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Chapter 903 Execute Him

Almost everyone noticed Yuldra Alstreim’s gaze, and some of them knew who she was and how she was related to that Elder as they inwardly snickered. Yuldra Alstreim was Elder Runnim Alstreim’s granddaughter, and Elder Runnim Alstreim was able to manipulate the Disciplinary Hall like all other Elders and Grand Elders against family members who possessed low status or didn’t have enough backing to protect themselves.

At that time, Daniuis and Edgar Alstreim didn’t possess any backing, so they were easily kicked down by the others who had authority in their hands.

“Runnim Alstreim… You seem like you want to say something?” Ancestor Dian Alstreim suddenly called out.

Elder Runnim Alstreim instantly stood up as he became both startled and nervous. He tried to stop his trembling, “Ah! A-Ancestor! I d-didn’t do anything….”

Ancestor Dian Alstreim moved his hand towards his forehead as his brows furrowed.

Gosh, they couldn’t even hide anything in front of him…

Just his presence alone created an enormous sense of pressure in their hearts, but on the other hand, a little monster seemed to casually sit by his side and appears to be capable of lying all he wants while being capable of conversing in an equal manner.

Furthermore, he had to admit that this little monster’s parents were also abnormal. He surprisingly had to admit that their willpower and daringness were worlds apart.

The atmosphere became silent as Yuldra Alstreim lowered her head while Runnim Alstreim kept his mouth shut.

“Guard, read out the crimes that have been posted on Luth Alstreim’s head.”

Suddenly, Grand Elder Krax Alstreim interjected since the conversation seemed to have encountered a bottleneck, with none of them not daring to speak out.

“Mhm? Crimes?” Ancestor Dian Alstreim possessed a confused expression on his face.

If there were crimes posted on someone’s head, wouldn’t the Disciplinary Hall have taken care of it by now?

Grand Elder Krax Atstreim, “These crimes seemed to have been moved away from the active cases of the Disciplinary Board. I figured that it should be an insider’s work, but with a Disciplinary Hall Elder’s help, I managed to find these reports that went unnoticed by the Disciplinary Hall members.”

Ancestor Dian Alstreim nodded his head.

The Disciplinary Hall was a big ent.i.ty in itself that spanned throughout the Alstreim Family’s territory. There were hundreds and thousands of members in it, and they all possessed a cultivation base from the Second Stage to the Eighth Stage!

After all, even towns possessed Disciplinary Hall that interconnected with the city’s Disciplinary Halls.

Corruption was common among all authoritative ent.i.ties and organizations, including the Disciplinary Hall. However, he didn’t think that the main Disciplinary Hall in the Grand Alstreim City would’ve also degraded and become corrupt in this millennium. In his time as a youth, at least, the Disciplinary Hall in this city seemed to be free of corruption.

He couldn’t help but inwardly sigh at the current state of affairs.

“Guard.” Grand Elder Krax Alstreim called out again.

“Yes!” One of the two guards who brought Luth Alstreim stood tall and possessed a straight back.

His entire body remained stiff in attention, perhaps because of the presence of the Ancestor. He brought out a scroll before he opened it and read out loud.

“Luth Alstreim’s crimes include numerous cases of coercing, drugging, and violating maids. He is accused of having violated two hundred and thirty-eight maids and got at least fifty of them conceived with his child in an illegal manner.”

The guard’s eyes twitched, “Below further are the names of the victims and the compensation expected by the masters of those maids…”

“Shall I read the next hundreds of paragraphs in detail?” The guard asked as his eyes twitched,

Ancestor Dian Alstreim shook his head. Inwardly, even he felt embarra.s.sed by having a descendant like this. He could only take solace at the fact that Luth Alstreim was not his own descendant.

Announcing it like this in front of the Conferred Queen was nothing short of bringing humiliation to the Alstreim Family.

‘This man seems to have a extreme desire for maids? A maid fetish?’ Davis almost facepalmed on hearing those crimes but also felt anger.

So many women were violated, but because they were mere maids, it was not taken seriously by the Disciplinary Hall. Besides, when he heard the words ‘compensation expected by the masters’, he understood it.

Maids were possession of the masters. Hence, they didn’t even have normal rights most of the time. This allowed them to be easily led around and bullied by their masters or even others.

“From what I understand, Yuldra Alstreim has given birth to a prodigal son whose only living purpose is to defile maids,” Ancestor Dian Alstreim’s voice suddenly yet coldly resounded out.

“Guards, execute Luth Alstreim.”

The guard who was beside Luth Alstreim took out a particularly long and s.h.i.+ning saber from the waist without hesitation and positioned himself to behead him.

Luth Alstreim heard and looked at the spectacle in rabid disbelief and hopelessness. His eyes shook and disappeared behind his eyelids as he increasingly trembled before he fainted out of pressure.

“No!!!” Yuldra Alstreim screamed as she reached out her hand to her son.

“I’ll confess! I’ll confess! Please forgive my son!!!”

Grand Elder Krax Alstreim raised his hand, indicating for the guard to stop just when the guard was about to swing the saber to sever Luth Alstreim’s head!

“Insolent descendant of mine! Die for your heinous crimes!”

A voice resounded out as Law Sea Stage undulations spread like a tidal wave! Flames erupted and were about to surge towards Luth Alstreim.

However, Grand Elder Krax Alstreim instantly reacted, and his Law Sea Stage undulations blazed, creating a fiery wall of flame s.h.i.+eld around them!

“Impudent!’ Ancestor Dian Alstreim narrowed his eyes in displeasure.

Supreme Soul Stage soul force shot towards Elder Runnim Alstreim and suppressed him.

Elder Runnim Alstreim knew that he lost his chance, and knowing that he was suppressed, he shouted, “Ancestor! Please let me go! I can only clear my name if I behead this fit for nothing descendant of mine by myself!


Elder Runnim Alstreim seemed to go berserk from rage.

“You will die by my hands!!!”

“Good!” Ancestor Dian Alstreim’s lips were wide as he smilingly nodded his head.

It was not that he agreed with Elder Runnim Alstreim, but…

How could he not see that this was an act?

Luth Alstreim foamed from the deadly pressure surrounding him. He was a cripple and had only trained his Body Tempering Cultivation System to Iron Stage. Such a low stage wasn’t sufficient for him to withstand the pressure.

“All of you stop! Grandfather, I’m sorry! But I have to confess no matter what! If not, my son would die!” Yuldra Alstreim sobbed.

“You!!!” Elder Runnim Alstreim’s expression trembled.

He would be safe as long as Yuldra Alstreim kept her mouth shut, and since Luth Alstreim had fainted, there would be no danger, but that was only for the moment.

That’s why he tried to instantly yet ruthlessly kill Luth Alstreim so as not to leave a blabbermouth cough out all the truth.

However, he never expected his granddaughter, Yuldra Alstreim, to be this gullible and double-crossing.

“Now that it is clear let’s hear your confession, Yuldra Alstreim.” Grand Elder Krax Alstreim prompted.

Yuldra Alstreim could not calm down, but she still opened her mouth to speak.


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