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Chapter 209: Beheading the Bandit Leader

“They are….” Davis asked in a nonchalant tone. He could see that the man was an Energy Condensation Stage Cultivator while the woman was a Revolving Core Stage Cultivator.

Yet, the bandit leader had a different reaction altogether, “Oh… Do you want them in one piece? Then do as I say and leave this place with your two little friends.”

Most likely, he figured that Davis, who looked like a kid would not forsake people because the latter had called him trash, and he knew people who do that were more or less sympathetic to these people who suffered.

“Do that, and I’ll return them to a nearby town, what do you say?” The bandit leader secretly licked his lips and glanced at the woman near him.

He had just captured the two of them yesterday and was going to bed the woman today night, yet who would have thought there would be this kind of development. 2

Of course, he was not going to let them scot-free because he was planning to have his way with her tonight to vent the frustrations he experienced today.

Yet, what he heard next, made his spine turn cold.

“I decline, I’ll have your life instead of theirs…” Davis uttered and closed in on him.

“Stop right there! Or else I will slit the throat of this woman!” The bandit leader in his nervousness pointed at the woman with a blade.

The man who was tied up whimpered and pleaded with his eyes to not come closer. The fact that he could not speak meant that he was fed some kind of restricting pill.

Right now, the bandit leader felt like he was facing a demon in a human form. He looked into Davis’s eyes to find no hesitation when approaching him, only managing to garner a feeling of immensely looking down on him.

“d.a.m.n it!!” With fear clouding his eyes for a moment, he forgot about the woman and attacked Davis with all his power, “You cold-hearted monster who’s even worse than me, don’t act like you are better than me!”

But, in this distance, he couldn’t even fully cast his technique before his head flew off, painting the storage room in blood-red filth.

The blood also inadvertently spurted on the man and woman, painting their faces in red, making them look like they were survivors from a b.l.o.o.d.y war.

Davis then approached the woman who had her eyes filled with tears before scrutinizing him for a moment.

The woman looked at his eyes and saw no emotion when he looked at her, but the next moment she was shocked into utter silence because he shoved a pill right into her mouth.

A second later, she felt that she had been fed an unscrupulous pill, but the next moment, she noticed that she could speak as a slight gasp escaped her mouth.

She then noticed her brother getting fed a pill by him before he broke the chains shackling them, and a deep amount of gratefulness sprouted in her heart.

Without saying anything, Davis tried to leave but was stopped by an angry voice instead, “Why didn’t you leave when he gave his word!? What would have happened if he had really killed my sister?”

The one who shouted was none other than the man.

Davis turned back and figured that this man was nineteen years old, his thought process was easy enough for him to figure out why he would ask such a question.

“Glyn, be quiet! This benefactor saved us!” The woman berated him angrily.

‘Truly a calf that doesn’t fear the tiger…’ Davis coldly thought and judged the man to be extremely naive in an instant. Either that or he had other ulterior motives in berating him.

Davis could have just been a bigger man and left after hearing that, but he was quite petty himself. 2

He closed in on that man and took a hold of his hair and kneed him right at the face, causing blood to leak out incessantly from his nose. His already bloodied face was ruined even more.

And as expected, soon enough, the man cried words of begging as he felt dizzy while wobbling like a clown, “I’m sorry… sorry… Nina… help…”

Even after saving him, the man demanded that he should’ve done things pa.s.sively, and to this Davis was quite p.i.s.sed off.

“Benefactor, please forgive him… He does not know the ways of the world. Please forgive him… please…” Instead of attacking Davis, the woman held his legs and pleaded for her brother in tears.

Looking at her back, Davis glanced at the man and let him go.

The woman immediately hugged her brother and consoled him while thanking Davis every few seconds.

‘A responsible and tactful sister…’ Davis thought and sighed while looking at her beautiful exterior.

She was in no way inferior to the models in his previous life. In fact, she was even better than them.

Mortal women required makeup to look like a fairy, but cultivators here required no such things to appear transcendent.

Even an average female cultivator here might be a fairy in the mortal world as long as they don’t use any weird techniques to cultivate or change their appearance.

Looking at such a figure care for her brother deeply, Davis was slightly moved, but he wasn’t going to let this matter off just like that.

He closed in on him again and held his shoulders.

The man flinched and closed his eyes thinking that he was going to get kicked in the stomach but the event he expected didn’t come true.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked at Davis’s eyes when a question reached his ears which shook his mind to the core.

“Do you know why you were left alive by the bandit leader?”

Glyn trembled but opened his mouth half-heartedly, “Because he saw value in me?”

After answering the question, he saw Davis staring at him without changing his expression.

A few moments pa.s.sed in silence before Davis uttered, “Wrong…”

Glyn smiled ruefully. To be truthful, even he had no idea why he had been kept alive, and besides his life, all he could think was the safety of his sister.


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