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Read Divine Brilliance Chapter 334 – Meeting Ruolan Again

Divine Brilliance is a web novel completed by Kai Huang.
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Read WebNovel Divine Brilliance Chapter 334 – Meeting Ruolan Again

Chapter 334: Chapter 334 Meeting Ruolan Again

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

The doors of the meeting hall only opened once more when night time hit. Hundreds of people surged out from within, either excited, filled with antic.i.p.ation or filled with worry. However, most of their faces were filled with exhaustion.

Zong Shou tossed out tens of plans all at once which most were pa.s.sed. However, the more it went on, the more careful the people got, smacking the tables and making noise. They wanted to think carefully before making their stand which was why the entire meeting lasted for an entire day.

Speaking of which, it was really weird. The moment Zong Shou stepped out of the meeting hall, the monster body started to act up. One thought caused the foxtails and fox ears to retract into his body, letting him heave a sigh of relief. What he was most worried about was that he would be unable to retract the monster body anymore.


A person suddenly appeared beside Zong Shou like that of a spectre. Zong Shou looked around and realized that it was Ren Bo, the scheming official that caused him to lose millions of beast crystals of profits for no reason, his brows were frowning tightly.

“Ruler I don’t understand why you want to build this meeting hall to restrict your own power?”

“This, it was said that in the past the Confucians did the same during the 3 emperors prosperous era. Elders and leaders all discussed matters together. The ruler, in ancient times, was just the leader of the various ministries, ruling together with them and didn’t fight and kill his subordinates to gain power. Prime minister you are from the Confucian path so you should understand. I am not talented and copying the ancient methods will definitely not go wrong…”

Seeing Ren Bo’s expression move slightly, a look of shock and respect appearing in his eyes, Zong Shou smiled involuntarily, “Prime minister you really believe me? All these righteous words are actually all fake. I just don’t want to stay here and deal with those complicated administrative matters. I also don’t want to remain in this Gantian Mountain all the time.”

Ren Bo was speechless, following which he laughed awkwardly, “So that was the reason! However, ruler don’t you want to consider it deeper? You are smart and if you are in charge of Gantian Mountain its power will definitely be able to rise up largely within a few years. Unifying the cloud continent wouldn’t be tough either…”

Zong Shou was feeling guilty inside, actually, he was a beginner towards government matters and didn’t understand most of the things. He had just a few tricks in his book which were mostly all used up. If he was really going to lead, then this Gantian Mountain would be definitely stirred up into a total mess.

He wasn’t willing to apologize for that, keeping the demeanor of a smart ruler, directly shaking his head, “No matter how strong Gantian Mountain is, can it allow me to travel freely in this land, letting me travel the heavens and the world, allow me to search for the pinnacle of the martial path? Furthermore, if I want to try new things once more what are you going to do?”

A single sentence stunning Ren Bo, then Zong Shou said in an ethical manner, “Anyways I will depend on you regarding Gantian Mountain matters. Besides I won’t be letting go totally…”

Hearing those words, Ren Bo really got worried. With Zong Shou’s character, he might really do things similar to closing down Shili Ling Xiangding or things as sc.u.mmy as this meeting hall.

At that time it would be a huge headache to him. Thinking of which, he really wished for Zong Shou to not bother about anything and just scram.

This ruler was best at flipping things on its head. Living a luxurious life he can come up with a huge theory and forcefully make it sound like he was thinking for the future of Gantian Mountain.

He was undoubtedly really smart, however, the way he did things were sometimes really preposterous. Many times his heart nearly couldn’t take it.

He, as a prime minister, seemed to only have a five-year term with Zong Shou. At that time, when he wants to continue, he needs Zong Shou to recommend him and obtain half the votes of the people within the meeting hall.

However, within these 5 years, he wouldn’t be inhibited by the ruler and he could do whatever he wanted with Gantian Mountain to prove what he had learned over tens of years.

“Ruler guides the subjects no matter how you act we subjects are unable to persuade you. We can only listen to you so why do you have to do that?”

Hypocritically speaking to try to make him stay, Ren Bo’s tone changed, “The ministry of war is the foundations of the ruler’s rule, so you won’t easily give it to others. As for the ministry of justice and ministry of personnel, they are important but they didn’t affect the foundations. Ruler, please let the cabinet run them if not there will be a lot of inconveniences…”

Zong Shou’s expression turned really weird. This Ren Bo was truly a cunning official. To be able to adapt to his role so quickly and take more power from his pockets. He really was shameless!

After debating for a while, Zong Shou resisted Ren Bo’s nagging and in the end, he only handed out some power from the ministry of personnel before he sent him away.

When he left the Zhengang Peak, Zong Shou still didn’t return to his palace, directly disguising himself as he left Gantian Mountain with a very simple carriage.

He didn’t bring any other guards, just Zong Yuan, Hu Zhongyuan and a few others, protecting his carriage out of Gantian Mountain.

Hu Zhongyuan didn’t know where Zong Shou was going to go. Along the way he dissed Zong Shou, saying that although he was ‘disguising’, his luxurious ways still weren’t changed.

