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Davis then browsed and bought knowledge regarding Alchemy from the Alchemist, spending 10,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones in the process.

“Young Man, you sure are rich!” Agis Stirlander became taken aback as he subconsciously exclaimed.

Davis blinked, giving a nonchalant reply, “Well, I am an alchemist after all…”

“Judging from the stars on your robes, you’re only a Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemist!” Agis Stirlander widened his eyes in confusion, “How long have you been a Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemist? I thought you were around two hundred years old but to gain this much wealth to buy a Mid-Level King Grade Pill and bountiful knowledge in Low-Level King Grade Alchemy without feeling suffocated, it surely is not possible, no?”

Davis just smiled back at him and refused to answer.

Indeed, in the previous Pill Stores he visited, he had spent 40,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones to purchase knowledge regarding Alchemy of Low-Level King Grade. The number of books he bought just kept on increasing and the cost seemed to be expensive as well.

Hence it could be said a total of 70,000 Mid-Level Spirit Stones in front of this outspoken middle-aged man, Agis Stirlander, who sure had a lot of questions for him.

Davis didn’t know for what reason Agis Stirlander had taken interest in him or his profession. He didn’t know what motives the other party had for approaching him either but he could guess…

For example, Agis Stirlander could’ve noticed him talking with the Conferred Queen and chosen to take interest in him or it could be because of some other motive. Nevertheless, it could also just be boredom and socialistic tendencies that made Agis Stirlander approach him.

Davis cast his gaze back to display cases.

There were many other pills with similar effects he had known before, hence, he didn’t take much interest in them. All these pills just belonged to a single King Grade Alchemist.

And in this convention, there were plenty of King Grade Alchemists who had plenty of other pills displaying various other effects.

Feeling awfully curious, Davis visited the other complexes with Evelynn, and Agis Stirlander before night finally fell. He had further spent another 10,000 Mid Level Spirit Stones on Low-Level King Grade Alchemical Knowledge, bringing his wealth in the denomination of Mid-Level Spirit Stones to 72,349 Mid-Level Spirit Stones.

That one missing Mid-Level Spirit Stone was none other than the tip he gave to the receptionist when he took the Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemy Exam.

However, Davis didn’t just leave it be as he felt the numbers were an eyesore. He used 2,349 Mid Level Spirit Stones and bought pills that aided in increasing one’s Essence Gathering Cultivation. Those Pills were all at Mid-Level Sky Grade and High-Level Sky Grade, hence, he bought a lot of them.

As for High-Level Spirit Stones, it had decreased from 100,000 High-Level Spirit Stones to 85,000 High-Level Spirit Stones due to the transaction he had with Alchemist Johann Strauss, a Poison Master.

At this time, the theme changed and people were heading to another place.

The Banquet Hall!

Except, the Banquet Hall was built in a rather big land as it occupied a s.p.a.ce of over twenty square kilometers, capable of hosting all the people who have arrived for the Alchemy Convention.

People from all the areas who were browsing the shops or taking part in compet.i.tions arrived here and they were still walking in with smiles and cold expressions on their faces.

Davis, Evelynn, and Agis Stirlander headed inside the Banquet Hall rather late, hence they were in the middle when compared to the early comers. However, since Davis is a Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemist, he was allowed further into the center where people of extreme status sat, drinking, and enjoying the beautiful and elegant dance of the gorgeously dressed beauties.

Yes, beauties were dancing to the music that is played in the background by musicians. Instruments were played and flutes were blown, sounding a melodious tone that fit the theme of a banquet.

It gave them a sense of composure and made them realize that this is how a banquet is and should be conducted!

In a few minutes, numerous servant girls daintily flew like fairies and placed the big plates of dishes on the table. There were numerous types of dishes, for example, fried curry, grilled meat, smoked heart, and soups made of bones.

Davis and the other two sat on a separate table when a servant girl placed a single big plate that had a variety of dishes, invoking their voracious appet.i.te.

Without delay, they quickly partook in the feast and acted like gourmets, guessing the effects of the dishes placed on their table.

Slightly befitting of his current status as a Peak-Level Sky Grade Alchemist, the dish seemed to be from a Low-Level or a Mid-Level Saint Beast Stage Magical Beast.

These dishes could perhaps strengthen their bodies or increase their essence energy or do both since they felt it to be the case after eating it.

However, most of the time, although their tongues and arms were reaching for the food and the drinks, their gazes were concentrated at a certain location.

Charming dancers swayed their slender hips like a frail flower and caressed the air as if embracing the guests. They were dressed in cla.s.sical robes and each of their movement exuded a tremendous amount of attraction for the males who were seated at the Banquet Hall.

Some of them even stopped eating and rudely stared at the dancers with widened eyes as if they were violating them through their eyes. However, they did not dare make a move in this Banquet Hall in which numerous Eighth Stage Experts have convened including people of status.

Anyone who would make trouble would at least be confident of their own status before making trouble.

“Tsk Tsk, just look at those dancers gently flip their wrists while swaying those hips! Combined with the Charm Arts that they’ve exuding, I’m being absolutely riled up!” Agis Stirlander placed the cup in his palm on the table with a *thud* and hiccupped with a blush invading his face.

These dancers weren’t the only ones who danced but there were many dancers, placed throughout the Banquet Hall.

By the side, Evelynn blushed a little when she heard Agis Stirlander’s speech. Somehow, she could understand that this person would probably engage in s.e.xual affairs tonight.

When she cast a gaze to Davis with the corner of her eyes, she saw him still intently looking at the charming dancers who garnered the attention of most of the males in the Banquet Hall.

She couldn’t help but feel jealous at the same time, even thinking, ‘Perhaps, I should learn dancing as well?’

At the exact moment, she thought of herself dressing up in cla.s.sical robes and dancing for him in their bedroom, she couldn’t help but heavily blush.

“I want to see them close up! d.a.m.n it!” Agis Stirlander fumed, however, he calmed down and harrumphed.

With an annoyed expression on his face, he looked at Davis, “After the banquet is over, I’ll be heading to the l.u.s.trous Skin Manor! I don’t care if my earnings are squandered but I’m definitely going to have the time of my life with three beauties! Are you coming with me?”

Davis’s lips twitched, ‘Three?’

He felt l.u.s.t rise within and temptation take over him a bit but he instantly suppressed his desire into an awkward laugh, “l.u.s.trous Skin Manor? I don’t what that is…”

He could guess but haven’t heard of it before.

Agis Stirlander became taken aback before he shot a look towards Evelynn. His eyes widened before he nodded his head and pitifully looked at Davis as if he understood.


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