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Chapter 437: The Best a.s.sistant For Concocting Cultivation Fluid

Translator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales

Edited by Aelryinth

Zhang Che originally planned to leave Bei Du the next day and head for the beast world to continue hunting exotic beasts, striving to achieve Tier Seven beastmaster as soon as possible. However, he had no choice but to put his journey on hold because of a joyous matter.

Huang Tielan remembered Zhang Che’s promise to her. When she returned from school that night, she immediately had him bring the elemental queen along to help her refine the ingredients for concocting cultivation fluid.

Miss Tienan’s experience in beast card cultivation was getting richer and richer, and thus she was getting a little inflated.

That night, she decided to try concocting the cultivation fluid for a mid-tier beast card to see if she could do it!

If she succeeded, it would prove that Huang Tielan had hopes of advancing soon. She’d only have to successfully concoct a few more cultivation fluids for mid-tier beast cards and she’d rise to become an intermediate beast card cultivator.

To put it in perspective, even the most talented geniuses needed at least a few years to advance from a primary beast card cultivator to an intermediate beast card cultivator!

As for those with ordinary talent, heavens knew how long they needed to achieve it!

Huang Tielan knew that Bei Du University’s Professor Sun Qilong was said to be the most talented beast card cultivator of the last few decades. Even so, he took more than ten years from when he started learning about beast card cultivation to become an advanced beast card cultivator!

“Zhang Xiaoche, let your pet see if she can successfully refine these ingredients.”

After all, they had not tested it. n.o.body knew if the elemental queen could refine ingredients. Zhang Che only made guesses based on the mastery of fire control the elemental queen had showed when she was roasting meat!…

Today, Huang Tielan had a three-star bronze-quality earth-attributed beast card prepared. There were a few mineral ingredients required for the recipe.

Those ingredients naturally couldn’t be extracted like how sap was squeezed out of plants. Machinery was needed to refine them. The operation had many steps and the process was complicated. If anything went slightly wrong and the purity wasn’t above the required level, it would directly cause the failure of the experiment.

So, if the elemental queen could easily refine those minerals, that would be extremely useful in helping concoct the cultivation fluid in the future!

“Alright. I’m also looking forward to see if she can successfully refine the ingredients.” Zhang Che nodded and turned to give the elemental queen the cue.

The elemental queen nodded at Zhang Che with a faint smile. A stone on the experimental table flew through the air to her, and a small gold and scarlet flame sprouted between her hands out of thin air.

It was like the elemental queen was performing magic. The rock hovering in mid-air slowly melted from the heat. The impurities inside were separated bit by bit, leaving only what was needed for producing cultivation fluid.

Zhang Che and Huang Tielan gasped in amazement at the sight of this.

Her method was very much similar to how some characters refined pills in the Xianxia novels he had read in his past life! It was truly a miraculous ability!

It went to show that the elemental queen was not only at the level of being able to control her flames as she wished, even her mental strength was incredible!

After all, no matter how high her talent was, it wouldn’t be easy to reach this level without high mental strength.

“Zhang Xiaoche, I believe I can advance to intermediate beast card cultivator in the shortest time possible with her help!”

Huang Tielan’s eyes shone brightly. She didn’t expect that the pet Zhang Che had randomly found was not only beautiful, she was also a great help to her own career! The elemental queen was simply the best a.s.sistant bestowed by heaven!

Of course, if Huang Tielan learned of Zhang Che’s once extravagant hope of having the elemental queen warm his bed, perhaps she’d directly explode and beat him to a pulp…

With the elemental queen’s help, the toughest-to-refine ingredients had ironically become the easiest ones to extract essences from. The dozen or so bio-materials, on the other hand, left Huang Tielan fl.u.s.tered and kept her busy for half a day before she finally finished concocting the cultivation fluid.

However, she didn’t know where the procedure went wrong. Seeing the murky cultivation fluid in front of her, Huang Tielan showed a hint of disappointment on her face.

“Aiya, why did I fail? I clearly followed the recipe to a tee!”

Zhang Che consoled, “It’s alright. You’re concocting the cultivation fluid for a mid-tier beast card, after all. How can you succeed so easily? We have lots of time and money. Slowly acc.u.mulate your experience. It’s fine.”

Well, Zhang Che could be considered rich and imposing. Although he had spent a huge amount of purple crystal points to buy Dijiang-hao, he was still richer than most people. Failing to concoct the cultivation fluid for a mid-tier beast card was really an insignificant loss to him.

“Perhaps the recipe is wrong?” Huang Tielan suddenly realized after thinking for a long time.

After all, this recipe wasn’t provided by Zhang Che, she got it from school. Although other beast card cultivators had successfully concocted cultivation fluid according to this recipe, heavens knew if it was just a stroke of luck.

“Let me have a look.”

Zhang Che realized the same. He immediately used his data eyes and scanned the three-star bronze-quality beast card, then compared what he saw to the recipe Huang Tielan had brought back.

“Hmm, looks like there really is a problem with the recipe.”

After comparing, Zhang Che discovered the recipe provided by his eyes and the recipe Huang Tielan brought back mostly used the same ingredients, except for two of them.

Of course, the difference wasn’t big. Perhaps it was possible to concoct the cultivation fluid successfully using that recipe, but there was still a chance of failing.

“Then we’ll try again. This time we’re using your recipe!”

Miss Tienan wasn’t someone who was defeated easily. She immediately regrouped herself after the setback and retrieved the required ingredients from the inventory and cold storage at the side, busying herself once more.

The advantages of them sweeping through the ingredient market could be seen. They had a huge collection of ingredients in stock. The ingredients needed for ordinary mid-tier beast cards could basically all be found here.

Even if there were a few missing, it didn’t matter. The recipes provided by Zhang Che’s data eyes weren’t the only usable ones. Many ingredients could be subst.i.tuted, although the success rate would be slightly affected.

The influence caused by this was almost negligible. As long as their luck wasn’t too bad, and they made no mistake in the process, the cultivation fluid could be successfully concocted!

Indeed, more than an hour later, the three-star bronze-quality beast card successfully advanced to four-star. Huang Tielan immediately laughed excitedly.

“Hahahaha, Zhang Xiaoche, I finally did it!”

Zhang Che broke out into a smile when he saw how happy Huang Tielan was.

In order to consolidate what Miss Tienan learned from this experience, Zhang Che quickly decided to postpone his trip to the beast world for a day. He’d stay at home tomorrow and let Huang Tielan torment the elemental queen.

In any case, advancing to Tier Seven beastmaster wasn’t something achievable in mere days. As of now, nothing was more important than for Huang Tielan to advance into an intermediate beast card cultivator.

Obviously, the elemental queen wasn’t too happy about Zhang Che’s decision. However, she couldn’t object to her master’s decision.

“Then, Master, may I watch television while refining the ingredients?”

Zhang Che was slightly taken aback. “Won’t that affect your refining of the ingredients?”

The elemental queen replied proudly, “Of course not! These are only the most basic tasks. I can guarantee zero mistakes even if I did it with my eyes closed!” As the fire elemental queen, naturally she had great confidence in herself.

“Alright then. As long as it doesn’t affect the refining, you can do whatever you want.”

Zhang Che wanted the elemental queen to integrate into human society as soon as possible. Watching television was a pretty good way of integrating herself. At the very least, the elemental queen could learn a great deal of general knowledge.


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