A brand new cloud crossing carriage, hundred-odd feet of small s.p.a.ce was tightly packed, tens of spiritual formations were built, the design of the carriage was also really beautiful.

The few guards were all martial ancestor experts, they rode on grade 4 mounts, their clothes and armors were all extremely exquisite.

It was such an alluring scene, who can it be hidden from? Those spies would be able to find out right as they went out of the city, it was like ringing a bell whilst covering one’s ears.

First, they went south until a place 1200 miles away from Gantian Mountain. Not long ago this place was a subordinate city. However, now, it had turned into ruins.

Hu Zhongyuan felt slightly pleased as he had personally destroyed this area. The city lord was really unlucky, deciding to follow that short like ghost Yue Guanyun. Naturally, Zong Shou decided to kill him to send a message.

As it was chilly winter, both sides of the wilderness were filled with snow. There was no one around. However, above the ruins of a city, there were numerous people who were working hard.

Looking out from afar, they were all firm and tall, their heads full of silver hair. Zong Shou got off the carriage and looked around, not long later he looked seriously towards an area.

Only to see a pretty looking little girl not making a sound as she pulled a 2 person sized several hundred kilograms heavy stone towards the city.

Zong Shou’s brows turned serious as he walked over and carried up the little girl. In the next instant, his eyes revealed rage. This little girl’s body was covered in blue-black spots and several intersecting whip marks,


Chuxue was also astonished, feeling heart pained as she s.n.a.t.c.hed Shi Ruolan and carried her in her arms. Following which she thought about something as she took out a bottle of medicine from her bag and helped to wipe it on her.

Even Ruo Shui’s brows furrowed in rage.

An instant later, several muscular people walked over. The one in the lead was Shi Fatian.

Zong Shou’s brows rose up when Shi Fatian bowed he smiled, “Is race leader Shi Fatian happy with this place?”

“Extremely happy, we are filled with grat.i.tude!”

Shi Fatian bowed gratefully, his face really sincere,” The land here is fertile and it is so much better than beneath the cloud ocean. Shi Fatian needs to thank you for allowing our snow tiger race to be able to see the sky once more and have a place in this Donglin Cloud Continent”

Zong Shou nodded his head slightly. He could hear that this race leader was interested in going under Zong Shou. Actually being in the area of Gantian Mountain one didn’t really have a choice.

“Then in race leader, Shi’s eyes, am I a person who keeps my promise?”

See him nod whilst feeling lost, Zong Shou laughed coldly, “Then why did race leader Shi have to go against your word? I left Ruolan to all of you because you are her family so I didn’t want to take her away from your side. I wanted you to treat her well but is this how you treat her? Then he ripped the clothes on her back away and several shocking whip wounds were there for all to see.

Shi Fatian was totally stunned when he heard Zong Shou speak on his face was like that of a pig, he didn’t know how to react.

In his eyes, Zong Shou treated his daughter so well because he liked her a little. He thought he handed her back to them was because he lost interest already.

He really didn’t expect that Zong Shou had so many high hopes for this little girl.

He didn’t know how he should reply, instead, it was a person around 20 behind him, a tall silver-haired teen who said with furious eyes.

“Those are my snow tiger race rules! She is just an ordinary bloodline sc.u.m that couldn’t awaken her bloodline. She is useless so she should listen to orders. Look at the other people of our race aren’t they the same? She was whipped so many times because she deserved it, it’s just 20 2500 kilograms of greenstone a day…”

Shi Fatian knew that things were bad as he heard that, seeing Zong Shou’s eyes opened wide. Following which he smiled, “Who are you to talk to me? Why, in my eyes, the sc.u.m here is you.”

Before his words landed, Zong Yuan flashed, a lightning current shone in mid-air as he kicked out at the teen expressionlessly.

A moment later there was a loud ‘peng’ sound as this person flew hundreds of feet away, leaving a deep hole in the war behind.

Shi Fatian was instantly shocked and angry, but what he felt more was heart pained. After all, this teen was his 4th son and he usually treated him with a lot of love. At this moment he had lost consciousness and was out, the corner of his lips bleeding. Who knows how badly injured he was.

Zong Shou’s anger still hadn’t been totally vented, he scoffed coldly, “20 2500 kilograms of greenstone? Wow, this little brat isn’t even 10 right? Her cultivation is also not at the bodily realm 4th meridian. How about this 3 days later, send him to Gantian Mountain, I won’t treat him badly, just 20 25000 kilograms of stone a day, half a mile distance. Then he can just take 60 whips. How you all treated Ruolan I will treat him the same…”

Shi Fatian was slightly startled, his 4th son was just at the 9th meridian of the bodily chakra realm and only had 5 thousand kilograms of strength. He wasn’t able to suppress his anger, “Ruler! My 4th son only doesn’t know the rules and didn’t watch his mouth, do you have to that? Ruolan is my daughter so how to treat her and how to raise her are the duties of my snow tiger race. I know the rules of this cloud continent, the private matters of a subordinate race aren’t something you have rights to interfere in!”


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