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Read Divine Emperor of Death Chapter 1529 – Being Coveted

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Chapter 1529 – Being Coveted


The brownish earth domain collapsed, becoming unable to sustain its presence after its conjurer stood dumbfounded without daring to do anything. His eyes only appeared to be staring at the silhouette of the proud swan above.

Sophie had her hands spread out while her domain covered the battle platform and her opponent, Gong Kim-Jin. She exuded a proud and imposing aura as her domain full of blazing armaments shattered his one kilometer radius Impeccable Domain and checkmated him.

Excluding Davis and his women, everyone in the Grand Wedding Hall almost had their eyes pop out as they saw the magnificent crimson domain that they had never seen in their lives, probably not even once except the Ninth Stage Powerhouses who had gone to the Large-Sized Territories to view the magnificence of their geniuses.

Even then…

“This… is a Perfect Domain!?”

Gong Kim-Il stood up as he screamed atop of his lungs in incredulity when he recognized the size and the sheer prowess of it. Beside him, Ancestor Gong Hyun-Ki also had a similar look of disbelief. The other Ninth Stage Powerhouses also possessed similar expressions on their faces, appearing like they couldn’t believe what they saw as they slowly stood up.

There was an unabated world of silence except for the blazing sounds of the thousands of armaments in Sophie’s three and a half kilometer domain, threatening to strike her opponent in an instant.

“Well, are you going to surrender, or should I attack? Although, I can’t guarantee if you will survive my perfect domain’s onslaught.”

Gong Kim-Jin came out of his reverie upon hearing her voice and s.u.c.k.e.d in a deep breath of cold air, but the air inside was searingly hot, almost making him cough.

“I admit defeat…”

He went on his knees, giving rest to his broken kneecaps while he stared at the ground.

Win or lose? It didn’t matter to him at the moment, not when the opponent was so overwhelmingly powerful like this that he almost doubted if he was facing a Large-Sized Territories’ genius top disciple.


Sophie flicked her sleeves, and her Perfect Domain disappeared as the blazing armaments faded away. This time, she didn’t stay but instantly flew back to Davis as if wanting to feel safe from the scrutiny or possible attacks.


The crowd jumped up from their seats as their voices went abuzz.

“She has a Perfect Domain!?”

“Perfect Domain!!? Heck! What’s that?”

“Dammit! Go ask someone else! You have no idea what you chanced upon in this nowhere!”

People began to bicker or convey their knowledge to the others while the whole Grand Wedding Hall instantly became abuzz in discussions. Many still glanced at Sophie as they listened. The more they heard about the legend of the Perfect Domain, the more they became awed and felt desiring of her.

Just recently they heard that a top disciple in the Burning Phoenix Ridge had achieved that kind of prowess which made her become a part of grand and sensational news that echoed throughout the Fifty-Two Territories, but what of this woman called Sophie?

How did she become so powerful!? How was she unknown!?

They began to quickly investigate, sending their men to the nearby All-Seeing Tower.

However, Grand Elder Krax Alstreim broke down and went to secretly cry in some corner. Never in his life did he expect Davis to have so much concern and love for her that he made her create a Perfect Domain.

But, while the Alstreim Family became full of uproar for their new powerful youth who seemingly overwhelmed their current Young Mistress, there were people who were already plotting against her.

Some wicked path people disguised as righteous path cultivators in the Grand Alstreim City had their jaws drop as they watched the live feed displayed all over the city.

Previously, they were already tempted to make a move on Sophie in a secretive manner regardless of her man or the Dragon Queen, but after witnessing her Perfect Domain, they completely forgot about her instead of targeting her more because she was no longer on their level anymore.

However, they didn’t know how the Dragon Families would move after this, so they continued to watch with eagerness.

Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim was just about to announce the results when an imposing voice abruptly echoed.

“Sophie Alstreim. My Zlatan Family is willing to welcome you into becoming a part of us.”

“My Orcha Family is willing…”

“Same here with my Ike Family.”

“Seems like we are all of the same thought. My Domitian Family is also willing to invite you and make you even more powerful.”

Thorus Zlatan, Sarax Orcha, Heztus Ike, and Kyris Domitian spoke without a pause as they competed for Sophie Alstreim. It could be seen that their eyes held an avid glint, but on the other hand, the youths behind them had eyes full of l.u.s.t.

