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Read Divine Brilliance Chapter 1100 – Night Demon Saint Realm

Divine Brilliance is a web novel created by Kai Huang.
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Chapter 1100: Night Demon Saint Realm

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Currently, Su Xiaoxiao was wearing a white skirt and she looked totally different from her usual hot and fiery self. She had no makeup on and she looked pure and cute. She was like a white flower which was very tempting. She was like a Fairy from above who was out of this world.

Zong Shou knew that it was because of the Yuan Demon Seven Emotion Technique which caused her to come here.

His brow rose up, his eyes filled with disbelief, “You actually didn’t die? I thought that the Wushang Yuan Demon would make you a fertilizer for his abode, how rare…”

Not bothering about his teasing, she flashed and jumped onto the turtle sh.e.l.l.

Chuxue was annoyed and the Blood Moon Blade came out of its sheath. A red shadow slashed across.

When the blade flashed across, the veil was sliced into two. Su Xiaoxiao’s body was on full display.

Chuxue’s brow rose up and the blade light retracted. When she was about to slash out, she noticed that she was unable to slash down.

She was a kind person and unless she really hated Su Xiaoxiao she wouldn’t attack.

She felt really embarra.s.sed. Looking at her fearful and pitiful expression, she felt guilty.

She actually didn’t do anything? Was she a little too much?

“Controlling the seven emotions, the Nine Secret Yuan Demon Seven Emotion Technique? Interesting!”

Yuan Wushang laughed coldly and said interestingly, “Brother Shou, should I kill her for you?”

Zong Shou facepalmed and sighed. He swore that in his life he rarely showed mercy to beauties. However, he really couldn’t bear to kill the devil woman in front of him.


Yuan Wushang found it weird. With how vicious Zong Shou was, he actually hesitated now?

He thought about it and then laughed out loud. “The technique affected you? You have fallen for her?”

While speaking, he retracted his Spiritual Sense lock. He cultivated both paths and knew a little about the Seven Emotion Technique.

He knew that with his emotions controlled, Zong Shou couldn’t do anything to her.

However, she also couldn’t do anything to them.

Zong Shou’s face was green and it became more and more ugly. However, he gained some knowledge during these few days.

He knew that if he really didn’t fall for her in 30 years, the effects would wear off.

Then, his tone turned cold, “Why did you come to search for me?”

“I heard that many spiritual items from the Cloud Desolate Era have been buried here and they are helpful to my Demon Path. Now that it is opened early, why can’t I come here? However, a few months ago, I really offended Junior Brother. If I follow him, I might be in danger and he might kill me. Thinking about it, it is better to enter with my lover.”

While speaking she was sizing him up.

It seemed like he still wasn’t sure about the use of the wings. Otherwise, he would be the top End Realm Expert!

If he didn’t use it himself and pa.s.sed it to Xiuguan, then he would become another Xi Zi.

He would be able to suppress the entire Cloud World all by himself.

He wouldn’t have to hide his tracks and could just openly enter the tomb.

With Saint Realm strength, he wouldn’t be suppressed. He would be able to neglect all the mechanisms within the tomb.

Although there were many experts here, all added together they wouldn’t be able to block a single sword from Zong Shou.

She had an urge to tell him about the wings.

In the next moment, an image flashed across her mind.

Since that person told her about the wings, how could he not be defending against her?

Although he left the world, he was a dark shadow looming in her heart, filled with an unlucky feeling.

She sighed and her face was filled with a playful expression, “Although it doesn’t use blood, it requires the emotions of people to grow. The seven emotions: joy, rage, sadness, fear, love, evil, and desire. I lack the last one and would be able to complete my internal world. However, who knows how many people I will have to harm? Since I already fell for Ruler, then I plan to be good and stop harming people anymore. If there is something within that can help me, then won’t I kill two birds with one stone? I am really helpless, will my lover really chase me away?”

Zong Shou scoffed, what was this? A gentleman can be bullied?

Based on what she said, it was like the people she harmed in the future would be all his fault.

If not for that technique, he would have slain her with one sword!

“Forget it, do what you want!”

He sighed, in the end he was controlled by this woman.

For some reason, he was really unwilling for her to use that technique to charm the

However, it was okay if she followed him. With him there, he would be able to keep her in check and prevent her from playing any tricks.

Su Xiaoxiao laughed, her laughter was like a crisp bell.

“I know a little about the Qin Emperor Tomb, maybe it can help you!”

Her gaze brushed across the four of them, and when she saw Shen Yuexuan, shock appeared in her eyes.

That person was from the Mohist Faction?

Chuxue was really annoyed. She wanted to pull her blade and chase her away but for some reason that animosity disappeared.

She suddenly felt like she was really cute and adorable.

No matter how slow she was, she knew that things weren’t right, like her emotions were being controlled by others.

However, Zong Shou had already said, so she couldn’t attack anymore. She could only move her head away in anger.

The cat ears on her head stood up to express that she was really really angry!

Zong Shou didn’t bother about Su Xiaoxiao anymore and continued to look into the distance.

A few moments later, there was an explosion. The giant stone that sealed the entrance blew apart as the Spiritual Formation struck it.

At that moment, energy glows rose up from all around as they all charged toward the tomb.

Zong Shou’s eyes flashed and he stepped down.

That Blue Fire Xuan Turtle understood and it spread out its 12 pairs of ice wings to surge forward. In just a few hundred breaths, he was 100 miles away from the tomb.

However, he heard a cold scoff spread out from above, “Scram!”

A strong energy pressed down on the area, causing the people all around to hold their breaths.

Zong Shou was shocked as he looked to where the voice came from.

Night Demon? Why would a Saint Realm Expert of the Night Demon Race be here?


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