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Davis sensed its undulations before and realized that it’s a High-Level Saint Beast Stage Magical Beast!

He didn’t think that he would meet a target so soon, especially with his slow traversing pace that he had taken into account. He needed High-Level Sixth Stage Souls to enhance his Soul Forging Cultivation, hence this Crowned Violet-Winged Condor undoubtedly became his target.

Suddenly, the pack of wolves in front of him displayed signs of anger on their faces. It could be said as extreme as the grit their sharp teeth while their fangs were protruding out. Even the female wolf leader who had transformed into her human form displayed extreme anger on her face.

The Crowned Violet-Winged Condor instantly arrived as it flapped its wings and stood on an offshoot branch that extended from a cave. It shot a look at the two humans before its sharp gaze fell on the female wolf leader.

It snorted, “Where are the sacrifices you have promised?”

Its voice sounded feminine as well and it spoke in Sky Word Language.

Clearly, Magical Beasts seemed to know the Sky Word Language for some reason, perhaps, thought by their elders and ancestors for a long time, so much that it became a part of their bloodline memories.

They instinctively seemed to grasp the Sky Word Language after some time, and use it to speak with other species of Magical Beasts and not to forget, Humans.

The wolf woman grit her teeth so much that it made grinding sounds echo throughout the vast valley. She clenched her fists as her two arms trembled, however, she suddenly became calm as if she let it go and waved her hand, her nails scratching the walls of the mountain in a straight line.


A five-meter wolf that was standing on a cave entrance howled with sadness the next moment.

In the next few seconds, two four-meter wolves appeared walked out of another cave entrance a little far away from the Crowned Violet-Winged Condor, followed by three half a meter wolves who looked as if they were nothing more than younglings, children, in human terms.

The Crowned Violet-Winged Condor scrutinized the new arrivals and visibly frowned.

The next moment, she let out a threatening screech, “The sacrifices are not enough! I told your clan to sacrifice six younglings!”

“Don’t go too far!” The wold woman screamed as she took a step to the front over empty air. Her expression looked ready to stake everything if she needed so!

The Crowned Violet-Winged Condor snorted and mocked, “I’ve already eaten your strongest! You dare to defy me!?”

The female wolf leader’s pupils trembled as her face turned pale. The memories of the past rushed to her heart. The alpha of their clan was none other than her father, and the one who had eaten their alpha was none other than this Crowned Violet-Winged Condor.

Immense hatred welled up within her but for this Sunset Mountain Wolf Clan, she had to curb her vengeance and even compromise with the Crowned Violet-Winged Condor to keep the clan alive from being exterminated.

The two stared at each other in a standoff, and with the two of them ignoring the humans, it looked as if a battle to the death would erupt pretty soon.

Perhaps the Crowned Violet-Winged Condor noticed Davis and Evelynn at the corner of her eyes, her tone suddenly became different, “Along with the younglings, get your clan to sacrifice these two humans and I’ll spare your clan until a month by like always.”

The female wolf leader’s clenched her fists and stayed like that for a few seconds. She then turned to look behind and saw the two humans stand before her still stand with unperturbed expressions on their faces.

The female wolf leader became somber, “Didn’t I tell you to leave?”

Her facial expression looked as if she didn’t want to be blamed for this but she had no choice to do it.

Davis rubbed his chin and smiled, “You’re not a match for me, so back off.”

The female wolf leader looked taken aback as she sensed his Martial Ascendance Stage undulations that were at the Low-Level of Sixth Stage.

She growled and looked as if she were offended, “We are of the same stage and even a youngling knows that a human of the same stage in just one cultivation system can’t hope to completely kill a Magical Beast!”

Davis became taken aback shortly and realized the difference in their perspective from humans.

Normally, a human would’ve a.s.sumed that if a person has a Sixth Stage Body Tempering Cultivation, then that person might have a Sixth Stage Essence Gathering Cultivation or even a Seventh Stage Essence Gathering Cultivation.

This thought process of humans that stems from the reason that for a human, their Essence Gathering Cultivation is mostly stronger than their Body Tempering Cultivation, lastly followed by the weaker Soul Forging Cultivation.

Hence, in a normal human’s eyes, Davis would appear to be a Seventh Stage Essence Gathering Cultivator when he displayed a Body Tempering Cultivation that is at the Sixth Stage.

But for this female wolf leader, Davis’s peak strength appeared to only be at the Sixth Stage of Body Tempering Cultivation. She failed to consider than he might be a Seventh Stage Essence Gathering Cultivator or even a Sixth Stage Essence Gathering Cultivator since he didn’t reveal so…

Even the Crowned Violet-Winged Condor looked as if she did not consider Davis a threat. She just shot a look in disdain and had her beak curved up slightly as if she couldn’t wait to see the wolf and the humans kill each other.

These Magical Beasts only seemed to take in what they saw and sensed. Though they seemed to be cautious of humans, they didn’t seem to consider much if the human would be hiding his true strength.

‘Naive fallacy…’

‘Perhaps, this is a trait instinctive of most Magical Beasts despite their long years of living…’ Davis mused and shook his head.

“Since you’ve been rather communicative, I’ll give you one last chance. Just move aside and I’ll take care of the Crowned Violet-Winged Condor since it is included in my hunt list.” Davis yawned as he snapped his finger over his agape mouth.

The female wolf leader became taken aback by his nonchalant att.i.tude. She was not afraid but she became very hesitant at that moment to battle with the human. If she dies, then the clan might be completely enslaved or exterminated by the Crowned Violet-Winged Condor.

In the world of Magical Beasts, such cases were not uncommon and could even be said to be prevalent!

The wolf woman cast a glance back at the Crowned Violet-Winged Condor’s hateful figure and grit her teeth before moving aside in hope. In any case, she felt that she should not stake everything to fight a human who seemed to just wanted to head inside the valley.

The Crowned Violet-Winged Condor heard their conversation and snorted in response, “Hmph! You dare!?”

She bounced off the branch and fluttered her wings like she was flapping, creating gales of enormous gales that sent the Grand Beast Stage Wolves flying from their locations. Even with their claws, they became unable to hold on to the ground and was instead sent flying!

Evelynn held on to Davis’s sleeves so as not to get blown away by the gale as only Davis and the female wold leader held their ground as their clothes fluttered.

At the same time, Davis saw a sight that left him a little speechless.


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