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Read Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again 299 She Was Wild And Furious Ii

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again is a Webnovel made by Xiao Qi Ye.
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At first, she had kept these Divine-Spirit Fruits in a package in her bag. If she had put them in the medium, surely they would have been eaten by those two fellows.

‘Luckily, I have saved these Divine-Spirit Fruits.’

“Snow Wolf, give these Divine-Spirit Fruits to the injured people. I’ll tend to them later.”

‘Master Nalan and grandpa do not have serious injuries. Divine-Spirit Fruits could help to heal them.’

But, some ministers were too seriously hurt that the Divine-Spirit Fruits could not heal their injuries entirely. They could only be healed with spirit soup.

‘The final spirit soup has been given to my dad. Only the Divine-Spirit Fruits could be of use now.’

The snow wolf howled in reply.

He took the package and put it on the floor.

When he opened the package, the Divine-Spirit Fruits rolled onto the floor. They were captivating and it soon captured everybody’s attention.

“Grade-3 Divine-Spirit Fruits?” Shen Yue seemed quite serious now.

‘Grade-3 Divine-Spirit Fruits are nothing to me. Zi Yan’s fiance had given me some of them as wedding gifts.’

Shen Yue just could not stand the fact the useless Feng Ruqing could get hold of the Grade-3 Divine-Spirit Fruits. 

There was a flash of coldness in his eyes. He looked at Feng Ruqing’s beautiful face and he soon understood the situation. He was rather unhappy about that.

“I’m interested in you just now. But, I have never guessed that you’ll sell your own body just to get the Grade-3 spirit fruits. It’s too humiliating!”

‘I’ll only be dissatisfied if Master Nalan, Feng Tianyu, or even Master Qin takes out the Grade-3 spirit fruits. I’ll never be as shocked as I am now.

‘It’s Feng Ruqing who had taken out the Grade-3 spirit fruits.

‘She’s just a useless girl. What can she do other than selling her own body just to get a hold of the Grade-3 spirit fruits.

‘As for Feng Tianyu…

‘If the spirit herbs were given by Feng Tianyu, it was impossible that he did not have that himself. It proved that these spirit herbs have nothing to do with Feng Tianyu.’

The snow wolf howled again.

It was rather angry. ‘What’s the problem with that guy? Did he bully me just because he thinks that I do not understand human language?

‘How dare you bully my master! You do not even have any respect for me!’

“Just bring the Divine-Spirit Fruits and do as I have commanded you.” Feng Ruqing looked at the snow wolf expressionlessly.

The snow wolf howled again and it really did as ordered by Feng Ruqing.

Then, Feng Ruqing looked at the three elders.

Feng Ruqing did not even so much as glanced at Shen Yue up until now. She was not even bothered by what Shen Yue said.

Her whole being was being absorbed by the presence of the three elders. She was too infuriated to care about other things now.

“Who hurt my dad just now?”

The green-robed elder walked forward two steps. He looked at Feng Ruqing condescendingly. “It’s me. What’s that to you?”

Feng Ruqing smiled suddenly.

Her smile reached her eyes but it was a frightening sight.

“No… it doesn’t matter.”


Soon, Feng Ruqing disappeared and all she left behind was her shadow.

Her beautiful figure had appeared in front of the green-robed elder by the time everybody had recovered themselves. 

The green-robed elder felt that there was a flickering shadow in front of him. A slender hand had come to get a hold of his neck.

Feng Ruqing had just used a little strength and the green-robed elder’s neck simply broke. Blood gushed out and the body who had lost its head fell backward and dropped dead onto the ground.

The banquet hall was so quiet that even the sound of fallen needles could be heard.

Everybody’s breath was caught in their throats. They looked at Feng Ruqing just like how they would look at a monster.

They could not recover their senses for a very long time.

Feng Ruqing killed the green-robed elder because he had undermined her.

But the green-robed elder was still of Spirit Warrior tier no matter what. It was impossible that she could break his neck with just one hand even though she was underestimated. 

How powerful was she for her to do that?


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