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Chapter 385: Chapter 384 Mystery of the Eon Book

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“What is coincidental was that not long ago, news spread out about sword prince Jue Yu. He has come out of seclusion and is challenging the 19 spiritual houses and 10 shrines…”

As he said that Ling Miaozi couldn’t help but coldly sweep along Long Ruo, angry and hateful whilst also filled with pity.

Originally when this sword prince comes over and challenges them, the most suitable person to send from the sect would be Long Ruo. However, now they were only left with Zu Renkuang who had just reached the ascended realm, and he had to hold up the sect by himself.

If Zong Shou was able to join the sect, he could even use this battle to cause Lingyun Sect’s name to spread far and wide in the cloud world.

“I know about this matter! What did the few elders say about Long Ruo?”

Ling Weizi’s pity on his face was even thicker, hesitating as he said, “After hearing what the few senior masters said, they want to punish him heavily. They might even chase him out of the sect.”

Long Ruo’s body shook once more. Wu Hua’s face also shivered, his fists clenched tight, an annoyed look appeared on his face.

As for Ling Weizi, he acted like he didn’t see anything, sighing as he looked into the distance, “This matter is unable to be changed and salvaged. Our Lingyun Sect needs to answer the people of the world. We can’t let the reputation that we acc.u.mulated for tens of thousands of years to be lost in our hands. Senior brother head teacher, do you know that when the news was spread out? A few demon sects and the few spiritual houses all started to be restless?”

His gaze glanced at that Han Nishui, his eyes still ice cold. “Even the Mysterious Cloud Sect was furious and sent people over to blame our sect. Saying that Long Ruo wanting to Zong Shou, why did he have to drag their Mysterious Cloud spirit sect disciple down with him?”

Wu Hua scoffed, his fists tightly clenched. Then his expression was complicated as he slowly focused.

His eyes were filled with pain and hesitation, not knowing how he should deal with this matter.

At the peak of Dragon Gathering Mountain, Zong Shou was still sitting cross-legged. His thoughts were not focused as he was mentally communicating with Dragon Shadow old man who was hundreds of worlds away.

“…Before this, I heard master say that the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique that I used was lost in the Oblivion Cloud Ocean for years. What were the details on that?”

“As expected, you want to ask about this matter!”

That dragon shadow old man laughed, “If it was other people, they would still be confused. In the past, I had fought with that person which was why I know something about it. The person who created this method was one known as venerable Tun Tian during the cloud desolate era. When he appeared in the cloud world he was already at the saint realm, and at that time, he was invincible. Not only could he swallow heaven and earth energy for his use, but he could also swallow other people’s true qi and soul power which was why his combat strength was really strong, exceeding that of that time. Even a few end realm experts avoided him and didn’t dare to easily cross swords with him. After I entered the saint realm, I had b.u.mped into him and ended in total defeat, nearly dying. I went all out with my newly created nine dragon shadow sword, not only managing to escape but also cutting off one of his arms. I can be considered the first person in the cloud world…”

When he said that, Dragon Shadow old man seemed to be unfazed by this loss, continuing instead with a little bit of pride,” However speaking about that person, it might be because some problems arose with that technique which caused him to go crazy sometimes whilst being conscious. After the battle with me, he charged into the oblivion cloud ocean and no one knew about his tracks. I had some animosity with that person which was why I was concerned with the changes in the cloud ocean and once personally went in to search. In the hundreds of years, I didn’t see him come out and didn’t see any tracks of him. In the end, I slowly forgot about this matter. I didn’t expect that ten thousand years later my direct disciple would also learn this technique.”

Huge waves surged crazily in Zong Shou’s heart, unable to calm down. Since this heaven swallowing energy conversion technique had already disappeared into the cloud ocean with its master than how did it appear in the G.o.d-Emperor game?

Did people in the future discover it when they were searching the Oblivion Cloud Ocean?

And also his father, that future maniac blood monster saint, nine tail fox king. At this moment he was also inside the oblivion cloud ocean.

“That is all I know about this matter! Scoff, even with how smart your senior brother Wei Xu is he probably doesn’t know about this either. Zong Shou, you have a good father…”

That Dragon Shadow smiled, his face filled with emotions, “As for the details within, it isn’t convenient for me to speak to you about it now. When you have time in the future you can head to the cloud ocean to take a look! He could give up on such a thing, giving up a technique that could let him enter the saint realm. Your father deserves respect! Zong Shou remember that in the future you can forget about everything, even not caring about Wei Xu and me, but you can never be unfilial and disrespectful towards your father…”

Zong Shou was startled and just as he was about to speak he felt the vast intent that was pressing on this mountain suddenly leave. In just an instance there was no trace of it.

