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Read Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again ! Chapter 1271

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again is a web novel completed by Xiao Qi Ye.
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Chapter 1271: The Regretful Mu Ling V

“Qing’er,” Feng Tianyu looked at Chen Qingyan who was kneeling before Feng Ruqing in indifference before looking at Feng Ruqing with a warm gaze. “Just leave this matter to me.”

At this moment, Chen Qingyan felt her body going soft as she almost pa.s.sed out. She bit her lower lip hard in order to keep herself awake.

She did not understand. How could the human heart be so ruthless?

Chen Qingyan did not have the chance to beg as she was dragged away by Old Master Mu’s people. They also dragged away Mu Xi and Mu Huan’s corpses.

Their departure finally brought back peace and silence to the street.

“Father, Mother, I still need to make a trip to the chief manor. It was so difficult for Chen’er to return, both of you need to take care of him well.”

All these years, Chen’er had suffered too much in the Qin family. The moment she thought about those scenes, her heart felt pain.

However, she had something more important to do at the moment.

“Qing’er, we had just gathered together not long ago and previously, there were still other people causing a racket. Why are you leaving so soon?” Feng Tianyu’s handsome face looked a little ugly. “Are you going to see that stupid boy, Nan Xian?”

Feng Ruqing’s face darkened.

‘Imperial Father, you called other people a ‘stupid boy’ in front of his mother and grandfather. Is that really a good idea?’

Nalan Yan nudged Feng Tianyu. “Even if you are dissatisfied that your daughter is being taken away, you can’t scold Nan Xian in front of other people. We are here to discuss their engagement. If you are angry, you could express your dissatisfaction behind their backs. After all, n.o.body would know.”

Feng Ruqing, Suyi, and Old Master Mu were rendered speechless.

Even Mu Ling who had long been forgotten on the sideline was also speechless.

“Cough, cough.” In the end, Old Master Mu lightly coughed twice and broke the awkward silence. “In the future, we are all a family. If there is anything Nan Xian does not do well, as his parents-in-law, whenever there is a need to scold him, just scold him. If there is a need to beat him, just beat him. There is no need to be courteous. As a man, his skin is very tough. There are some things that he needs to bear on his own.”

As a man, he had to endure beatings and withstand scolding. He had to carry this family’s burdens on his shoulders.

The b.l.o.o.d.y light in Mu Ling’s eyes had dispersed and he raised his head to look at Old Master Mu.


‘This was the reason the old master had beaten him up since young?’

At least when the old master’s head was still clear, he would also beat up Mu Qingyin, not caring the least bit about Mu Qingyin’s body.

Could it be that he had always felt that men could endure beatings?

Even the corner of Suyi’s lips could not help but turn down.

‘Yes, this was indeed Nan Xian’s grandfather. Biological grandfather!’

She sighed as she lit a candle for Nan Xian in her heart. Then, she gently held Feng Ruqing’s hand.

“Qing’er, don’t worry. Your wedding matters can be decided when he returns. In the future, if he bullies you… I will bring you far away. There is no need to be bothered about him.”

White phoenix flapped its wings as it looked at her in antic.i.p.ation. “Suyi, Suyi, what about me?”

“Oh…” Suyi’s expression remained indifferent. “You can follow Nan Xian and live together and soar together.”

White phoenix was left speechless.

It just wanted to be Nan Xian’s father. It did not wish to live and soar with him.


A voice full of grief called out to Suyi.

The last bit of smile on Suyi’s face disappeared. Her back faced Mu Ling, not saying a single word.

“I know you hate Chen Qingyan. I hate her too. However, I can give her to you and you can deal with her however you like.”

He wished he could personally end Chen Qingyan.

However, this time, he was willing to let Suyi deal with Chen Qingyan.


Suyi remained indifferent. She sounded weary, obviously not wanting to say anything more to him.


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