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Chapter 315: Curious Coincidence

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

“Alright, mom. I’ll book the tickets right away. If there is a suitable flight, perhaps we might even make it in time for dinner at great-aunt’s place.”

Zhang Che knew his mother would be impatient.

It was understandable if you thought about it. Other than himself, she was Sun Lan’s only relative in the world, and it was the kind that had been separated for decades, not knowing if the other was still alive. Having suddenly obtained contact, how could she remain calm and not want to meet the other immediately?

“Xiaoche, you silly boy. It’s already afternoon. How can we still make it in time for dinner at your great-aunt’s?” Sun Lan couldn’t help, but find it strange. There were over ten thousand kilometers between Bei Du and Tian Xing. Even if they set off right away, it would be midnight by the time they reached there. How could they still make it in time for dinner?

Zhang Che smiled and replied, “Mom, we’re not taking ordinary planes, but sky shuttles. Two hours should be enough.”

Zhang Che had already made the relevant searches on his personal terminal. Tian Xing City was also one of Hua Xia region’s first-rate cities, and sky shuttle flights were available between the two cities. Therefore, naturally he wouldn’t choose to travel by ordinary flights. In any case, the cost for taking the sky shuttle was only peanuts compared to his current wealth. He wouldn’t mind the little bit of money.

“Ah?” Sun Lan was taken aback. “We’re taking the sky shuttle? Wouldn’t it be expensive… alright then. We’ll take that…”

Just as Sun Lan was about to say that the tickets for sky shuttle flights were too expensive, she gave in after remembering about her son’s wealth.

Zhang Che immediately opened up his personal terminal and started checking on whether there was any sky shuttle flights from Bei Du to Tian Xing today. To his pleasant surprise, he discovered that there was a flight at 3 PM sharp with seats available.

The special model personal terminal his father-in-law got for him allowed Zhang Che to directly book the tickets, unlike ordinary people who had to personally go to a ticketing center.

Thus, Zhang Che booked two sky shuttle tickets to Tian Xing City without hesitation.

With the two new beastly cars delivered, Zhang Che didn’t have to take taxis anymore. He called Liu Gang over and had him act as a driver for once.

Seeing Liu Gang coming over from the neighboring villa and acting so respectfully to Zhang Che, Sun Lan couldn’t help but reveal a hint of strangeness on her face.

When they got in the car, Sun Lan realized the front and the back of the car was soundproofed. She finally couldn’t hold her curiosity in and asked about Liu Gang’s ident.i.ty.

Zhang Che then explained to Sun Lan, telling her that he was a bodyguard specially sent by Huang Juyun to keep her safe. He also told her that if she wanted to go out in the future, she could ask Liu Gang and the others to drive her. This was the best way to guarantee her safety.

After hearing Zhang Che’s explanation, Sun Lan fell silent for a while. She suddenly said, “Xiaoche, mom knows that you would surely make some enemies while you try to make a living outside. You must look after yourself. You don’t have to worry about me. With Tielan’s father’s arrangements, nothing will happen.”

Zhang Che knew Sun Lan must have sensed something. He nodded heavily and replied, “Don’t worry, mom. Nothing will happen to me.”

With the Myriad Transformation Lizard, he could take on the appearance of anyone (including women). Zhang Che wasn’t scared of the j.a.panese Miyazaki clan. If they had the abilities, just try to find him in the beast world!


The ferocious car sped along, and soon drove out of the city, heading for the airport that wasn’t too far away.

Suddenly, Zhang Che felt vibrations from his personal terminal. He raised his wrist and saw that it was actually a call from an unknown number.

-Hmm? Who could it be?- Zhang Che couldn’t help but be a little suspicious. Not many people knew his phone number. Who could be on the other end of the line?

He hurriedly accepted the call, and a boorish, unrestrained voice immediately rang out, “Hahahaha, I knew you were alright, Brother Zhang Che. It’s been a few days; how have you been?”

Zhang Che immediately came to a realization after hearing the voice. He smiled and replied, “Hah, so it’s Big Brother Luo. You’re safe, too! That’s great!”

Luo Wenjun continued cheerfully, “I know, right? I almost didn’t make it out alive! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l, your daddy won’t go to such places anymore. Let alone not gaining much, I almost lost my life in there!”

“Uh-hrm!” Zhang Che couldn’t help, but cough dryly. He saw his mother’s expression had changed, and subtly reminded Luo Wenjun that some things couldn’t be said.

Luo Wenjun quickly became aware. He hurriedly changed the topic and asked, “Brother Zhang Che, where are you staying? This brother is free for the next few days. How about I come find you for some drinks?”

“Ai, what a bad coincidence,” Zhang Che sighed, “I happened to have some things going on for the upcoming few days and won’t be home. I need to go to Tian Xing City to take care of some matters. Why don’t I go look for you when I’m done? How about that?”

Zhang Che was deeply grateful towards Luo Wenjun.

Back in the secret plane, at the green lands, if it wasn’t for Luo Wenjun stopping Zhang Che in time, perhaps he would have been swept away by that black gale, leaving not a tiny bit of himself behind.

Let alone him saving Zhang Che’s life, Luo Wenjun’s character was worth getting to know, too.

“Where did you say you’re going?” Luo Wenjun’s tone was a little higher after hearing what Zhang Che said.

“Tian Xing City. I’m going to look for a long lost relative. I’m setting off at 3 PM.”

As Zhang Che answered, he thought to himself, -It can’t be so coincidental, right?-

Indeed, Luo Wenjun roared out in laughter on the other end, “Hahahaha, what a coincidence, Brother Zhang. I am from Tian Xing City!”

-What the heck, isn’t this too much of a coincidence…-

“No need to say anything more, Brother Zhang. You’re coming by the sky shuttle at 3 PM, right? Haha, I’ll go pick you up at the airport and throw you a welcoming dinner! That’s it for now; I still have to go make some preparations!”

Done speaking, Luo Wenjun didn’t allow Zhang Che any chance to reject and directly ended the call.

Zhang Che rubbed his nose, speechless.

He looked up to his mother and asked, “Mom, you didn’t ask great-aunt to receive us at the airport, did you?”

Sun Lan nodded, “Mhm, I was afraid of disrupting your call with your friend and sent a message to your great-aunt, telling her about us taking the sky shuttle at 3 PM to Tian Xing City. She said that she’s coming to pick us up.”

Well, it seemed like he had no choice, but to let Luo Wenjun make a wasted trip. He’d have to go visit him and apologize when he was done with reuniting with his long-lost relative.

“Xiaoche, promise mother that you won’t risk your life casually, alright? You’re already very successful,” Sun Lan pleaded, looking at Zhang Che.

-I knew it…-

Zhang Che cursed inside at Luo Wenjun’s loud mouth. He nodded and a.s.sured her sincerely, “Don’t worry, mom. I’ll definitely not go to those dangerous places in the future. It’s actually just a little incident that time. It’s not very dangerous.”

Sun Lan didn’t harp on it. She only said indistinctly, “I’m not trying to interfere with your career. I just hope that you will think about Miss Tielan and I when you’re outside.”

-Ugh, is this considered a binding reminder?-

Zhang Che could only nod heavily once more, a.s.suring her that he wouldn’t risk himself easily.

The car had reached the Bei Du airport.


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