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Read Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again ! Chapter 1382

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again is a web novel created by Xiao Qi Ye.
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Chapter 1382: The Liu Family’s Drama IV

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Chen’er, let’s go back. We’ll visit him again tomorrow.”

Feng Ruqing stood up to leave.

Before she left, she looked back at Jiu Ming with worry in her eyes.

The wedding was to be held three months later.

As Feng Ruqing was the princess of Liu Yun Kingdom and Feng Tianyu’s treasure, this wedding was to be celebrated nationwide. Even the minor criminals like s.n.a.t.c.h thieves and robbers were let out early due to this celebration.

While it was a joyous celebration, Feng Tianyu’s heart was aching with pain. He could not win against his daughter, so not only did he have to host her wedding, he even had to make it grand!

Compared to the cheerful atmosphere in the palace, Liu Manor seemed to be covered in dark clouds.

After Liu Yuchen had said those words to Lady Liy the other day, he had never returned home, leaving her to suffer Liu Fuyong’s violence on her own in that house.

On that fateful day, just after Liu Fuyong had beaten up Lady Liu until she was black and blue all over, there was a knock on the door.

He was first stunned before regaining his senses to go over and open the door.

Standing outside were two men dressed in luxurious brocades.

The two men had strong and domineering auras like huge mountains and vast oceans. Liu Fuyong could hardly breathe properly in their presence…

“Sirs…” Liu Fuyong had the tendency to bully the weak but fear the strong. After seeing these two men, he felt anxious. “May I know what business you have?”

One of the men dragged out a girl from behind them and tossed her in front of Liu Fuyong. He asked coldly, “Do you know her?”

Liu Fuyong lowered his gaze at the girl before him. He was first stunned before answering, “She is my concubine, Tan Shuangshuang, who has been missing for two years now. Thank you for bringing her back.”

Liu Fuyong let out a quiet sigh of relief. He was already sick of facing that haggard old woman every day, so it was great that Tan Shuangshuang had returned!

“Oh, as long as she belongs to you. And this is your son, here.”

The guard then pulled out a child of about a year old from behind him and pushed him to Liu Fuyong.

Liu Fuyong was stunned. This surprise was so sudden that he could not react…

“A child, I have another child, hahaha! May I know where you kind gentlemen are from? I will most definitely make both of you my honored guests.”

At that moment, Liu Fuyong did not notice the fear in Tan Shuangshuang’s eyes, nor how the little boy’s whole body was trembling. He only knew that after losing Liu Yuchen, he had now gained a son, which meant that the heavens did not want him to be without descendants!

“There’s no need to. I still have to return to my master. It was our master who has ordered us to send her back here.”

The guard looked indifferent and distant.

“May I know who is your master…?” Liu Fuyong asked carefully.

The guard answered blankly, “The Mu family of Tian Shen Manor.”

Tian Shen Manor?

Liu Fuyong was ecstatic and looked up at the two men.

‘Shuangshuang has actually met n.o.bles like the people of Tian Shen Manor after leaving us!

‘They even had someone to send her home, so they must have good relations! Hahaha!

‘To think that I, Liu Fuyong, would still have the opportunity to rise above again!’

“Thank you, gentlemen, thank you so much! Both of you are the benefactors of the Liu family. Would I have the opportunity to pay the Mu family’s master a visit? So as to admire the master of the Mu family up close.”

As a guard of the Mu family, he had encountered too many sycophantic people like Liu Fuyong. Hence, he only gave the latter a cold smile in response.


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