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Read Divine Brilliance Chapter 1120 – Entering Xianyang

Divine Brilliance is a web novel produced by Kai Huang.
This lightnovel is right now ongoing.

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Chapter 1120: Entering Xianyang

G.o.d Refined Sword Spirit was forged from a portion of Xi Zi’s soul. In this world, if anything could search for the tracks that Xi Zi made 10,000 years ago, this was it.

As expected, when that fresh blood was wiped on, a ball of spiritual light flashed. As it rang out, the sword floated high up in the air and pointed towards the center of the small world.

“Xianyang City?”

A craving and close feeling spread to his heart.

Zong Shou allowed the G.o.d Refined Sword to float in the air, the sword spirit moved forwards on its own.

The goal of entering the Qin Emperor Tomb was to obtain the 12 Copper Men. The other goal was to see whether or not Xi Zi left anything when he came to this tomb.

Wushang Yuan Demon broke the contract after he entered the Qin Emperor Tomb. Did the wings have something to do with that?

Xi Zi was great at Creation; he grasped the Creation G.o.d Technique. Thinking about it, it did make sense.

After the G.o.d Refined Sword was activated by Zong Shou’s blood, it turned into a purple light and travelled 100 miles instantly. In this world, within the Dragon Formation, it moved about easily without any obstruction at all.

After the five of them exchanged glances with one another, they followed hurriedly. Following the trajectory of the sword light, they were able to move easily, avoiding the various restrictions of the formation.

“It really is weird!”

A weird color flashed in Zong Shou’s eyes. He knew that the G.o.d Refined Sword had absorbed large amounts of G.o.d Venerable Wish Power and was slowly raising up to G.o.d Artifact Grade.

At this moment, this sword was already half a step to G.o.d Weapon.

However, even a G.o.d Treasure wouldn’t be able to solve all the restrictions within the formation so quickly.

Even if it was an artifact that specialised in breaking formations, it couldn’t do so at such a fast pace. This G.o.d Refined Sword was just a sword.

The only explanation was that this G.o.d Refined Sword had a really clear memory of this area.

In just 15 minutes, the few of them covered thousands of meters. Then, a giant majestic city slowly appeared in front of Zong Shou’s eyes.

The city walls were 1,000 feet high, made up of giant stone, and were connected as one to the spiritual formation. It was standing alone, it looked ice cold and firm.

There were numerous giant crossbows on the walls, all sorts of various tools were all present.

There were sentries every three steps, many well armed soldiers patrolled the walls.

There were hundreds of thousands of troops all spread across the 100 miles of city walls and there were no weaknesses at all.

The few of them could sense several strong auras within the city walls.

Although the corpse power spread out, the power of those generals was definitely not lower than normal G.o.d Realm experts. Among which, four or five of them were slightly stronger than those few Saint Realm experts that they had met before.

Zong Shou restricted the G.o.d Refined Sword, he chose a high place to look down and then he took in a deep cold breath.


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