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Chapter 989 Concealed Rendezvous

Hearing Immeth Alstreim’s anxious and saddened voice echoed, Nora Alstreim shook her head, “It’s not like that. You are my subordinate, but also like my sister. You also have the right to pursue anyone you fancy. You were not wrong…”

“Young Mistress…” A softened tone emerged from the other end.

“You were not wrong…” Nora Alstreim repeated as she didn’t seem to be finished, “…but the time and place you have chosen to take the opportunity to make a move offended Alchemist Dalila Leehan. You must reflect on your actions later.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Good… Don’t become discouraged.” Nora Alstreim consoled.

“You think I went too far?” Dalila Leehan interrupted with a frown.

She felt that these two were going overboard, making it seem like that she was in the wrong when it was clearly Immeth Alstreim who acted inappropriately!

“No… I…” Nora Alstreim didn’t know what to say before she stopped supplying essence energy to the messaging talisman and sighed, “Stand in her shoes, and perhaps you’ll know how humiliating it might’ve been for her…”

“If she knows that it is humiliating, then why do such an act in the first place?” Dalila Leehan scoffed before she suddenly turned to look at Alchemist Davis.

“Don’t you think so too?”

Davis stared at her for two whole seconds wondering why he was brought into this conversation, but since she helped explain about a few things, he simply stated his opinion, “I don’t approve such actions unless we got to know more about each other first.”

“That’s right!” Dalila Leehan cast an approving look before she returned her gaze to Nora Alstreim, “Your subordinate doesn’t even know Alchemist Davis, yet she had the gall to seduce him in the Waiting Hall. Truth be told, I was completely p.i.s.sed off since I thought I would submit the papers second at the least, but it was taken away by your subordinate for committing such an unseemly act in daylight with a stranger.”

“She ruined my mood, and I simply ruined hers, an eye for an eye!” Dalila Leehan harrumphed and no longer spoke. She looked like a spoiled kid who seemed to be intent on maintaining justice and fairness.

On the other hand, Nora Alstreim blushed with a hint of crimson. Their voices were raised, so it attracted the attention of some people, but it wasn’t what that made her feel embarra.s.sed. Hearing Dalila Leehan says that Immeth Alstreim didn’t know about Alchemist Davis yet had the gall to seduce, she couldn’t help but recall what she did back in the near past.

Didn’t she also try to seduce Logan, whom she merely knew and only fought a battle once?

‘No, I… I d-didn’t do such a shameful thing… Yes, I tried to convince… Convince it is…’Her rapidly beating heart returned to normalcy in a few seconds.

At that time, she clearly experienced that vague kind of feeling in her heart that she kept hearing about, wanting to interact with that person whenever she had the chance, but she never thought that she would be that bold so as to confess like that at that time.

‘I must’ve been out of my mind…’

“In any case, let’s leave it at that…”

Nora Alstreim berated herself before spoke and supplied essence energy to the messaging talisman again.

“Are you fine, Immeth?”

“Yes, Young Mistress.” A reply quickly came.

“Alright, where are you now?”

“In my home…”

“I see, take care…” Nora Alstreim ended the conversation and kept the messaging talisman in her spatial ring.

However, Davis, who sat by their side, seemed to be practically spitting flames from his eyes!

‘What a f.u.c.king liar!!!’

The scene changed, and Davis was right now looking at a woman standing still in a particular room. It was not through his real body that he was looking at her, but through his Solitary Soul Avatar that was always near Princess Isabella.

But this time, he used the avatar for reconnaissance!

At first glance, she seemed to be waiting for someone in a secretive place in an inn-type building! He did not know whim she was waiting for, but the door to the room from the corridor suddenly opened right now.

A person walked into the room, his purple eyes having a sliver of coldness mixed with a type of madness that seemed to have stemmed from the soul.

And what Davis found was this seductive woman meet with another man!

These two were none other than Immeth Alstreim and Weiss Alstreim!

He felt like he should’ve expected this, but an affair between Weiss Alstreim and Nora Alstreim’s subordinate… He felt like something was fishy going on here.

Immeth Alstreim kept the messaging talisman in her spatial ring after she lied to Nora Alstreim that she was resting in her home. She looked at the person who was approaching her with a frown on her face.

“What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong…? You’re asking me what’s wrong!?” Weiss Alstreim widened his eyes in rage, “What is with you trying to seduce that b.a.s.t.a.r.d!? Haven’t you promised yourself to me!!!”

Immeth Alstreim didn’t seem to be shaken at all as she revealed a faint smile, “Don’t worry. I was trying to seduce him so that I can fool and use him into purchasing what I want, and since he’s an exceedingly exceptiona-“

“Lies!!!” Weiss Alstreim’s expression became like a madman’s, “You were clearly intent on becoming his woman!”

Immeth Alstreim pursed her lips as she frowned, “I did indeed say that I might choose you one day but never have I recall saying that I have promised myself to you…”

“You f.u.c.king wh.o.r.e!!!” Weiss Alstreim spat out as he hatefully looked at Immeth Alstreim. In his mind, she was his woman! No one can change that! Yet, she tried to cheat as soon as she saw a man bett-

No! He refused to accept that b.a.s.t.a.r.d Davis was better than him!

This lowly woman dared to brush his grand presence aside while shamelessly trying to seduce another man right when he was on the other side of the room! How dare she!!!?

Weiss Alstreim increasingly trembled as his anger became entrenched in every part of his body. Right now, he felt that he should make her his woman!

Immeth Alstreim’s expression dimmed as her purple eyes became cold. Ever since the Aqua Flood Dragon crisis, she could feel him become dumber and dumber by the pa.s.sing second. He was not the same Young Master she once held a liking to in her eyes.

Her lips curved into a mocking smile, “You have become so miserable…”

“So what if I want to become Alchemist Davis’s woman? Could you actually compare to his esteemed stature? At best, your looks could compare…”

“You!!!” Weiss Alstreim’s expression fell.

Immeth Alstreim sneered, but her expression became ecstatic as if she reveled in pleasure, “You would not know, but just his cold yet shrewd eyes gave me the s.h.i.+vers… Compared to the way he humbly acts, you’re a lowlife who depends on Grand Elder Elise to strut off your status!”


Immeth Alstreim smiled like a crazy woman, but a sharp slap echoed, making her head swivel towards the right! She returned her gaze and stared at him with killing intent. Nevertheless, Weiss Alstreim caught her by the hair and tried to force himself on her as his eyes flashed with a mad glint.

However, Weiss Alstreim’s crazed expression faded, and he instantly retreated!


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