As they were waiting for Sophie Alstreim’s reply, the crowd went into another uproar before an annoyed voice echoed out.

“What nonsense?” Ancestor Dian Alstreim appeared angered, “Sophie Alstreim belongs to my Alstreim Family. I will not allow her to leave, so please refrain from inviting or coercing her.”

“Hmph!” Thorus Zlatan narrowed his eyes, “Believe me when I say that you are simply not capable of nurturing her one in a billion talent, much less protecting her.”


“You better give her up before ‘they’ kidnap her.”

“We are saying this for the good of your power and Sophie Alstreim’s well-being.”

Sarax Orcha, Heztus Ike, and Kyris Domitian spoke as if advising.

Ancestor Dian Alstreim merely smiled at their so-called good intentions before he spoke.

“If it’s the worry that I will not be able to protect her, then there is no need. I believe my Alstreim Family is more than capable of protecting her.”

“What arrogance…!”

Thorus Zlatan clenched his fist as his Low-Level Martial Overlord aura heavily weighed on the surroundings, silencing the murmurs of the crowd.

“Seems like you won’t understand without experiencing it. I can just leave it saying ‘so be it’, but who would be the one to suffer?”

“Sophie Alstreim, you tell us if you’re willing to choose one of the four of us. Who would dare to touch the Four Great Dragon Families? Your protection, well-being, and cultivation is nothing but guaranteed and smooth sailing!~”

At this moment, Natalya had already given her s.p.a.ce for Sophie to be seated beside Davis. When Sophie heard their demand that sounded like a request, she shook her head.

“I belong where my beloved belongs.”

Thorus Zlatan’s expression froze while the others looked the same, including the guests, whose jaws dropped.

She was actually giving up such a proposition for a dude with many women!?

Sure, Davis Alstreim did seem to be an excellent groom for her but was she not aware that the Dragon Families had more of him but better within their ranks, even unmarried, making her capable of having that man all to herself with her current talent?

Thorus Zlatan raised his hand to stop other Dragon Family Powerhouses from las.h.i.+ng out. Instead, he answered.

“Don’t worry. That brat is also coming with one of us after our Dragon Queen Isabella returns with us. You just have to choose one of us.”

“In that case, there is still time. I’ll choose whichever power Dragon Queen Isabella chooses, and my beloved follows.” Sophie innocently smiled and grabbed Davis’s hand, revealing that she was deeply in love with him.

Ancestor Dian Alstreim looked extremely angered as if he was going to release steam from his head while witnessing Sophie’s disloyalty to the Alstreim Family but couldn’t do anything about it in the presence of the Four Great Dragon Families. But, inwardly, he was laughing like h.e.l.l.

On the other hand, Davis looked at the four Dragon Families with a cold stare.

He was about to give them a harsh beatdown in words even if it led to a real beatdown, but looking at Sophie diplomatically dealing with these overbearing powerhouses, he became impressed at her courage.

Nonetheless, looking at these Dragon Families acting as if they already had the Dragon Queen in the bag, he finally understood their thought process. Looks like they really thought everything was smoothly mes.h.i.+ng according to their plans that they chose to wait for her. They did investigate, but if he gave them false information through that spy he enslaved and more of them, then they were going to believe that it was okay for them to be a bit patient.

Still, he was getting extremely annoyed by these Dragon Families constantly targeting his women. There was a limit to which he could endure, and after that, it didn’t matter to him if it was life or death.

“If any one of you wants to target Sophie or my other women, then you have to go through my dead body first.”

He gave a sound warning that made Thorus Zlatan raise his brows in half-amus.e.m.e.nt and half-surprise.

“Why does it sound like a threat?” He laughingly asked as he looked around, garnering laughter from the guests.

“Because it’s a threat.”

“Aha!” Thorus Zlatan looked deeply amused, “Brat, being careless and daring is a wonderful part of being youthful, but don’t let it get yourself killed. Having Dragon Queen Isabella at your back doesn’t mean you can do as you please.”


Davis merely shook his head at the jeering crowd. He had already given the warning. It was their choice to heed it or not.

Ancestor Dian Alstreim inwardly scoffed as he heard them speak.

Davis was careless and daring?

He might accept the second comment, but this brat was the most cautious youngster he had ever seen in his life!


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