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Jonas closed his eyes as if he didn’t know what had transpired and continued to speak, “Unfortunately, it seems like she died when the rebellion occurred…”

‘Hehe, big brother. I was magnanimous enough to not expose that you had secretly shed your chaste status, but you just had to embarra.s.s me in front of two women…’ He inwardly lampooned.

No one cared about his last sentence, as if the death of the maid wasn’t something to lament about.

Instead, their expression was awkward to the extreme except Mo Mingzhi’s.

“M-Mingzhi, what are you going to do in the future? Meng Ying shuddered once before she spoke in a hurried manner.

Jonas became shocked as he glanced at Meng Ying, ‘She changed the topic!?’

‘She didn’t pursue the matter?’

Meanwhile, Viktor didn’t dare to glance at Meng Ying or Jonas, afraid that Meng Ying would come to a conclusion. He had indeed lost his innocence around twelve but it was pure curiosity and he didn’t hold any emotions for the maid as well!

“Me?” Mo Mingzhi pondered for a minute second before she quickly answered, “Get stronger and be together with Crown Prince Davis.”

Indeed, when she thought about what she wanted to do after all these months of preserving and cultivating, she still wanted to be together with him.

Her thoughts experienced almost no changes at this point.

Her answer did not garner any reactions from her answer, instead, they all went silent for a few seconds.

She glanced at the three of them before she inwardly laughed at Jonas’s attempt at getting back at his twin brother but it seemed like Meng Ying was pretty shaken by the revelation.

‘Looks like she didn’t know this matter before…’

‘Well, when I tried to fall into Tian Long’s lap, he told me that he had a wife, indirectly rejecting me.’ Mo Mingzhi’s eyes panned over Viktor in a judging light and fell on Meng Ying with a smirk.

‘Who’s the honest one now? Hehe…’

Earlier, Meng Ying had been indirectly bragging about Viktor a lot, placing him on a pedestal. Now, in Mo Mingzhi’s perspective, it seemed like Tian Long was way better.

Tian Long could’ve just said nothing and slept with her at that time like many other hollow men, but he instead advised her to cultivate and search for her own future after arriving at the Grand Sea Continent.

Nevertheless, she was still bent on him.

‘But who can change my obsessive nature? Not even Tian Long can…’ She inwardly lampooned.

Of course, she perfectly knew that there would be many men capable than Tian Long in the cultivation world, however, she was obsessed enough to be never separate herself from him.

Suddenly, Meng Ying opened her mouth but stammered, “A-Ah yes, I… You…”

Her eyes darted around thinking about something but she couldn’t say anything, leading to the atmosphere to be even more awkward.

Mo Mingzhi inwardly laughed and decided to help her out since she had worried for her. She directed the conversation to another topic, relieving the tension in Meng Ying and Viktor’s muscles.

Meanwhile, Jonas felt that he had been rather cra.s.s and unseemly just a while ago, ‘I shouldn’t have done that…’

As time pa.s.sed by, he felt regret over this matter, especially when he looked at Meng Ying’s reaction. It looked like she really took it to heart but tried not to display her emotions to others only to fail.

He could see that she didn’t even concentrate on the conversation for some time.

A few minutes pa.s.sed and the atmosphere still remained the same.

Just when Jonas was about to retire himself to his room, leaving this awkward atmosphere and reflect on his actions, he saw a beautiful figure walking over the edge of the terrace, slowly stretching her hand as she brushed past all the flowers that were planted on the edges.

Jonas’s pupils dilated as his heartbeat slowly sped up.


Clara walked over the edges of the terrace, her thin and graceful fingers brus.h.i.+ng past the flowers from the shrubs that someone important to her had planted with his own two hands.

Her blonde hair gently swayed in the breeze, accentuating her beauty manifolds, especially when one viewed her from the sides. Her gaze slowly panned and fell towards the horizon, gazing in the direction of the First Layer; The place where they had gone to; the place where she had wanted to explore/

Her gaze stayed there for a while reminiscing about her elder brother and her parents who had left this place for about two months.

Truthfully, she never felt that it would be this lonely.

Only after her elder brother, father, and mother left did she feel the loneliness exist within herself.

Even though her emotional quotient wasn’t high, she was finally able to realize it herself, that she had been cold to others, making them uncomfortable in her presence.

And to relieve her loneliness, she had been coming to this place regularly, whenever she had the chance. After all, she had been quite busy supervising the Loret Empire.

‘I finally understand father’s headache… To be a responsible ruler is clearly not possible… At least, not with the present subordinates.’

Clara had already managed to discover many inconsistencies problems with the Emperor’s subordinates and even discovered that they slightly robbing the resources that would originally belong to them.

However, her father, Logan, had also warned that if she should find these types of crooked actions, she should leave them alone as long as they didn’t go overboard.

As a ruler, shouldn’t one execute them on the spot for there misbehavior and transgression against the Empire?

Clara felt increasingly confused that the studies she received on being a ruler didn’t coincide with reality.

For now, she hadn’t taken any adverse actions other than warning them, only to receive an answer that they wouldn’t do it anymore with their heads on the level of their knees.

After that, she didn’t bother with them as they did indeed seemed to obey her words, however, only two months had pa.s.sed for her to confirm the veracity of their words.

Clara suddenly narrowed her brows as she felt uncomfortable.

‘Isn’t Uncle Jonas rather staring at me for a long time?’

She turned her head and her pupils reflected Jonas’s entranced gaze along with the others who had just noticed her presence as they turned to look at her.

Clara instantly frowned. Staring a person for too long is akin to transgression. It was even so when directed at a royal woman.

She lifted up her right hand and pointed at her Uncle Jonas.

“Staring at me is prohibited!”

Jonas who was intently admiring Clara’s beauty trembled when he heard her speak.

A hint of danger welled up within him!

The next moment, he felt immense pain in his eyes that it started to bleed with tears. Blood cascaded down his cheeks while the whites of his eyes turned bloodshot.

He instantly moved his gaze away from her and closed his eyes as he fell over the chair with a jerk. Nevertheless, he didn’t let out a shout of pain even though the pain that encroached his eyes made him want to scream.

The others who were seated at the table instantly stood up in horror.

When Viktor looked at his brother’s eyes bleeding, he felt immensely enraged as he instantly forgot about the latter’s transgression.

He turned to look at Clara before roaring, “What did you do to my brother!?”


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