He used his heart to call out but he didn’t hear Dragon Shadow old man reply. His heart couldn’t help but panic.

Dragon Shadow said he had a good father, what did that mean? Even willing to give up such a thing? What did he refer to?

Did he talk about that mysterious blue light in his soul? Or was he referring to that book of eon extreme life that he stole in the last life?

Hearing Dragon Shadow old man’s tone, it seemed like everything he had in this life was due to Zong Weiran. What was happening?

When he replaced Zong Shou and took control of Zong Shou’s body, Zong Weiran was already totally gone without a trace, hiding into the Oblivion Cloud Ocean.

And also that Zong Shou, when he dissipated, he said “You and I are originally one. You are me and I am you”. Thinking about it now it sent a chill down his spine, he subconsciously was unwilling to think about it.

Was everything he went through ten thousand years later fake? Did this world not have an emperor sword Tanqiu?

He was just a soul split off from Zong Shou? Or was the sword emperor Tanqiu ten thousand years later just Zong Shou?

Ha! How is that possible? The experiences of the last life, be it enemies or friends, they all were real, how could it be an illusion? Even end realm peak experts wouldn’t be able to do that!

Just as his thoughts spun and he thought about it, he felt that it got more and more preposterous and he was at a total loss. The blood in his body surging and nearly went into chaos. Coincidentally, at that moment, he felt that familiar strong intent cross the sky, Dragon Shadow old man’s voice rose up once more, “I nearly forgot to say, the heaven swallowing energy conversion technique you used before is great. However, in the future, you don’t need to be too careful with it. That venerable Tun Tian probably abused the technique and went crazy because of it. This technique might not be created by him and the method and ways used might be different. You can delve deep into it in the future and not give up on it for fear of it being harmful. This technique is called heaven swallowing energy conversion. When weak, it can use the excess to make up for the lacking, and when strong it can reduce the lacking parts by even more to further strengthen the excess, how sick! The heaven path would be taken up by it. The true use of it should be no weaker than that book of eon extreme life…”

Zong Shou was originally paying close attention. But when he heard that final sentence his body shuddered, his face filled with shock.

Who knows did Dragon Shadow say it purposely or was it just a coincidence…

Then that Dragon Shadow old man spoke up once more, “You don’t need to think too much about this, everything happens for a reason. In the future, when you enter the Oblivion Cloud Ocean and meet your father, you will naturally understand. Let me say something more, the best thing of my life might be taking you in as my disciple. Which is why student you don’t have to have any burden in your heart…”

The voice became slowly unclear as he said on. When he said the word burden, it directly disappeared. Zong Shou called out several times but he was still unable to hear any reply from Dragon Shadow old man.

He knew that his teacher’s intent had probably already left the cloud world. He sighed and slowly opened his eyes.

In the next moment, he smiled awkwardly. There were some things that that he couldn’t be clear about.

He still couldn’t understand why Dragon Shadow old man would treat him so importantly before?

He couldn’t be more clear about his status. Even that close to broken reflective wall secrets and the ident.i.ty of the Dragon Shadow saint didn’t need to use a begging att.i.tude to ask him to be his student.

This was what was so weird…

And also that Oblivion Cloud Ocean, was he going to go or not? What relationship did that maniac blood monster saint Zong Weiran have with him?

Random thoughts rose up in his heart. He thought about it for a moment and knew that the energy in his body was becoming chaotic once more. He was slightly shocked and then decisively suppressed these messy thoughts down.

And when Zong Shou looked forwards, he only saw Zong Yuan who was holding a spear and standing looking over.

“Ruler, that Dragon Shadow martial saint has already left?”

Zong Shou nodded his head and was about to stand up. He felt an intense pulling pain in the meridians of his body. All his muscles felt like there were millions of ants biting in his body.

He used less than half of his strength before he had no choice but to sit back down.

He knew that these were the after-effects of the battle against Long Ruo and the other 2.

Although the external pill was good, the damage to his body and his meridians was simply too much. If it wasn’t for the Dragon Shadow old man aiding him, his 9 meridians would have broken into 10 pieces.

Sighing, Zong Shou focused and adjusted his internal energy. Subconsciously he thought about borrowing the external pill to fill up his spiritual energy.

A moment later, he felt that something wasn’t right. Zong Shou hurriedly took out that sky grade external pill hidden in his sleeves only to see that there was a giant ‘sealed’ word on it.

He couldn’t help but exclaim, he was extremely startled. He knew that Dragon Shadow old man did that to prevent him from abusing this item.

This time, he was back to his original state.


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