssal Dragon, Scarlet Flame Drake, and Unicorn – appeared at his side once more in that order, while the red sword that had achieved major merits hovered above his head silently.

“Martial arts overcomes all, and speed reigns supreme! This saying is indeed true…”


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